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  1. Favorite Fan Fictions?

    Mr.Picard--Omg I love you. Lol! We have the same exact taste in fan fiction. Rare pairings are pretty much all I write. I can hook you up with some fanfiction hot off the press when I finally bring myself to publish, if you're interested. LOL I was SO not expecting so many awesome, thoughtful replies! I would die to read some of the super early fan fiction of the internet. I'm too young to have ever seen it. I just imagine the internet back then as such a frontier-sy place where only nerds like you guys (no offense ) congregated to talk Star Trek and whatnot. I get the feeling a lot of you are old enough, and I'm so envious.
  2. Favorite Fan Fictions?

    Hi everyone. I'm curious to know--do you read fan fiction? What's your opinion of it? Do you have any favorite authors, genres, pairings, etc? Thanks for any replies. :~)
  3. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Alien Nation--the one where George gives birth. What an epic bromance he and Matt had. And the actor who played Matt (Gary Graham) is the one who plays this guy:
  4. Nice to Meet You!

    Hi Sim! I like DS9 the most--the character arcs, the goth feel, the badassery of Captain Sisko...lol. Even the tertiary characters were well-developed! My least favorite series is TNG. It was often corny, and poorly-developed stock characters abounded. It covered many different issues, but I think the writers held back quite a bit. That being said, it was still better than 90% of other shows that I've watched! (It's still Star Trek, after all.) Thanks for asking! What do you think of my unpopular opinion? lol. And thanks to everyone for your replies!
  5. Nice to Meet You!

    Ha! I love both of your taglines. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  6. Hello :-) I have seen almost every episode of Star Trek, and it is really the only "fandom" that I've been able to call myself a part of. I'm usually not a very dedicated fan, as many of you seem to be (which is awesome; I've always envied people who can hold interest in shows for so long!). Star Trek is the one show that has continued to fascinate me. I have recently joined a few different forums, but I think this one is going to quickly become my favorite. :~) Thanks for reading!
  7. New here...still lurking on everybody. ;) lol

    1. Mr.Picard


      That's okay! We all lurked when we were new! ;) 

    2. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      Lurk away... I lurked for almost a year before I had the courage to join. :P

    3. Zinnax


      Omg, that's hilarious. :laugh: (loving all these emoticons!!) :cool: