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  1. Hayao Miyazaki Retires

    Note my original post, when I said "feature-length films." That does not preclude TV specials or short films.
  2. Hayao Miyazaki Retires

    Not a big anime fan, but my wife is; she says he's 'retired' before, only to make multiple 'comeback' movies. If you're a fan of his? I wouldn't sweat it. He's like the Cher of anime.... The only reason Miyazaki-sensei's first retirement didn't take back in 1998 was because Yoshifumi Kondo, Miyazaki's then-heir apparent, suddenly passed away of aortic dissection at age 47. Miyazaki-sensei continued to make films, however at a more leisurely pace.
  3. Hayao Miyazaki Retires

    At the Venice Film Festival, it was announced that Oscar-winning animator Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Ponyo) will retire from the production of feature-length films. His current (and now, last) film, The Wind Rises, will be released in North America next year.
  4. Michael Ansara, "Kang," 1922-2013

    Here's a link to the more detailed obit just published on Michael Ansara, Kang on 'Star Trek,' Dies at
  5. Michael Ansara, "Kang," 1922-2013

    Ansara appeared in the episode "Flashback," when he commanded one of the cruisers that confronted the Excelsior "Mr. Sulu, I see they have finally given you the captaincy you deserve." "Thank you, Kang." "Do not let it end prematurely." - Kang and Sulu .(copied from the "Flashback" page on Memory-Alpha)
  6. Michael Ansara, "Kang," 1922-2013

    The Hollywood Reporter and The Huffington Post are both reporting that Michael Ansara, "Kang" from TOS, DS9 and VOY, has died after a long illness at the age of 91.
  7. Star Trek: Omega Force SEASON 1

    Star Trek: Omega Force Episode 2: "Some Other World" Act (Chapter) 2 Nicholas and Irina stood in Transporter Room 2 and waited for their visitors. "S.S. Ponyo away team report ready for transport, Commander," the operator said. "Then, energize," Nicholas said. Three columns of transporter energy resolved into Captain Stargazer Seville and two members of her crew: a human female and a short alien with bluish-pink fur. "Captain Seville, welcome aboard," Nicholas said. "I am Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Batali, first officer. With me is our helmswoman, Lieutenant Irina Nielsen." Irina nodded at Seville. "Who are your colleagues?" she asked. Seville gestured, first to the human, then to the alien. "These are Kyla Bolton and Zeo Pelekai, nephew of your guest, Ambassador Jameson," she said. Nicholas turned to the being that Seville had called "Zeo." "How can you be the Ambassador's nephew? You're not even a human being," he said. "It is a long story, Commander," Zeo said. "It would be easier to explain by interfacing with the Ponyo's data banks." Nicholas turned to Seville. "With your permission, of course, Captain," he said. "Zeo, remain with me," Seville said. "Kyla, return to the ship and tell Jon the situation." "Yes, Star," Kyla said. She leaned in to kiss Zeo, then stepped back onto the platform. "Send Ms. Bolton back to the Ponyo, Ensign," Nicholas said. "Aye, sir," the operator said. "Energize," Irina said. Kyla dissolved in the blue and silver shower. "This way, Captain," Nicholas said, gesturing for Irina to join him in escorting Star and Zeo out of the transporter room. In the Ready Room, Adrian was reviewing the various damage reports when he heard his door chime ring. "Come in," he said. The Ready Room doors slid open, revealing Nicholas, Irina, Star and Zeo. "Thank you, Commander and Lieutenant. Dismissed," Adrian said. Nicholas and Irina nodded, then exited the Ready Room. Meanwhile, Adrian turned his attention to his two visitors. "Captain Seville, Mr. Pelekai, I am sure that you two have a lot of questions," Adrian said, gesturing for Star and Zeo to sit in the chairs in front of his desk. "First, who are we, and how did we end up in your dimension?" Adrian said. "Well, we were en route back to our home port from a diplomatic mission to a planet called Romulus, when a malfunction in our propulsion systems created a wormhole that brought us…here. We received a distress call, which led us to come upon an unknown vessel which was attacking Ambassador Jameson's vessel." "Do you have any records which show that unknown vessel?" Star asked. Adrian tapped a couple of buttons, then turned his desktop monitor around to face Star and Zeo. A look of distressed recognition crossed Star's face as she watched the transmission. "Decepticons!" she spat out in disgust. "What are Decepticons?" Adrian asked. "Captain, this is Commander Batali. Interface with the Ponyo's data core is now complete," Nicholas reported from the Bridge. "May I?" Star asked. "By all means," Adrian said as the Yagami battle record ended. Star tapped a button on the monitor. "Computer, initiate link-up between this terminal and S.S. Ponyo computer system Beta-47," she said. "Linkup established," the Yagami's computer said. Star swung the monitor back around to face Adrian. "What you are looking at are records of my family's struggles against the Decepticons from a time before I was born to our recent rescue of a human whom they had kidnapped nearly 20 years ago," Star said. "The Decepticons, as you can see, are a group of evil, sentient, transforming robots. Their rivals, the Autobots, are our allies." "Captain Dorsey, to the Bridge, please," Irina said. "On our