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  1. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    I have to agree with your idea about Strand.  That does make more sense for him to create a black market.
    This season finale should be interesting to say the least.
  2. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    In only 6 episodes, I believe the show runners did a good job in developing the baseline story and character backgrounds.  They even developed a few of the characters.  Travis was initially thought to be a leader, now Maddy seems to be grasping that role.  In this last episode, we saw a soldier leaving his unit to go home.  We all know that soldiers everywhere will be dispersing soon.
    These soldiers that established the safe area have experienced deloyment to a hostile area.  Every soldier I saw wore the same patch on their right shoulder (10th Mtn Div, Ft Drum, NY).   A patch on the right shoulder indicates they were deployed to a hostile area.  First Lieutenant (1LT) Moyers is the detachment commander.  First of all, the rank of 1LT indicates he has very little command experience.  I believe he sees this command as an opportunity to do what he wishes (driving golf balls down the street, go downtown and take out a zombie or two).  On the other hand, the rest of the soldiers are just trying to do what they've been ordered to do... segregate the infected from the un-infected.  So when they responded to the other Army unit in distress, things went to crap and they left 1LT Moyers to his own devices.  His own soldiers didn't like him.
    Daniel is turning out to be a future Rick Grimes type.  His experiences as a torturer for the military El Salvador government give him what he needs to survive.
    Strand, the guy who saved Nick, is obviously an opportunist.  He's a con artist who knows how to keep himself alive at the expense of others.  Why did he save Nick?  Maybe he wants to train Nick to become his protector?
  3. rta-man added a post in a topic Admiral Harmon Goes to Comic Con!   

    Looking forward to the images!
  4. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    DirectorSloan, I also didn't expect Nick to be taken away.  That was a TOTAL surprise.  Plus Liza going away too?  That's too easy to get rid of her like that.  I don't believe we've seen the last of Liza and Nick.
    Maddie wanted to reach where the reflecting light was coming from, but she didn't expect to encounter military patrols, plus all the dead bodies freaked her out.  So she went back.
    Sehlat Vie, I also believe that Daniel will become a central figure.  Daniel, Griselda, Liza, and Nick are now at the treatment area.  Griselda will die and turn, and Nick will begin going through withdrawals.  The military will believe that Nick is turning.  I believe Daniel will play a major role in their escape.
  5. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    DirectorSloan, I agree with how things are unfolding in real time.  I like how the power went out, then came back on -- just like how it happens now.  The apocalypse has just begun.  Did you notice the passenger plane banking out of control?
    Here's my take on Liza.  It would be too easy for them to kill her off. That would leave Travis and Madison to endure the outbreak together without the extra baggage.  What if they kill off Travis?  That would force Madison and Liza to work together to keep their children alive.  Since Madison already has a head start on what's going on, I can easily see her as becoming the leader of the group.  Travis doesn't want to kill the zombies.  He could very well be walker bait soon.
    Sehlat Vie, I don't believe your high hopes will be dashed, and 'm glad you're going to watch the rest of the season.  The show runners have a few aces up their sleeve, and I believe that side order will be the main entrée.
  6. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    I believe Travis' family is still planning to head for the desert.  They're just temporarily paused by the National Guard's sweep through the neighborhood.  Episode 3 was showing the Army's initial response to the outbreak.  They're orders are obviously to collect and segregate the infected (living and dead), from the rest of the population, by systematically sweeping the neighborhoods.  Remember, the Army is trained to clear large areas.  They're not going building to building because they're not authorized yet.  But if they see anything outside (like Susan Tran), they're authorized to react to protect the public.  Having served in the Army for 22 years, I know how they'd react to what seems to be a coordinated chemical/biological deployment across the US.
    I also believe that Travis has a plan for the desert.  After all, he wouldn't suggest going there on a whim.  Everyone knows you have to be prepared to survive in the desert, and it didn't look like they packed up much stuff in the truck.  Maybe he has a friend that built one of those underground shelters.
    The series will not only follow Travis' group of survivors, but will also show the government's reaction and decay due to the outbreak.  Other movies may have shown this, but I believe we're going to see this in MUCH more detail how the apocalypse rolls out.
    FTWD seems like a sleeper series because we're getting the back story as it happens, just like how real life is.
    This is how I see the series unfolding:  Things don't work out for Travis' (or Madison's) group in the desert.  Their next option will be to go to the coast and head out to sea on a ship (if anyone read World War Z, you know how that's going to turn out).  This is all new territory for TWD franchise.
  7. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    It would be a great hats-off to the book World War Z if they show footage of the Battle of Yonkers.  Strategically, it meant nothing; but this was the Army's last stand against the walkers and the media hyped it up.
  8. rta-man added a post in a topic And once more, a Ezri drawing.   

