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  1. Lie your butt off

    I'm so going out to buy Vista tomorrow and not get any patches or updates EVER! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  2. What made you mad today?

    Not so much today, as in the past week. I've no router in my house & we've 2 laptops which means resetting the modem when we switch. Now this usually works straight away but for the past week it takes frackin hours for it to reset itself!!!!!!!! GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stoopid modem.
  3. Hmmm.. sounds interesting but my main problem is the fact that their ditching Zimmerman et al who have been the backbone of trek for so long now. People can say what they like about the quality of the writing over the past few years but the production guys always did a damn fine job, imo the best in the business & everything looked the business. Oh, and I hope to god they get ILM back for the vfx, blue sky and the other guys they got in were ok, but in parts they weren't a patch on ILM. Scorned, there's your proof of a casino royale! Crap, just realized ILM ie Lucasfilm & George Lucas will be doing Indy at the same time! Gah!!!!!!!!
  4. What non-Trek games do you like?

    I'm completely and utterly addicted to football manager ever since it was called championship manager back in the early 90's. It's 3.15 am, I'm on here & playin it at the same time! (I tend to not have any kind of regular sleep pattern lately) I'm in a kind of retro mode at the min too, I donwloaded a few simulators, amiga, commodore 64, master system, nes, snes, mega drive this past month. I can't stop playing lemmings and the original sim city! There's a few trek games on it too, there's this DS9 one for the snes, it's platform game where you run around the station as Sisko, thats about all I've figured out of it yet! I'm pretty much into sim/management/ strategy/ sports games. Not really into any of the rpg's or elite force-esque shoot em up's. I got a usb connector for my xbox pad which is class for playing madden or pro evolution soccer on my laptop. At the min I'm playing: Coupla command & conquer games (red alert 1 & 2 & generals) sim city 3000 birth of the federation (why oh why was there never a new one! Damn you microprose for going bust!) football manger 2007 age of empires 3 & the expansion packs madden 07 pro evo (fifa sucks!) and as mentioned previously, I'm also partial to a bit of sims mischief, only got the original though, never bothered with getting the newer ones.
  5. has this open letter from one of their film critics to Abrams. It's pretty good, I agree with the dude in question, whover the hell he is! Cue mass arguements and cries of we're doomed anyway, what's the point...
  6. Trek XI Script Leak?

    Actually I read an interview with Lindhoff where he said they pretty much mke it up as they go along! They've a general idea where their going but beyond that its week to week. How many shows bar american idol though have been a ratings juggernaught, improving season after season? There's usually some slippage from seasons 2 onwards with the majority of shows, not just Abrahms produced ones, where the fluctuate slightly in both directions over the course of the shows run. After 2 seasons of a show it's either got its market share or its not, look at enterprise sure, and no amount of fixing in season 4 was gonna get enterprise renewed. Then take Lost or BSG, big, big ratings (comparable to the networks their on) and some slippage after a couple of seasons where they've caught their fanbase & demographics that will stay constant with a slight bit of variance. I tell you when BSG is eventually done, get Ron Moore's ass back into Trek with Manny Coto.
  7. J.J. Abrams not to direct star trek XI

    What Wolfgaurd said! I personally think Transformers looks pretty good & am looking forward to it, but alas, because I also like transformers (amongst a plethora of things, not just fantasy/sci fi) and have an open mind, it seems I also have absolutley no credibility whatsover. Here's a prescription for when in contact with scorned, take with a pinch of salt!
  8. J.J. Abrams not to direct star trek XI

    Yeah, all it said was he had the option to direct but I read an interview around xmas where he said he was probably just going to produce. interesting to see who they get, Lindhoff, I'd say will do it.
  9. Trek XI Script Leak?

    & he can do the opening theme.. I can see it now... "It was mother Russia, born and raised, on the playgrounds where I spent most of my days..." :D
  10. Trek XI Script Leak?

    Hey, but I did come up with a kick ass plan to rescue Kirk & Bones don't forget... Had flip charts n everything. Man I spent hours on them, then that duschbag of a president wouldn't let me do it, I had to try & kill him! The effort I put in! Never mind the fact my namesake is not strictly cannon, Yeah, I'm an optimist but I'll gladly chat with anyone bout anything, even if they don't agree with me I can respect their opinion & agree to disgree. I'm keeping an open mind on the movie and I am a fan of Abrams stuff so I think imo that it's going to be an action/drama thematically and stylistically similar to MI:III and Lost. One thing Abrams does well is characterisation, he makes you get into the characters & not just leave them as "cookie cutters" if you know what I mean where other producers and directors have 2 or 3 main characters with a bit of flesh to them & the rest may aswell be cardboard cutouts. I'd say it's going to take the form of a "present day" (I'd say sometime after the A is decommisioned and before Generations) reunion or something between Kirk & Spock where they begin to reminisce about their academy days (even though far as we know they weren't there at the same time but that's another discussion! ) which cuts back to the academy and progresses from there. They could go from Kirks graduation onwards which would make more sense than lumping all the TOS characters into the same academy period. An interesting concept would be if they started with that but kept flicking between the timeframes with the story occurring in both time periods and maybe a B & B special with a bit of time travel involved so we coul get some pretty cool guest spots for the marks in the audience like ourselves. Casting wise I actually think Damon could play Kirk. He's got the build and the look of an early Shat (minus the bouffant hair of course ) and theres not much out there apart from him & he said he would be interested which is a plus. IMO Adrien Brody has to play Spock, he has the talent and the look. Affleck can feck off and play dead red shirt #1! For Scotty and Sulu I'd fleece lost for Desmond and Jin (can't remember their real names! ) Can you imagine it: "I cannae do it, I just don't have the power.... Brother....." That guy from last king of scotland and shamless as good an actor as he is, is nowhere near Scotty apart from the fact he is Scottish which Jimmy Doohand wasn't even! Checkov.... I dunno... Say... JT just to be contreversial!!!!!!!!! Just kidding!
  11. How many times