way, Irina," Adrian said. Adrian tapped a control on his desk to turn off the monitor, then gestured for Star and Zeo to follow him onto the Bridge. "Report, Mr. Selev," Adrian said as he approached the command chair. "Captain, a vessel matching configuration with Ambassador Jameson's vessel is approaching at the equivalent of Warp 6," Selev said. "On screen," Nicholas said. The newcomers' vessel was, indeed, shaped like Lilo's now-destroyed transport. However, it appeared to be the size of the Yagami herself. "The vessel is hailing, Captain," T'Vara reported. "On screen," Adrian said. The command center of the arriving ship appeared on the Yagami's view-screen. A squat yellow-furred alien in a red and black uniform spoke. "This is Captain Reuben Jookiba of the U.G.F. starship Enterprise-A," the commander said. "Please identify yourselves." "I am Captain Adrian Dorsey of the U.S.S. Yagami, representing the United Federation of Planets," Adrian said. "Captain Jookiba, rest assured that Ambassador Jameson is safe and sound." "I'll be the judge of that, Captain Dorsey," Jookiba said. "Now, to my second question: what is your business in this sector?" "A malfunction in our propulsion systems caused us to fall into a wormhole, which transferred us from our home dimension to this one," Adrian responded. The Bridge doors slid open, reveling Lilo. "I'm all right, Reuben," she said. "My transport was attacked by the Decepticons, but the Yagami was able to rescue us before it blew." "I see," Jookiba said. "Captain Dorsey, it appears that I owe you an apology. You helped to rescue one of our most valued ambassadors…" A smile creased Jookiba's face. "…and a very close friend," he finished. "If there is anything I or anyone in the U.G.F. can do to assist you, please tell me." "We need to put in for repairs to damages suffered in our transit here and the attack by the Decepticons," Adrian said. "From what I've been able to see of her, the Yagami's technology is directly identical to U.G.F. standard," Star said. "We could dock her at the nearest U.G.F. facility and fix her with ease." "I will consult U.G.F. Central Command and request further instructions," Jookiba said. "Until then, we shall remain here and wait." "Sounds fine to me, Captain," Adrian said. "Star, as captain of the Ponyo and the first to encounter the Yagami, you are bound by U.G.F. regulations to file a report as well," Jookiba said. "Zeo and I were about to return to the Ponyo right now to do just that, Reuben," Star said. "In fact, we can beam you back to the Ponyo directly from here," Adrian said as Jookiba closed the channel and the view-screen image reverted to the exteriors of the Ponyo and the Enterprise-A. Adrian gestured for Star and Zeo to stand in front of the view-screen. "Mr. T'Vara, send Captain Seville and Mr. Pelekai back to the Bridge of the Ponyo," he commanded. "Aye, sir," T'Vara said. Star and Zeo dissolved. "Now, we wait," Adrian said. ::TBC::
  8. Star Trek: Omega Force SEASON 1

    Star Trek: Omega Force Episode 2: "Some Other World" Act (Chapter) 1 The Yagami's crew slowly came to. "Uhh. Damage reports, all stations," Adrian said. "OPS fully functional," T'Vara said. The other Bridge stations also reported all clear. "Then, what the hell happened?" Nicholas said. "I have a theory," a voice from the Science console said. Adrian turned in his chair and saw a black-haired human female in Science division blue. "And what is your theory, Lieutenant…" Adrian started, realizing that he did not know the officer's name. "She must have come aboard at Starbase 115, just before we left for Romulus," he thought. "Amelia Pacitti, sir," she said. "Well, what is your theory, Mr. Pacitti?" Nicholas said. "I ran an exterior sweep of the Yagami's hull as part of the ordered damage check," Amelia said, rechecking her boards. "I noted that verteron particles with a Romulan signature had saturated the Yagami's nacelles." "A further check indicates that one of the ships we encountered while in orbit of Romulus had a leak in their propulsion systems," Amelia said in finishing her report. "I therefore can only assume that these particles interacted with our warp field in some way and caused a malfunction." "What is our current position, Irina?" Adrian said. "Checking, Captain," Irina said. "Astrometric sensors indicate that we are in the Alpha Quadrant, but that there are no Federation installations or vessels." "Captain, we are picking up a distress call on all subspace bands," T'Vara said. "Let's hear it," Adrian said. "I am Federation Ambassador Lilo Jameson," a female voice said. "My transport is under attack. Anyone who can hear me, please assist! We are unarmed! Repeat…" A loud hiss of static silenced the woman's voice. "Transmission jammed at the source, sir," T'Vara said. Adrian turned to Amelia. "Mr. Pacitti, could warp travel cause further harm to us?" he asked. "Verteron density reads negative," Mia said, scanning her boards. "Very well," Adrian said. "Red Alert! All hands to battle stations! Mr. Nielsen, set course for the origin point of that transmission—maximum warp. Engage!" The Yagami leaped into warp. Fifteen minutes later… "We are approaching the distress call's origin point, Captain," Irina said. "Mr. Selev, what is our weapons status?" Adrian asked. "Phasers and quantum torpedoes are on-line. Shields are at full capacity. Ablative armour at 100 percent," Selev said. "Very well," Adrian