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  1. Question about the collections

    Thank you! Why are they not updating the computer with blue-ray drivers? I find it a bit annoying that I can only play it via an external driver. I would like to play these on my computer. It would be easier to have these videos formatted it into something I can store on my computer or USB drivers etc. Can't these high definition videos be sold as avi files or something?
  2. Question about the collections

    So, I didn't know where I could post this. Here it goes, .. My question is that is the difference between dvd and blue-ray? Is there a difference between the two in quality? I'm a mac user so I don't use blue-ray and I don't think I can use it on my computer (which is a shame). What do I need to use blue-ray? Im thinking of getting the series but unsure if I should get dvds or blue-ray. Is blue-ray dying? Or is the dvds the safe card? I plan to get all the series but I'm worries that Voyager and DS9 isn't being released to blue-ray (I haven't seen any mention about it). Will the movies also be converted?