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  1. My spacecraft designs!

    Oh. I only started last year. By the way, I am working on a TMP Era ship. I do not have a name for it yet, but it is sort of a mix between the Oberth class and the Defiant.
  2. My spacecraft designs!

    Video toaster? Is that a toaster with a TV screen on it? No, I use Blender3d, an open source 3d modeling software.
  3. My spacecraft designs!

    I have a new ship, though it's more of a runabout.... and it has a full interior! The U.S.S Inverness! I also made a walkthrough video:
  4. My spacecraft designs!

    @rta-man , The reason the nacceles are so small is because they have double bussard collecters (Thats why the front of the naccele is split). Here is a video of a bussard test animation I made:
  5. Why do people hate Enterprise?

    I think they hate it because it impacts TOS and destroys continuity. While the script (and non canon stories) patch up the issues, there are still some glaring problems. I actually like Star Trek: Enterprise, but I think that this is one reason why people dislike it. I also think that post-TNG stories were getting really interesting when Enterprise started to air, and everyone wanted to see that. Heck, I feel the same way with Star Trek: Discovery.
  6. No "Reply" button on post. Can't respond.

    I have the same problem too!
  7. My spacecraft designs!

    Hi guys! I have been on this forum for a while, but never posting. This is my very first post! I have designed several starships, and i guess posting them here is the only thing I can do with them. So! First up is the USS Minnesota, NCC-1982. It was built in 2231 by Section 31, as an early "Temporal Explorer". Almost no-one knew about it and the crew was not allowed to talk about their missions to anyone, so as not to contaminate the timeline. (Sorry for the large image, i can't make it smaller.) My second ship is a pre-TNG ship, launched in 2312. The USS Invictus, NCC-98212-B. The (rough) designs for the ship were on the drawing board for almost a century, before Starfleet decided to revamp it for launch, hence the B. I have several images of it, so I will only show 3. The Invictus sits in empty space, patrolling the neutral zone. The Invictus is in a hurry to be somewhere. The USS Invictus in drydock. The next ship was designed as a predecessor to the Akira, while still having TOS and TNG features. The USS Conflict, NX-2131! The USS Conflict heads towards a planet. Next up is the USS Pathfinder, NCC-10926. It is a long range science vessel designed to stop anything like the Borg or Xindi every happening again by venturing into deep space and making peaceful relations. So, tell me what you think! Which one of my ships do you think looks best? What could i do to improve? Thanks! BY THE WAY, how do you reply/comment to topics? I want to post my new ideas, but i can't!