said. "Mr. Nielsen, slow to impulse power. Take us in." On the viewscreen, the rainbow lines of a ship at warp shrunk to pinpricks of light. On it, a small vessel the size of a Federation shuttlecraft was under attack from a vessel that appeared to be twice the size of the Yagami. "Hail that ship, T'Vara. All language forms and frequencies," Adrian said. "Channel open," T'Vara said. "Alien vessel, this is the Federation Starship Yagami. Cease your attack, or we will attack you. Close channel," Adrian said. Suddenly, the larger ship turned to face the Yagami and fired three green bolts of energy. It then turned around and sped away. "Captain, the smaller vessel is losing engine containment," Commander Io Shinoda reported from her Engineering console. "Bridge to Transporter Room 2. Lock onto the occupants of the shuttlecraft 4,000 kilometers off our forward bow and beam them directly to Sickbay," Adrian ordered. "Aye, sir," the operator said. Then, Nicholas spoke: "Dr. Phelps, this is Commander Batali. Prepare for incoming casualties." "Standing by, Commander," Dr. Richard Phelps said. "Transporter 2 to Bridge. The shuttle's occupants are safely aboard and sent to Sickbay," the operator said. "Mr. Nielsen, back us up 10,000 kilometers," Adrian said. "Aye, sir," Irina said. The damaged shuttlecraft receded on the Yagami's view-screen. Suddenly, it detonated in a shower of sparks, radiation and debris. "I'll be in Sickbay, speaking to our visitors," Adrian said. "You have the Bridge, Nick," "Aye, sir," Nicholas said as Adrian stood and left the Bridge. Down in Sickbay, Dr. Phelps scanned a Hawaiian woman on one of the biobeds. "Ms. Jameson, you'll be all right," he said. "It's Mrs. Jameson, and thank you, Doctor," the woman said. The doors into Sickbay opened, revealing Adrian. "What is their status, Doctor?" he said. "Some minor cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns, but nothing serious," Phelps said. "Ambassador Jameson here suffered a broken ankle, but we already fixed that." "Thank you, Doctor," Adrian said. As Phelps moved off to treat another patient, Adrian turned to Ambassador Jameson. "I am Captain Adrian Dorsey. You are aboard the United Federation of Planets Starship USS Yagami," he said. "We picked up your distress call." "Your vessel is unfamiliar, Captain," Jameson said. "But thank you for rescuing me, all the same." "Our vessel must be as unfamiliar to you as this region of space is to us," Adrian said. "On that is our common point, Ambassador." "That is true, Captain," Lilo said. Adrian turned to a nurse. "Can she leave?" he asked. "As long as she returns tomorrow for a follow-up examination," the nurse said. Adrian turned back to Lilo. "Ambassador, would you care to take a tour of the Yagami?" he asked. "I would be honoured," Lilo said as she hopped off of the biobed. The tour wound its way to the Bridge. But, as Adrian was showing Lilo around the various stations, Selev reported, "Captain, an unknown vessel is approaching at high warp speed!" "Stay here, Ambassador," Adrian said. Then, he moved over to the command chair. "Take us to Yellow Alert, Selev," he ordered. The vessel came out of warp. It appeared to be the size of an Akira-class Federation starship, but looked to be made out of solid chrome. "The vessel is hailing us, Captain," T'Vara said. "On screen," Adrian said. The screen image switched to the apparent command center of the unknown vessel. A humanoid-looking female sat in the command chair. "Unknown vessel, this is the U.G.F.-registered civilian defense vessel SS Ponyo, Captain Stargazer Seville commanding," the female said. "You have attacked a diplomatic transport without provocation. Stand to and prepare to be boarded." Adrian turned to Lilo. "Why does this person think we attacked you?" Adrian asked. "Well, with my transport gone and only you here, they can only assume that you were the ones who attacked me," Lilo said. "Open channel, T'Vara," Adrian said. "Channel open, Captain," T'Vara said. "I am Captain Adrian Dorsey of the Federation Starship Yagami," Adrian said. "It is Federation policy to not attack an unarmed vessel without cause, Captain Seville." "Captain Dorsey, no starship of your name and design exist in the Federation," Seville said. "Not in our Federation, anyway," Lilo said as she entered range of the Yagami's visual receptors. "Ambassador Jameson! Are you all right?" Seville said. "Yeah, Star, I am," Lilo said. "Star, the Yagami and her crew come from a dimension other than our own. Captain Dorsey?" "Captain Seville, I'd like to invite you and a couple of your people to come aboard for a tour, so you can see the Yagami for yourselves," Adrian said. "We'll be glad to take you up on your offer, Captain Dorsey," Seville said. "Jon, take command. Kyla, Zeo, with me." "We'll be waiting, Captain," Adrian said before the channel closed and the image switched back to an exterior view of the Ponyo. ::TBC::
  9. Star Trek: Omega Force SEASON 1