    Looking good!
  9. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    I believe Nick is going to be the Glen/Daryl of FTWD.  He's getting out of his heroine addiction by going cold turkey.  He has no problem with killing a walker.
    Alicia will be walker bait.  She doesn't understand the gravity of what's going on.  As far as she's concerned, people are just sick.
    Liza will also be walker bait.  She also doesn't understand the gravity of what's going on.  As far as she's concerned, the riots outside the barbershop are police-instigated.
    Tobias knows the deal and will survive.  He'll learn to kill the walkers.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a TWD/FTWD crossover with Tobias.
  10. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    Yes, VERY good point, Olivia.  Nick's girlfriend, Gloria, is likely NOT patient zero.  Tobias saw that five different States were already reporting on the attacks.  In fact, a single patient zero would be hard to determine.  Gloria was likely killed by the knife wound then turned later.  The bad batch of heroine thing just hyped the paranoia.  In the end, my belief is still the zombie apocalypse was caused as a result of a dormant plague (like Sehlat suggested) and causes people to turn once they died.
  11. rta-man added a post in a topic Profile Banner   

    I don't see why you shouldn't have the option.  That doesn't make sense that only the mods get it.  Send an IM to Frontier.
  12. rta-man added a post in a topic Profile Banner   

    Are you talking about the blue banner that's on your profile page?  That's changed by Cover Photo -> Upload Photo -> Choose Single File -> Save.  Then Cover Photo -> Reposition Photo
  13. rta-man added a post in a topic Fear The Walking Dead Premiere Sets Cable Record   

    I LOVED the Fear TWD premiere episode!
    HR has a point that we're all infected.  After all, that was determined in Season 1 of TWD.  The events of Fear TWD occur in the same world as TWD.  Fear TWD happens while TWD Rick is in a coma.  Fear TWD is supposed to be about how the outbreak started.
    It's implied that Nick's girlfriend, Gloria, is patient zero.  It's also implied that a bad batch of heroine turned her into a zombie.  My take on it in this.  As of Fear TWD's premiere episode, we're all infected.  A dormant plague (similar to the one in the 2008 movie The Happening) infected everyone and caused people to turn once they died.  The bad batch of heroine triggered Gloria's turn to a zombie while she was alive.  The stepped-on heroine in Gloria's body was transferred to the ones she bites (and so on).  Gloria was never killed.  Therefore, she's free to continue spreading the trigger.  And since we're already infected, those that die naturally will also turn (that's why Nick's dealer turned).  Nick had a resistance to whatever triggered the turn.  Since this bad batch of heroine was sold elsewhere, more than one patient zero exists.  In the end, the zombie apocalypse is a result of a dormant plague and patient zero's trigger.
  14. rta-man added a post in a topic Tapatalk   

    The forum admins do check out this topic area.  If a number of people show a positive response, they'll consider it.  My guess is that if a lot of users access this forum through mobile devices, that would put it higher on the list for consideration.  Additionally, if the admins are already aware of the benefits of Tapatalk, that would make it even more likely.  If it's as simple as adding an icon for it below (along w/ Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.), then it's likely to happen.
  15. rta-man added a post in a topic Humans - AMC/C4 show   

    I watched all the previous episodes on demand, and now I'm addicted.  I really enjoyed watching it.  It'll be interesting to see where they go with the story arc.