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  1. New here, Hello Everyone

    Glad to be on board I hope to one day find a convention near me ( I live in NY ) and hope to meet and talk with other Star Trek lovers. Everyone has been very kind.
  2. New here, Hello Everyone

    Thanks so much Mr. Picard. For starters...what exactly is Q from? I only have an idea. I'd say he's my second favorite character behind Data.
  3. New here, Hello Everyone

    Thanks everyone, glad to be on board! If I have some questions about Next Generation, maybe some of you can help? I'm really loving this forum
  4. New here, Hello Everyone

    Glad to be on board, thanks Robin and everyone!
  5. New here, Hello Everyone

    Nice to meet you, Jay! If I may ask, which Star Trek series do you like most, and there is one you like less than the others? Looking forward to reading from you! Hey Sim So far I love the Original Series and Next Generation the most, followed by Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. Thank you very much Sehlat! Thanks very much Mr. Picard! Love the Omega Sector so far. I think Data is one of my top favorite characters, and im sure I'll have plenty to ask along the way. You've all been very kind.
  6. Hey, I can't say enough how much I love Star Trek and what it means to me. I'd like to make more friends who feel the same. I'll be honest by saying that I'm still new to it, but I've learned and followed a lot so far. ( Other things about me, I like comic books, art, sci fi, music, guitar ). I try to watch each series daily and nightly. I love traveling to all the different worlds and find each series to be inspiring in a lot of ways. I also love the creativity behind it all. It would be great to be friends.