    Star Trek: Omega Force Episode #104 (Episode 2): "Some Other World" By William "Blissey" Raymer Based on Star Trek Created by Gene Roddenberry Part 1 of Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force Teaser (Prologue) Captain's Log, Stardate 57502.5. The Yagami has entered orbit of Romulus for a diplomatic escort mission: we are returning the Romulan citizens that we rescued during the recent hostage crisis on Magor VI-B. In addition, Lieutenant Nielsen is to be awarded the Hiren Cluster, the Romulan Empire's highest military medal, for her gallantry in defeating the renegade Klingon warrior D'Rak and rescuing the hostages. In the Yagami's main transporter room, Lieutenant Irina Nielsen watched as Captain Adrian Dorsey, Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Batali and Romulan Ambassador Kharvan strode into the room. "Well, aren't you an eager beaver, Lieutenant," Adrian said. Ambassador Kharvan cocked an eyebrow. "Eager… what?" Kharvan said. "The Captain is just saying that Lieutenant Nielsen is excited and arrived early, Ambassador," Nicholas said. "I see, Commander," Kharvan said. "It seems that I still have a lot to learn about human idioms." "Ki Baratan Control has sent us the coordinates for their central transporter," the transporter operator said as Adrian, Nicholas, Irina and Kharvan stepped onto the transporter pad. "Energize," Adrian said. He, Nicholas, Irina and Kharvan dissolved. Admiral Tomalak, chief of the Romulan fleet, watched as Kharvan and the group from the Yagami dissolved. "Welcome back, old friend," Tomalak said. "Thank Erebus that you are safe." "Thanks to these honourable people," Kharvan said. "May I introduce Captain Adrian Dorsey, Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Batali and Lieutenant Irina Nielsen of the Federation Starship Yagami." "Welcome to Romulus, brave ones," Tomalak said. "Especially to you, Lieutenant Nielsen. I have heard so much about you." "And I about you, Admiral," Irina said. "Your confrontations with Captain Picard are legendary." "How is Jean-Luc these days? Still in command of the Enterprise?" Tomalak said. "Yes, sir," Irina said. "That is good," Tomalak said. "Let me escort you on a tour of Ki Baratan, then on to the Senate." A military ground car approached where Tomalak and the Yagami contingent stood. As soon as they were seated and secured, the ground car took off. Later that day, Irina stood on one side of the door leading into the cavernous Senate chamber as Praetor Tal'Aura began to address the gathered Senators. "Senators, recently, our ambassadorial party on the second moon of Magor VI was taken captive by forces led by a renegade Klingon," she began. "Even more, a hard-working mining ship and its crew were also taken. However, our Federation allies came to our aid. One officer in particular risked her life in rescuing our citizenry," Tal'Aura continued. "Despite centuries of antagonism and distrust between us, we of the Romulan Senate are gathered here today to honour a Federation Starfleet officer with our highest honour. I therefore order that Lieutenant Irina Nielsen of the Federation Starship Yagami be allowed into this chamber," Tal'Aura finished. The guards opened the door, allowing Irina to step into the chamber. The gathered Senators silently watched as Irina stood in front of Tal'Aura and her councilors. "Lieutenant Irina Nielsen, for conspicuous gallantry in defense of Romulan citizens and materials, I award you the Hiren Cluster," Praetor Tal'Aura said. A councilor pinned the Hiren Cluster medallion to Irina's uniform tunic. "I invite you to address the Senate," Tal'Aura said. "Thank you, Praetor," Irina said. She then turned to address the Senators. "I am honoured to join Captain Jean-Luc Picard as one of only two Starfleet officers to stand in this spot on a sanctioned basis." As fate had it, Irina stood in the dead center of the Senate chamber—on the exact half-way point of the map depicting the Neutral Zone between Federation and Romulan space. "I hope to live in a generation where the Neutral Zone will be abolished and that Federation and Romulan citizens, materials and ideals can be exchanged freely and openly. If my recent actions can help bring this dream to reality, then so be it," Irina finished. "Jolan tru." Ambassador Kharvan and Admiral Tomalak rose to their feet and began to clap. Other members of the Senate and the Yagami away team followed suit. The next day, Irina sat at the Helm as the Yagami got ready to begin the journey back to Starbase 115. "All stations report ready to depart, Captain," Nicholas said. "Very well," Adrian said. "Mr. Nielsen, set course for Starbase 115, Warp 5. Engage as soon as we clear Romulan home system space." "Aye, sir," Irina said. The image on the viewscreen shifted as the Yagami exited orbit of Romulus. As it did, Selevra ch'Vasnr reported from Tactical, "Sir, incoming hail from the Romulan mining vessel Narada." "On screen, Adrian said. Commander Nero, captain of the Narada, appeared on the Yagami's viewscreen. "Captain Dorsey, before you go, I would like to, again, thank you and your crew for saving us," he said. "It is like I said, Nero," Irina said. "We would have done the same for any of our allies." "All the same, Irina, thank you," Nero said. "Narada, out." The viewscreen image switched back to the exterior view from the Yagami's sensors: the twin planets Romulus and Remus disappearing as the Yagami accelerated away. Then, stars stretched into rainbow lines as the ship entered warp. An hour later, the Yagami shook with an unknown impact. "What's going on?" Adrian said. "Captain, she's not answering the Helm!" Irina said. "We have a warp drive malfunction!" Suddenly, everything went white. ::TBC::
  10. Star Trek: Omega Force SEASON 1

