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  1. DS9: The Post 9.11 Star Trek

    Sorry but if you are okay with the implementation of a cast system that establishes the class based oppression of large parts of an entire people, not to mention relives you of your own choices regarding your life, just because a religious leader says so, you are a fanatic in my book. Also when you try to shield children from actual scientific knowledge because it infringes on your faith I would not like to refer to your judgement on any matter of importance. Further growing up in harsh conditions may explain why someone turned out rather unlikable, but does not change the fact that one did.
  2. Post Trek Depression

    Since it had been a couple of years and my fading memory was due a refresh, I recently decided to take another glorious ride on the great piece of utopian fiction that we have all come to love and know as DS9. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. After many days of getting invested laughing, mourning hoping and finally rejoicing in a magnificent journeys conclusion with some of my favorite characters again. I find myself in the much dreaded melancholy of the post series aftermath. Though thankful for the last episode's legitimate and at least partially successful endeavor to provide me with some much needed closure, I am still longing for more. It seems like having to bid my farewell to dear friends that I will never see again (or at least not beyond this point) and I find myself missing people that I have not only not met, but that have actually not even existed in the first place. I knew full well when watching the first episode that this day would come and I also know that the feeling will subside again in a little while especially when keeping busy as I tend to do, it nevertheless still surprises me how powerful an emotional response these series (be it DS9, Voyager or a different one) are capable of provoking. I suppose that is a testament to the high standard in writing and passionate acting I dare attesting the franchise.
  3. DS9: The Post 9.11 Star Trek

    Terrorist or not, I find Kira one of the most irritating characters to watch on TV ever. From her religious fanaticism, over her self righteous attitude, to her overbearing seriousness and immediate hostility towards everthing that does not meet her bajoran expectatians of how the world is supposed to work. Win was simply your run of the mill ruthless politician, but Kira just kept annoying me and I would not have minded seeing her take a hit from a GH-Rifle. Though she did improve somewhat through the seasons, the Hands of the Prophets eppisode alone was enough to make sure I would never like her.