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  1. Hello, Brand new here and looking for some help trying to figure out why BC has stopped working. I loaded BC up from a disc a few months ago - everything worked fine. I played for a little bit and stopped, then a few months later (now) I started it again - but there are no sounds (there was sounds earlier). I tried everything that I know - updated drivers, re-installed multiple times but nothing works. When I exit the program - it locks up/freezes. I have to sign out of windows to reset the computer. If I close out of the program by hitting the windows button and closing the window - I still have to use the task manager to end the task. I tried different compatibility settings with no success. I have a Nvidia GeForce 760 with latest drivers using windows 10. I tried BC on a Surface Pro 2 and that works fine without any compatibility settings. I don't understand how the more powerful computer cannot run it. There hasn't been any major changes to the desktop besides regular windows updates and Nvidia drivers. I tried clean installs, clean boots, different troubleshooting websites but nothing seems to work. Would anyone out there have any suggestions on what could be the problem? Like I said - it worked before. Thanks in advance! I must be blind, but I cannot seem to find the "Reply" button anywhere in this topic.... Anyways....First - Thank you for the warm welcome and suggestions and help! second - I figured out what the problem is/was. Unfortunately, I had to reset the PC to figure out that it wasn't windows but some sort of conflict with the NVidia card. After the reset, It worked perfectly. Then I updated to the latest Nvidia driver - and then the problem came back. On the Surface 2, it uses Intel (I think) graphic card, that's why it worked without problem. So to get around the Nvidia sound, I just hooked up some external speakers and set the default sound to the installed motherboard. Now, it works and I am able to actually use the Quit Program to exit without it freezing up. Thank you all for the help and suggestions