    Next time on Star Trek: Omega Force… The Yagami travels to Romulus to honor one of her own. "Lieutenant Irina Nielsen, for conspicuous gallantry in defense of Romulan citizens and materials, I award you the Hiren Cluster," Praetor Tal'Aura said. But, on their way home… "What's going on?" Dorsey said. "Captain, she's not answering the Helm!" Irina said. "We have a warp drive malfunction!" …worlds will collide. "Unknown vessel, this is the U.G.F.-registered civilian defense vessel S.S. Ponyo, Captain Stargazer Seville commanding," the unknown vessel's commander said. "You have attacked a diplomatic transport without provocation." The beginning of William "Blissey" Raymer's 7th Anniversary of Fan Fiction Writing Initiative… "Your dimension is most illogical," T'Vara said. "And the best is yet to come," Star said. …will take you to… "SOME OTHER WORLD" Episode 2 of Star Trek: Omega Force AND Part 1 of Team Chipmunk: The Next Generation vs. Star Trek: Omega Force
  11. Star Trek: Omega Force SEASON 1

    Here is the final installment of Episode 1 (sorry it took so long): Star Trek: Omega Force Episode #721-A (Pilot Episode) "Destiny at Magor" Act (Chapter) 6 Ship's Log, USS Yagami, Stardate 57448.23, Acting Captain Adrian Dorsey recording. A flotilla of three starships from Starbase 115 has arrived to help transport the rescued inhabitants of the Magor enclave to Starbase 115 for rest, medical care and whatever arrangements can be made to return them to their respective governments. D'Rak and his cronies are in custody aboard a holo-ship configured into the ancient Alcatraz prison, also pending transport to Starbase 115, where they will be held, pending further charges from the Federation and the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Admiral Todman has granted me a field promotion to Captain, with additional field promotions for all members of the Yagami crew who aided in the rescue of the personnel from the Magor enclave. I have also been told that Lieutenant Irina Nielsen is to be awarded the Romulan Empire's highest honors for her help in the rescue of the crew of the Narada and the Romulan Ambassador to Magor. Before we can depart, however, there is one last, sad, duty to perform... On the Bridge of the Yagami, the surviving senior officers gathered around a torpedo tube coffin bearing the body of the late Captain Oliver Bunnell. Irina and Batali took the Federation flag off the coffin as Adrian began the service. "The exploration of space has always been a dangerous endeavor," Adrian began. "From the tragedies of Apollo I, the Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia and the USS Grissom NCC-638 to the near-tragedy of Apollo XIII and other, numerous, disasters and near-disasters, people who venture into the cold blackness know that danger could swallow them up in an instant." "Oliver James Bunnell knew that," Adrian continued. "Despite that, or maybe even because of that, he still ventured into space to help humanity and all the worlds of the Federation further our knowledge of these dangers. We therefore commit the body of Oliver James Bunnell to the darkness he helped to illuminate. Honors, hup!" An Ensign blew a bosun's whistle as Irina activated the Bridge's transporter system, sending the torpedo to a launcher. On the Yagami's view-screen, Bunnell's torpedo tube coffin blasted out of the launcher and into the Magorian sun. "Dismissed," Adrian said. "Mr. Nielsen, plot a course back for Starbase 115," Adrian said. "Aye, sir," Irina said. Moments later, the Yagami and the rescue flotilla leaped into warp. Hours later, Irina sat in the Yagami's Ten-Forward lounge and sipped at her tea cup. A voice from behind her startled Irina out of her reverie. "Cosmic thoughts, Lieutenant?" Irina turned around and saw Batali, his uniform now Command-Red and with the rank insignia of a provisionally-ranked Lieutenant Commander. "Oh, Nick, I was just thinking about what's gonna happen now," Irina said. "With Captain Bunnell gone and Commander— I mean, Captain —Dorsey taking command of the Yagami, who's going to lead Omega Force?" "I am," Batali said. "Well, congratulations, Nick," Irina said. "And I want you to be my second," Batali said. "But, there are more qualified and more experienced team members you could ask to be your second," Irina said. "T'vara, Selev..." "I want you, Irina, to be my second," Batali said as he sat down across from Irina. "Not just in Omega Force, mind you. From the moment I met you— even though, admittedly, it was only about three nights ago —I have had feelings for you that I have never had for any woman I have ever known." Irina recalled the personal log entry she had recorded just after meeting Batali in her quarters. "To tell you the truth, I am starting to have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I've never felt before," she had said. "My mother taught me about this feeling, but this is the truly the first time I've ever felt it. What am I going to do?" Well, at that very moment, Irina knew what she had to do. She grabbed Batali's collar and drew him into a deep, passionate kiss. When it broke, Batali was shocked. "Have I done something wrong, Commander?" Irina asked. "No," Batali said. "You did it just right." Batali and Irina kissed again. Hours later, the Yagami and the rescue flotilla docked at Starbase 115. In his office, Admiral Todman sat at his desk, reading Adrian's post-mission report. Three cases embossed with the Starfleet insignia sat on the desk. His door chime sounded. "Come," Todman said. The door slid