    Yeah he wears a wedding band in several eps of TOS & in a few eps theres references back to his wife. I think they were divorced/ seperated or something happened to her though I'm a bit hazy on the details.
  12. How many times

    Well Bones was previously married and Spock was in love twice (not counting Chapel) that I can think of. I only watched the ep with the crazy farm hippies and their sunflower spores this morning!
  13. Trek XI Script Leak?

    when did I say that? Erm.. never! Scorned it seems that your the only one with the Lucas/ Wars preoccupation here. Wars is a completely different type of film making to Trek, completely different stylistically, story wise etc, in fact Wars has more in common with LOTR that Trek (oh and don't worry, i know ones in space and the others in middle earth) but if you purely look at them their completely different and you cannot keep using the wars hammer to prove your point. In fact you disproved your own arguement when you went on about the huge success the Wars prequels have had with a few of the major roles recast. You mention how do I know whats going on at Paramount, I don't I was playing Devil's Advocate & made some perfectly legitimate points that you yourself ended up proving with your reaction. My point to you is how do you know whats going on? You said the following: Now that is purely speculative as was my points in which I stated that I was speculating whereas we are supposed to take everything you say as set in stone? Anyone can imdb Wars & get the Gross box office! (It's $1,122,003,582 actually if you had checked the correct up to date figures not accounting for inflation and that is for the first 3 prequels all together!) The frist draft is in and if you know anything about filmmaking (which is what I'm actually qualified to do) the final script will end up looking completely different to the first draft of which the first few pages are supposedly leaked. With regard to TNG, I never mentioned or said it was a preques or anything of the sort but there was still ahell of a lot of people up in arms at a new crew & ship called enterprise, and this is long before the advent of bbs' and the internet! No, that is the last resort of a closed mind unable to take into consideration other peoples ideas which differ from their own. Personally i appreciate a conversation with a differing point of view from my own. I can fully acknowledge and respect the opposing viewpoint without instantly dismissing it due to it not agreeing with my own... and I can say this is stupid, just I like to have more information to go on before I do!
  14. Trek XI Script Leak?

    now I agree with some of what you said but if you look at it from tptb's point of view, their screwed no matter what they do these days & they know that so of course their not gonna say anything until it's concrete & signed. Also if they announce that The Shat's in it & Nimoy's in talks it would be seen as them trying their last ploy to et people into theatres (which it may be for all we know). If The Shat leaks it, it's from him, not them & it would be recieved by the fans a hell of a lot better than if the head of Paramount or Abrams said it. Thank's for proving my point about what I was saying is happening, a lot of people are burying the film before even the script is turned in! There's been very little announced. Sheesh, I remember the days when Next Gen was greenlit and it was the same talk! "This is blasphemous, yadda, yadda, yadda, trek is doomed, how dare they etc.." All I'm saying is give the guy a chance, don't automatically bury the thing because it's the cool "I'm a real trek fan so I critiscize everything" thing to do these past few years. It could have been another decade and in 10 years time the same stuff would be said about whatever concept they came up with then. If you look at any board the majority of posts are woe is us, trek is doomed whenever the topic a new series or film comes up. My point was the guy (Abrams) is damn good at his job, ok it may be stylistically different from a typical trek feature but change is not necessarily a bad thing, oh & prequels were around loooonngg before star wars never mind that wars is just is stereotypical fairytale story in a sci fi setting so there is no frame of reference to trek except that their both sci fi. What did I say again.. Oh yeah.... Good chatting with you properly, lol!
  15. Trek XI Script Leak?

    The whole non linear aspect sounds interesting, we might get some cameos from the other series which would be pretty cool. This reminds me of the start up of Enterprise when the first few pages leaked & what was on it was damn close to Broken Bow with the characters names changed slightly, remember the whole T'Pau thing?! I'm a big fan of Abrams through the years so I'll trust him to do well. The thing about Trekkies is that at this stage with everything thats happened over the past few years, a hell of a lot a people are now inherrently negative towards whatever comes out & expect the worst, whether it be consciously or sub consciously it comes across from a lot of fans in what they say. This time last year the thoughts of another Trek were that it would possibly be another decade before it came back in either tv or movie form so ffs everybody c'mon & get behind it & try & look for the positives! What would you like to see them do with this non-linear format (I presume its gonna be LOST style btw with the flashbacks etc)? We should all try & get some buzz surrounding the movie, it's the comeback, not the death knell of Trek. The only thing is Abrams won't be around to exec produce Trek from now on whether it be the film or tv show after so I'd like to see Manny Coto get brought onboard to keep the big picture in mind. We had Gene, then the emperor and his sith lord B&B, but there's always been a long term hand at the wheel until now whether it was for good or bad & I don't think Abrams will be there long term. BTW, Coto was brought on board as a story editor on LOST last season so with Abrams getting his buddies in, Coto is a possibilty. Hopefully. I wish.