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  1. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    I just watched the final ever episode of "Bones". Season 12, episode 12 'The End in the End'. Was a very fitting end to the show, even though I am still not ready for it to be over. Watching a show like that week in week out for 12 years makes it become part of your life (I know that sounds silly). I may just have to start watching them all again from the beginning sometime.
  2. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Bones Season 12, Episode 10. Only two more left until it all finishes :'(
  3. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Last thing I watched was the second episode of the 3rd and final series of Broadchurch. Excellent stuff, back to it's best again!
  4. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    It looked good, but the question I was left with was this: Why did the uniform have the arrowhead Starfleet delta on it? If this is set in the Prime timeline, and before TOS, then Starfleet wouldn't have adopted that as a universal emblem yet and would only be on the Enterprise, no?
  5. Where T: Genysis was planning to go.

    Just to throw a spanner in the works, I actually liked this flm!
  6. Could also be possibly something to do with Mission: Bad Robot are involved with that franchise now too.
  7. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Finally got round to watching the Season 11 finale of Bones......oh my, that sure ended on a shock cliffhanger!
  8. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    That's the best quote from anyone I have seen in a long time! :D
  9. Last Videogame You Played?

    Plodding along with Star Trek Online on my PS4 :D
  10. Doctor Who Power Of The Daleks

    You have to bear in mind though that the only reason they can do the animated restoration of the lost episodes is because they still have an audio file that they can create the animation for. Some of the missing episodes may still not have a valid audio file for them.
  11. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I'll definitely be getting this fact, I pretty much hinted that as a Christmas gift from my girlfriend! lol
  12. Introductions are not my forte, but Hi

    I already have a few on here, but another one never hurts
  13. Introductions are not my forte, but Hi

    Thanks!! Awesome to know their are other DW fans on here You're very welcome! And they don't come bigger than me on here! :D
  14. Introductions are not my forte, but Hi

    Hello and welcome....hope you enjoy your stay! From one DW fan to another, it will be good to read your input on the boards!
  15. Mass Effect Remaster "likely."

    Not entirely unprecedented to redo it from scratch though. When Mass Effect 2 was released on the PS3, it was made using the same engine as Mass Effect 3...whereas the release on Xbox did not use the upgraded engine.