open, admitting Adrian, Irina and Batali. "You wanted to see us, Admiral?" Adrian said. "Yes, you guys. Please, have a seat," Todman said. As Adrian, Irina and Nick sat down, Todman smiled. "Admiral Janeway has made permanent your field promotions. Adrian Dorsey, you will remain ranked at Captain and posted to USS Yagami as her new Captain," Todman said, handing Adrian one of the three cases. Adrian opened the case to reveal the four rank pips of an officially-ranked Captain. Adrian removed his provisional Captain's insignia and put the four pips on his collar. Todman then turned to Nick. "Nicholas Batali, you will remain ranked at Lieutenant Commander and posted to USS Yagami as her new First Officer," Todman said, handing Nick the second case. Nick opened it, then removed his provisional Lieutenant Commander's insignia and put the official rank insignia on. "Additionally, Commander Batali will be the new leader of Omega Force," Todman added. He then turned to Irina. "Irina Nielsen, you will remain ranked at full Lieutenant and will remain posted to USS Yagami as her Helm officer. Additionally, as per the recommendation of Lieutenant Commander Batali, you will also be the new second-in-command of Omega Force," Todman said before he handed Irina the third and final case. As Irina put her full Lieutenant's insignia on, Todman turned to face the viewport. "You will be granted two weeks of R&R before you head out on your next mission," Todman said. "Which is?" Adrian said. "You will join the USS Titan on a diplomatic mission to Romulus where Lieutenant Nielsen will be honored for her actions in the rescue of Ambassador Kharvan and the crew of the Narada," Todman said. "Dismissed." Adrian, Nick and Irina nodded, then rose and left Todman's office. Captain's Log, Supplemental. The Yagami...continues. END OF EPISODE ONE Stay tuned in the next chapter for scenes from our next episode, "Some Other World." ::TBC::
  12. Star Trek: Omega Force SEASON 1

    Star Trek: Omega Force Episode #721-A (Pilot Episode) "Destiny at Magor" Act (Chapter) 5 The Yagami away team stood in stunned silence after D'Rak's announcement. "T'vara, confirm the cessation of Captain Bunnell's life-signs," Adrian said. T'vara re-opened her tricorder and attempted to locate a life-sign broadcast from Bunnell's commbadge. After a moment, T'vara turned to Adrian. "Confirmed, Commander," she said. "Captain Bunnell is dead." Adrian tapped his commbadge. "Dorsey to Yagami. Commander Shinoda, do you copy?" On the Bridge of the Yagami, the ship's chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Io Shinoda, tapped a control on the command chair arm. "Shinoda here, sir," she said. "Io, did you receive D'Rak's broadcast about Captain Bunnell?" Adrian asked. "I did, sir," Io said. "Did it really happen?" "Yes, he's really dead," Adrian said. "I want you to get in touch with Admiral Todman at Starbase 115. Tell him precisely what has transpired here so far and request further instructions." "Aye, sir," Io said. "Shinoda, out." Back in the diplomatic enclave's rec room, Irina stood with Nero and Batali as Phelps communicated with Adrian. "The away team has confirmed Captain Bunnell's death," Phelps said as he turned back to Batali and Irina. Irina stood in silence for a moment. She then had an idea. "Commander Dorsey, this is Lieutenant Nielsen. I have a proposal. First...Nick, do you have a infiltration belt?" "Yeah," Batali said. "I happen to have two." "Even better," Irina said. "Here's the plan." Minutes later, Irina and Batali had used the infiltration belts to turn into Romulan smugglers. "We will retrieve Captain Bunnell's body, then find some way to sabotage the enclave's transport inhibitors, which would allow the Yagami to rescue the captured individuals, while capturing D'Rak and his men," Irina proposed. "Irina, I have a better idea," Batali said. "How familiar are you with the history of the Kobayashi Maru scenario?" "I know only two men— James and Peter Kirk —have defeated it," Irina said. "Well, do you know how Peter Kirk beat it in 2293?" Batali said. "Are you proposing that either of us challenge D'Rak or one of his men to Toriatal?" Irina said. Nero's eyes widened when he overheard the two Starfleet officers discussing the ancient Romulan fight to the death challenge. "Lieutenant Nielsen, are you seriously proposing Toriatal?" Nero said. "That may be our only option," Batali said. "As you probably know, Commander, no hostilities may be initiated while a Toriatal challenge is in progress. We can evacuate the captured Federation, Klingon and Romulan personnel to the Yagami while the fight is in progress." "And, how does one initiate a Toriatal challenge?" Irina said. "With the ancient words," Nero said. "Repeat after me: 'T'kevaidors a skelitus dunt'ryala aikriian paselitan...Toriatal.'" Irina, then Batali, repeated the ancient words in Old High Vulcan. "The challenger is then granted the choice of style of combat. I offer myself as second to the one who initiates the challenge," Nero finished. "I will initiate it," Irina said. "Irina..." Batali started to say. "Listen, Nick," Irina said. "While D'Rak is distracted, your job is to help Omega Force safely evacuate the hostages and get them to the Yagami." Irina tapped the comm control on her infiltration belt. "Commander Dorsey, this is Lieutenant Nielsen," Irina said. "There's been a change in plan." Irina then described the modified plan to