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  1. Star Trek Beyond gripes

    Hi, Technical problems here, additional problems at work and home prevented me from responding sooner. Thank you for your comments. Can anyone tell me the name of the episode that Kirk is picking flowers in? I'd like to watch it. How vital was this action to the story? was it a plot device or was he literally 'stopping to smell the roses?"
  2. No "Reply" button on post. Can't respond.

    Ok. Thanks. The problem is fixed.
  3. All New Members - Post a Reply Here!

    I can reply to this thread but not my own?
  4. I made a post some days back. Others expressed their opinion. I wanted to respond but there was no "reply" button anywhere. I'm using Firefox.I tried Chrome. Same problem. Can anyone help me with this? You might need to reply on my profile page as I may not be able to respond to this .
  5. Technical difficulties prevent me from replying to my own post.


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      Browsers or PC or  I don't know, FATE for some reason, can't see the "reply" button.

  6. Out of time and out of character. Two things irk me about the Sulu 'drama' : 1: In Kirk's time frame (or timeline) a homosexual couple would not be touching, noteworthy or even noticeable, unless equal attention would be given to every other conceivable alien-human coupling (hetero or not) relevant to that scene. This made the Sulu scene 'out of time.' 2: Captain Kirk is not a sentimental guy. He's not likely to be found gazing at a cute couple, puppies, flowers or blue sky etc. He's not a girl. He's a man. Unless you're a pretty skirt walking by he's not gonna stop and stare. This made the Sulu scene 'out of character' for him. I've got other peeves about their 'tribute' to Nimoy (half-assed) Federation failures (I don't need to see the federation as ineffectual as to-days' world.) The whole Spock-Uhura thing (there is an unexplored logical solution to that. PM me if you want to know.) Idris Elba being underused...(sigh) Story is unimaginative...(snore) Missing Chekov...(tears) Blah blah blah. Gripes galore. Let's hear yours.
  7. Checking the place out.

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      Sehlat Vie

      Try posting a comment on this issue in the "Feedback & Help" section, and be very thorough in explaining your issue in one post (just in case you're not allowed to reply to it) and I'm sure someone with more technical expertise than myself can help you out with this one.

      Sorry you're having these issues; wish I could offer more technical feedback. :S

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      Thank you.


      I need you to go to my one post and let everyone know that I would have replied but was prevented from doing so due to technical difficulties.

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      Belay that. I think the problem is fixed.