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  1. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    I still live hope there is another Star Trek movie that is good
  2. The Year I Gave Up on STAR TREK

    Still, I am actually looking forward to discovery returning next week. Happy New Year
  3. Rate Generations

    All I can say re Generations Kirk to Spock in Star trek 3, "why would you do this", Kirk replied " you'd do the same for me" Spock was not given the chance and that is the problem with the script including from the beginning when Spock was written in. Probably part of the reason Nimoy turned it down, Wasted opportunity on many counts.
  4. Should have done it after the second TNG shocker Nemeses, but the Studio had lost faith by then
  5. THE LAST JEDI - Movie discussion and critique

    Never seen Star Wars, only bits.
  6. Fox Selling FF and X-MEN Movie Rights to Disney

    The deal also includes Fox's 39% stake in UK satellite broadcaster Sky,
  7. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    Not seen any reaction from Pine's crew only Patrick Stewart
  8. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    I feel it needs some kind of boost, this might be it, looking forward to it being a better story than Kirks father
  9. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Fascinating Some news at last, but its going to be 2019 or even 2020, Discovery Movies after that
  10. Rank The Star Trek Films

    Yes, but for fans a lot older than us were not ready for it. But.... really glad we got 6 hell we would not have got Captain Sulu or Kim Cattrall Corylea I Look forward to your TNG reviews......
  11. Streaming Problems with DISCOVERY

    Netflix good in the UK for me. I work for a UK Broadcast company and the problem with streaming is often with 3rd party companies down the chain
  12. Star Trek Discovery - Season 2 Confirmed

    Pleased its renewed and hope the Captain stays
  13. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I can't deny I enjoyed this episode
  14. Rank The Star Trek Films

    Can't argue with the TUC so lucky to have this film after V, Battled through Harve and his Starfleet academy plus the budget continually cut
  15. Discovery and Me

    Gus, thanks for your reply I'm having issues with Discovery, love the sounds et6c but its not what I was taught from my hero's Kirk Spock and McCoy. BTW I saw for the love of Spock last week, great loved it.