Adrian. "Are you sure you want to risk your life like this, Lieutenant?" Adrian said. "As the legendary James T. Kirk once said, 'Risk is our business,' Commander," Irina said. "And with Commander Nero as my second, business will be good. Just hurry to the enclave. And keep out of sight, as D'rak's men will most likely have been ordered to shoot and kill Starfleet personnel on sight. Nielsen, out." Irina tapped the belt's comm control again to close the channel. "Well then, Commander, let's go to work," Irina said. Irina and Nero exited the enclave's recreation room. As they approached the enclave's command center, Irina could smell blood. "Smells like human blood," Irina said. Then, she and Nero looked up and saw Captain Bunnell's body hung directly above the doors to the command center, where two Klingon guards waited. "What do you want, Romulan scum?" one of the guards said. "I just captured this Romulan attempting to escape from the holding area in the enclave's recreation area," Irina said. "I brought him here as a present for Lord D'Rak." "Why does he not wear restraints?" the other Klingon guard said. "I allowed him the honor of walking to his fate unfettered," Irina said. "As you Klingons say, '(Klingon: You salute the stars.)'" The Klingons nodded. One of them turned to a comm panel. "Lord D'Rak, we have a Romulan smuggler escorting one of our Romulan prisoners to see you," the first guard said. "Please advise." "Let the smuggler in, and see that you do not disturb us," D'Rak said. "As you wish, My Lord," the first guard said. The guard then tapped a few keys. The doors slid open, revealing D'Rak and his Betazoid aide. The doors slid closed. "What is your analysis?" D'Rak asked the Betazoid. "Their intentions are true," she said. "Well then, what is your name, smuggler?" D'Rak said. "My name is V'Trina, from the colony world of Constanthus," Irina said. "'Crossover,' in the human language," D'Rak said. "That is true, My Lord," Irina said. "And we Constantharines are traditional Romulans through and through. We know all of the ancient rituals, especially... T'kevaidors a skelitus dunt'ryala aikriian paselitan...Toriatal." The Betazoid aide gasped. D'Rak turned to the Betazoid. "What did she say?" he said. "V'Trina has challenged a fight to the death," the aide said. "According to Romulan law, you are honor-bound to accept the challenge." "Your aide speaks the truth," Nero said. "I, Commander Nero of the Imperial Romulan Navy, will act as V'Trina's second." "And as the challenger, the choice of weapons is mine," Irina said. "We shall fight with the bat'leth." Then, Irina tapped the Romulan insignia on her belt. The appearance of V'Trina wavered to reveal Irina's true, human, appearance. "You are no Romulan! You are without honor! The challenge is not accepted!" D'Rak said. "(Klingon: The challenge IS accepted!)" Irina said. "(Klingon: Unless you wish to meet Fek'lhr when I send you to the gates of Gre'thor!)" D'Rak growled, then tossed Irina one of two bat'leth swords he had hanging on the command center bulkhead. "Defend yourself, you treacherous human Ha'DIbaH!" D'Rak said. As Irina and D'Rak began a cat-like circling, Irina bared her teeth and said, "You're the real Ha'DIbaH around here, D'Rak! Capturing military officers in battle is one thing, but innocent civilians? That is pure, unadulterated, Grade A bull! (Klingon: Your mother has a smooth forehead!)" D'Rak let out a loud gutteral growl as he charged at Irina. She simply side-swept the blow, then flipped the bat'leth over and hit him on the back of the head with the butt of the sword to knock D'Rak unconscious. "Commander Dorsey to Lieutenant Nielsen," Dorsey said. "Nielsen here," Irina said after tapping her commbadge. "All of the captured personnel have been safely rescued and brought to the ship. Captain Bunnell's body has also been retrieved. What is your status?" "Stand by, Commander," Irina said before tapping her commbadge. The Betazoid aide was cowering in a corner. "What is wrong?" Irina asked as Nero put security restraints on D'Rak. "Thank you for rescuing me," the Betazoid aide said. "I was captured by D'Rak on one of the Draylaxian moons three years ago, and haven't had a taste of freedom since." "Well, you're free now, Miss..." Irina said, realizing she did not now the name of the woman. "Kessara Troi, grand-cousin to the late Ambassador Lwaxana Troi," the woman said. "Well, Kessara, we'll take you to our home port until we can contact the Betazoid government. Commander Nero, contact the Yagami for me." "With pleasure," Nero said. He tapped a control on a nearby panel. "Starship Yagami, I am Commander Nero. Requesting a transport for four to your vessel. A hostile is among us, so recommend you have Security standing by." "In other words, get us the hell out of here," Irina said. "Four to beam up." Irina, Nero, Kessara and the prone D'Rak disappeared from the surface of Magor VI-B. ::TBC::
  13. Here are the nominations for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Look at them and agree with me in saying ST09 got the shaft! ONLY 2 NOMINATIONS?!?! WTF WAS MTV (or, for that matter, the viewers who chose the nominees) THINKING?!? (For the record, Chris Pine was ST09's only nominee, nominated in the "Best Breakout Star" and "Biggest Bada** Actor" categories. And no, Zoe Saldana DOESN'T count, as her nomination in the category "Best Female Performance" was for "Avatar," not ST09.)
