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  1. rta-man added a post in a topic hello from a new cadet   

    Welcome Nichola!  We're glad to have you aboard.
  2. rta-man added a post in a topic Step Into the Enterprise by Touring This Incredible Star Trek Set Recreation   

    Hmmm... Ticonderoga is an hour and 40 minutes north of me (I'm in Halfmoon).  This looks to be a trip in the near future.
    Edit: I sent them an email message thru their 'Contact Us' link, and proposed an interview. Robin, perhaps this can be a tag team?
  3. rta-man added a post in a topic TOS in VHS   

    I'd recommend donating them to either a flea market or antique store.  Both places sell VHS tapes to the few collectors that are still looking for them.
  4. rta-man added a post in a topic Hello & New Club Idea   

    Welcome terriblepoet!  We're glad to have you aboard.
    I'd say go ahead and respond to any topic here on the board and that should start up some correspondence.
  5. rta-man added a post in a topic Greetings!   

    Welcome!  It's good to have you aboard.  By all means, post your VFX images here in the Fan Trek forum.  I'd love to see them!
  6. rta-man added a post in a topic I Made a Ship   

    Dr., your ship looks great!  My one weakness is ship images.
    Robin, you're putting ship models in a display case?  I MUST see them!
  7. rta-man added a post in a topic Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR Game   

    Finally, the first VR Star Trek game.  It'll be released this Fall for Playstation VR, and on the PC through Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.  I believe this is the ideal state where ST gamers want to be; but cost will be a HUGE factor.  The Playstation VR Launch Bundle is $500 (best bet).  For the PC, the Oculus Rift is $832 and the HTC Vive headset can be had for $980.  If you elect to go the PC route, you might also need to upgrade your graphics card so your system can handle VR gaming.  That might set you back about $700.  Alienware does offer a PC VR bundle for $3200.
    Hopefully, I see a Playstation VR in my future (maybe for Christmas?).
    TrekCore's coverage is here:
  8. rta-man added a post in a topic 2 Usernames?   

    For now, you can change your username 2 times/year.  I say 'for now', because that will be clarified.  Changing to a previous username counts as a username change.
    The main thing to remember is what Mr.Picard said, "One user = one username".  Otherwise it's a violation of Section 11: Misrepresentation of the BBS Policy.
  9. rta-man added a post in a topic I Have A Question   

    OK, well Frontier has researched the issue and couldn't find a problem, and all other recommendations didn't resolve anything.  Since you only have the problem in the Promenade forum, I'd say just start a new topic when you want to reply in that forum.  For some odd reason, your computer isn't allowed to reply or quote to any topics in the Promenade forum.
  10. rta-man added a post in a topic Question about the collections   

    If you're looking for a digital copy of a movie, you can get it from buying the Blu-ray movie disk.  Notice the top of this DVD cover image says: "BLU-RAY + DVD + DIGITAL COPY".  This means you can legally download a digital copy of the movie to your computer.  Instructions how to do this are inside the DVD case.  So $15-$25 will get you a Blu-ray DVD disk, a standard DVD disk and a legal digital copy of the movie.

  11. rta-man added a post in a topic I Have A Question   

    Since the other forums work, I'd rule out the web browser.  The only other thing I'd suggest is click the Refresh button on your browser.  Maybe your browser is using a cached copy of the web page.
  12. rta-man added a post in a topic I Have A Question   

    Mutai may have a point since the reply text box is at the bottom of the screen.
  13. rta-man added a post in a topic Heya!   

    Welcome back Dr.!  It's been awhile.  I don't believe you'll have any issues.  The moderator staff closely monitors (and flushes) trolls.
  14. rta-man added a post in a topic I Have A Question   

    OK, well Frontier is on it.  He's still finding bugs from the upgrade and is working them out.  Hopefully, one of those fixes will take care of the Reply text box issue that some are experiencing.
    Have you tried a different browser?  I use Google Chrome and everything seems to be working fine.
  15. rta-man added a post in a topic I Have A Question   

    When you're logged on, do you see a text box next to your avatar (just like the text box next to my avatar)?