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  1. Star Trek Fan Comic

    Thanks! I've set up the book on one of my web pages. Nothing too fancy, but it should be easier to read there and it doesn't have all the distractions of Facebook. It can be found here. I should point out that we are by no means trying to compete with IDW! They pay big money for the license and we're just a lowly fan production. :-) That's partly why we decided not to offer it up as an ebook. We don't want to appear like we're "publishing" anything.
  2. Star Trek Fan Comic

    Well, it took longer than expected, but the comic is finally finished! You can read the whole thing here. It only took 25 years.
  3. Stalled Trek: Amutt Time

    Okay, I promise this is the last one! Sehlat's probably regretting saying "post often." :-) "Amutt Time" was something that I struggled for 16 years to bring to fruition. From the start I'd always wanted it to be animated, but had to settle for a few animated gifs on my old Star Trek fan page in 1996. I returned to it several times over the years until finally, in 2012, I made it my new year's resolution to finally make it happen. It's a parody of "Amok Time," the gag being that Mr. Spott is half Vulcanine, so he's a mutt. This lead to a bunch of other dog jokes, like including a fire hydrant in the Vulcanine arena set and having T'Pau's name changed to T'Poodle. I carried this through to "Prelude to Ax'd-We-Are," calling Soval "Snowball." Having no formal training, I actually learned how to model and animate in 3D just so that I could eventually do this project. Building the bridge set was a great deal of fun. I ran one of the earliest successful Kickstarters for a Star Trek fan film and was able to hire a composer, which added so much to the production. I had thought the puppets would give it a cheap look, but was surprised that it actually looked much better than expected. This is the only one of my animated puppet parodies that I've seen with an audience and hearing a room full of strangers laughing at my cartoon, was a great feeling.
  4. Star Trek Fan Comic This is a project a friend (Mark McCrary) and I originally worked on in early 1992. Going back to that time, