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  1. How did you Hear of Us?

    I am either an Orphaned Trekweb Lurker or a migrating lurking Trekwebber
  2. All New Members - Post a Reply Here!

    Hello all! anyone going to Destination Star Trek this October in the UK? I hope my new TOS uniform (velour line) arrives from Anovos in time for my original bridge photo op 😹
  3. haha yes probably an apt description! Who remembers the Lurkers on B5? Thankyou for welcoming me everyone 😸⭐️
  4. Hello Everyone! I have been monitoring your communications! I am a huge Star Trek fan from Somerset in England. Although I have my favourite episodes and moments from all of Star Treks Iterations, including a fondness for certain characters.I pretty much love all of the series and characters that we have known. (Yes even that frozen clown episode from Voyager :p) A Universal Trek Fan, nice to meet you!. I never registered on Trekweb but I read the website everyday from the early days until the last. I recognise some of the profile names. I would now like to be more involved in Star Trek Discussions. Although I am an old school fan I did enjoy the new movies in the Kelvin Timeline, although it's not quite the same the stories and characters are fun. I am quite literally overjoyed that Star Trek: Discovery is taking place back in the Prime Time Line. I have high hopes that future seasons will take place post Voyager/Nemesis with guest spots made by previous actors. Hope to talk with you all soon. LLAP Dudes.