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  1. Theory about when Discovery Takes place.

    Hmm...would still rather it was set post Nemesis than go back to the past. Some back stories and flashbacks I'm happy with, but would like to see new worlds and civilisations. Covering 'past' events, as it where, limits things for the writers a bit as they would have to keep checking they're not contradicting canon.
  2. International Showings of the Show good news that it'll be on Netflix here in the UK Though doesn't surprise me since all the previous series all popped up on Netflix UK a few weeks back.
  3. New Star Trek Series is going to be called Star Trek Discovery

    Nice little appetiser to hopefully some more concrete news soon. I guess the final design will change but it's an interesting idea if this is an old reconditioned ship. Maybe restored due to break up of the Federation and the need to use what's available? Or a lost ship found by an alien race? Discovery suggests plenty of exploration of news worlds anyway!
  4. A Matter Of Perspective

    Watched again the other day - seem to remember enjoying it before and still think that's the case now. A trial is always a good way to show events in a different order/see different view points and the use of the holodeck is an interesting one - whether it's a good use of Data's time I don't know, doesn't he say it took him 18 hours to set up?! Surely he has better things to be doing? Such as critiquing Picard's art - now that is good scene
  5. Sounds promising. Even if the answer ultimately is that the Federation's presence is preferable to an alternative - picking the best of a bad bunch as it were - it's good the question is at least being asked. I hope Pegg and crew pull it off.
  6. Anton Yelchin Dies

    Just saw on Twitter...such sad, sad news. Thoughts and condolences to his family.
  7. Tim Peake returns to Earth

    Looks like he could walk, albeit with some help, but has been feeling dizzy. All normal I think.
  8. Tim Peake returns to Earth

    Yeah that's him...and looking the most chilled out of the three of them. Though for what they've just been through - up to speeds of 25 times the speed of sound, before a more gentler landing - they all look pretty good! Yep, Tim joins the likes of Michael Foale and our first astronaut Helen Sharman!
  9. Tim Peake returns to Earth

    For those interested in latest events from the ISS....especially if you're British ... Tim Peake, Tim Kopra and Yuri Malenchenko landed today at 10:15 BST. There's definitely been a lot of interest in this mission here in the UK and Major Peake has gone along way in keeping the public's interest in sapce exploration. I know there's very little chance I will ever be able to travel into space, but I hope Tim Peak has inspired a new generation to look to the stars and strive to push the boundaries of humanity. Welcome home Tim! (and other Tim and Yuri of course!) I've put this in the Science and Technology section, but if anyone thinks it should go anywhere else, or there's a topic already on this let me know.
  10. I've generally seen the movies as a different beast to the TV series and accept that they may have to be more action based and less....'cerebral' as it's put. If you're a Star Trek fan there's a good chance you'll go see, but someone who isn't and is just looking for something to do at the weekend, may go for the more 'fun' looking film. I'm fine with that. Films like Interstellar, Gravity and The Martian suggest that their is an audience for a more thoughtful sci-fi: though good writing, acting and visuals will help.
  11. Hello there!

    Welcome! Don't worry, the place can go crazy sometimes, you might be surrounded by insanity, but you're not insane. Well, a little bit of insanity never hurt anyone
  12. Just the right thing for that away mission to Risa

    Just need some 'Command speedos' now...
  13. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Watched earlier today on BBC, A Midsummer Night's Dream adapted by Russell T Davies. Very good, had some darker undertones but also good fun. I don't think it sticks entirely to Shakespeare's original but definitely worth a watch if you get a chance.
  14. STAR TREK BEYOND Trailer Online

    This trailer definitely fills me with a bit more hope that it will be more than running/jumping/punching! The voice over by Shohreh Aghdashloo with the words "it's easy to get lost; in the vastness of space" work really well. Good use of music as well. I like it. One of the few trailers I've watched more than once. Hopefully that's a good sign!
  15. ENTERPRISE 1979 - Rare Photos

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing Gus!