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  1. Rank The Star Trek Films

    Yes, but for fans a lot older than us were not ready for it. But.... really glad we got 6 hell we would not have got Captain Sulu or Kim Cattrall Corylea I Look forward to your TNG reviews......
  2. Streaming Problems with DISCOVERY

    Netflix good in the UK for me. I work for a UK Broadcast company and the problem with streaming is often with 3rd party companies down the chain
  3. Star Trek Discovery - Season 2 Confirmed

    Pleased its renewed and hope the Captain stays
  4. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I can't deny I enjoyed this episode
  5. Rank The Star Trek Films

    Can't argue with the TUC so lucky to have this film after V, Battled through Harve and his Starfleet academy plus the budget continually cut
  6. Discovery and Me

    Gus, thanks for your reply I'm having issues with Discovery, love the sounds et6c but its not what I was taught from my hero's Kirk Spock and McCoy. BTW I saw for the love of Spock last week, great loved it.
  7. Karl Urban is Also Hopeful for a STAR TREK 4

    I'm hopeful a good story after the original 5 year mission, close the gap to the TMP A good first outing for 1701A rather than the malfunctioning Start Trek V Oh on no Kirks Father, enough already
  8. Discovery and Me

    Come on Gus, your like a supporter of a football team that has just got relegated and now you are not going anymore..... After a few dodgy episodes and films you have given Trek up. Captain Saru. Oh, I don't like him that much.
  9. Have enjoyed the 4 episodes so far but......... If Dr McCoy was on this ship, he would resign his commission over the treatment of Ripper, or give the Captain a good earful Captain Sir. The navigation thing just felt wrong, not what we were taught by my stars of Trek. The Georgiou hologram seemed to me to be a kick in the balls to the Shatner appearance in 2009. Like the use of the mirror though, and the uniform coming out of the cupboard thingy. Bored with the Klingon bits especially with the subs and yes they seem too made up to the effect there faces look like ill fitting masks. Love the noises and effects though, just seems an era after TNG VOY and DS9 not decades before. But will continue
  10. RIP Martin Landau

    Never really got into Space 1999, Star Trek was for me
  11. prometheus59650 Sehlat Vie I love you both
  12. Maybe they could do a Q movie, extract them from where they were to now, old timers
  13. The 13th Doctor Announcement Sunday

    I cried when Jon Pertwee regenerated into Tom Baker Warning, Wimbledon may extend
  14. Doctor Who Series 10 Discussion (with Spoilers)

    Apparently there is more of the original console room in the Christmas special, so looking forward to that Here in the UK they are saying it would have been received much better if John Sim and David Bradley had not been announced before hand. Maybe as a result keep the 13th Doctor under wraps
  15. Doctor Who Series 10 Discussion (with Spoilers)

    I first watched Dr Who in 73/74 with Jon Pertwee. Not a fan of the Moffat era by any means, but this was the best episode since the 50th Missy has been brilliant.........