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    Here are my stories. Each page features a character list with links to individual files. Harry Potter and the Return of James T. Kirk Harry Potter and the Fountain of Possibilities Star Trek: Omega Force A Flight to Remember (a crossover between STXI and High School Musical. Yeah, sacrilege, I know...)
  15. Star Trek: Omega Force SEASON 1

    Star Trek: Omega Force Episode #721-A (Pilot Episode) “Destiny at Magor” Act (Chapter) 4 In the transporter room, Irina stood with Nicholas and Captain Bunnell as Dr. Richard Phelps entered. “Sorry I am late, sir,” he said. “It's all right, Doctor,” Oliver said as Phelps stood on the pad. “Energize,” he told the officer at the transporter controls. Irina felt herself dissolve, then reform on the surface of Magor VI-B. A pair of Klingon warriors were waiting for them. “Captain Bunnell, our lord D'Rak has been waiting for you,” the leader said. “Your three escorts may not follow, but they are permitted to examine the hostages.” “Proceed with your assignment, Doctor,” Bunnell said as the Klingons escorted Bunnell away. “This way,” Nicholas said, gesturing with his tricorder. In the main recreation room of the Magor diplomatic enclave, Nero sat and watched as three Starfleet officers entered. “I am Doctor Richard Phelps of the Federation starship Yagami,” the man in blue said. “I am here to ensure that you all have been treated well.” Nero stood up. “Doctor, why are you not escorted by fellow medical personnel?” he asked. Irina stepped forward. “How do you know we are not medical personnel?” she asked. “I served in the military during the Dominion War,” Nero said. “I worked with Starfleet personnel during it long enough to know that your red collar signifies command track, while your red-haired colleague's gold collar--”Nero gestured to Batali. “--signifies Engineering track,” Nero finished. “You got us,” Nicholas said, moving to stand next to Irina. “We're here to rescue you.” Nicholas tapped his commbadge three times. On the Bridge of the Yagami, the Tactical officer on duty reported, “Commander, tight-beam signal from Lieutenant Batali, sir. 'It's on.'” Dorsey smiled. “Let's do this,” he said. Dorsey stood from the command chair. “All special force personnel, gear up and report to Transporter 2,” he said. “It's time to go to work.” Irina smiled at Nero. “It's good to finally put a face to the name, Commander Nero,” she said. “The Yagami received your distress call.” “Thank you, Lieutenant...” Nero began. “Irina Nielsen,” Irina said as she began to try and unlock the handcuffs binding Nero's hands. “You know, you're the first Romulan I have seen up close,” Irina said. “I got in the Academy too late to see service in the Dominion War.” “Well then, Lieutenant Nielsen, you are one of the lucky ones,” Nero said. “Then again, I was too.” “Oh?” Nicholas said. “How so?” “I met my wife aboard the Charvanek, the Warbird I served on,” Nero said as Irina finished unlocking Nero's handcuffs. “Thank you for getting me out of those dreadful things, Lieutenant.” “We're allies now, Nero,” Irina said. “I'd have done the same thing to any other Federation, Klingon or Romulan citizen in your situation.” “Nevertheless, Lieutenant, you have my thanks,” Nero said. “You're welcome, Nero,” Irina said. “You can repay me by helping us free the other people here.” Nero nodded, then set to work on a nearby Starfleet officer. Meanwhile, in a glade near the diplomatic enclave, Adrian and his team resolved from the transporter beam. “T'vara, status of the away team,” Adrian said. T'vara looked at her tricorder. “Lieutenants Nielsen and Batali and Dr. Phelps are in the enclave's recreation area at the center of the complex. Captain Bunnell is currently in the enclave's command area,” the Vulcan said. "Life signs on all four are stable...for the moment.” “Good,” Adrian said. “I want you to keep an eye on them. If their life sign data wavers in the slightest, let me know so I can call for an emergency beam-out.” “Aye, sir,” T'vara said. Adrian turned to an Andorian. “Selev, come with me. We're going to conduct some good, old-fashioned surveillance. If we can rescue the hostages without D'Rak and his cronies knowing we're here, we'll have earned our keep for the day,” Adrian said. “Yes, sir,” Lieutenant Selev said. An hour later, T’vara saw something on her tricorder that made her pause. She tapped her commbadge. “T’vara to Dorsey. Captain Bunnell’s life-sign readings have changed.” “Changed how, Mr. T’vara?” Adrian said. T’vara looked at the members of Omega Force still with her and said, “The Captain is dead.” “Attention all Starfleet officers on this planet. This is D’Rak, leader of those who hold you prisoner. I have killed Captain Oliver Bunnell of the USS Yagami for dishonorable actions. Any Starfleet officers my men find on this planet will be executed. It is advisable that all Starfleet personnel leave the planet immediately. This is your last warning.” ::TBC:: The explanation of how Capt. Bunnell was killed will be shown in Chapter 5.