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  1. rta-man added a post in a topic Back . . . And Looking Forward To Hanging Around   

    Welcome back Capt!
  2. rta-man added a post in a topic More Greetings and Felicitations from the UK!   

    Welcome Andrew!  We're glad to have you aboard.
  3. rta-man added a post in a topic I'm Back, Yo.   

    It's good to see you back!
  4. rta-man added a topic in News & Announcements   

    STAR TREK ONLINE “New Dawn” Giveaway Contest!
    For all of you Star Trek Online gamers, TrekCore is happy to host a new giveaway for one of five in-game prizes: a Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser to help your fleet, or to keep all for yourself!  This ship is focused on offensive force while also being capable of withstanding heavy incoming fire.
    See the complete announcement here.
    To enter our Star Trek Online Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser giveaway,  just email us your name and email address (to trekcore.rtaman at gmail.com) by 11:59 (Eastern) on April 26.
    Five random winners will be contacted with instructions on how to redeem the in-game prizes after the entry window has closed.
    Good luck to all entrants!
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  5. rta-man added a post in a topic I can't submit posts.   

    Welcome Panashe!  We're glad to have you aboard.
    To prevent bots from registering and messing up our forums, we implemented the rule that new members must first make 2 posts in existing topics before they are able to start new topics of their own. One exception is the "Introductions and Celebrations" forum, where you can start a topic after you register and it will count as 1 post.
    It's unusual that you're not able to make a post in an existing topic.  I'll ask Frontier to take a look.  A new version of the board was recently installed, and a few bugs have been discovered since then.  This may be another bug.  Either way, go ahead an post a new topic in the "Introductions and Celebrations" forum.  This will satisfy the 2 post requirement and should open your member privs.
  6. rta-man added a post in a topic Star Trek Online In-Game Giveaway   

    This contest will go live probably tomorrow.  TrekCore was given 5 of these ships to give away in a contest.  To enter the contest, just email your name and email address (before 4/27/16) to trekcore.rtaman at gmail.com.  On 4/27/16, five names will be randomly selected to win one Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser.  Those winners will be emailed the in-game code and instructions how to add the ship to your Star Trek Online account.  Sorry, TrekCore staff members and their families are not eligible to enter the contest.  Good luck!
  7. rta-man added a post in a topic hi, Im new   

    Welcome Scaper!  We're glad to have you aboard.
  8. rta-man added a topic in Holodeck   

    Star Trek Online In-Game Giveaway
    Heads up to our members playing Star Trek Online.  Soon, TrekCore will have a raffle to give away an in-game item: a Vaadwaur Astika Heavy Battlecruiser.
    Here's what it looks like and the specs:

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  9. rta-man added a post in a topic I accidentally deleted a thread I started   

    I believe once a member deletes a thread, it's deleted forever.  Backups are made, but I don't believe they're made on a daily basis.
  10. rta-man added a post in a topic The Walking Dead - Who Did Negan Kill (*** POSSIBLE SPOILERS ***)   

    It is true that the actors don't even know who was killed yet.  I believe one thing is for sure.  Negan will not kill Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, or Glen.  Rick, Carl, and Michonne are still alive in the graphic novel.  Daryl has an absolutely HUGE fan base.  As far as Glen goes, when characters in the graphic novel were killed, a different character was killed in a similar manner on television.
  11. rta-man added a post in a topic Hello there!!!   

    Welcome Sarah!  We're glad to have you aboard!
  12. rta-man added a post in a topic Space Elf's Gallery/Requests   

    I'm loving it!  Keep the ship images coming!
  13. rta-man added a post in a topic STNG in Starlog. The beginning   

    I'm going through the online Starlog archive myself.  There's a TON of interesting stuff there.  Like Selat Vie had said earlier, this was the internet of the time.
  14. rta-man added a post in a topic New but not-so-new   

    Welcome RAMA!  We're glad to have you aboard.  If you remember any of the folks from TrekWeb, you'll probably see them here.
  15. rta-man added a post in a topic Peggy Carter Drawing!   

    ^ True.
    Garak, don't forget about us little people once you're famous.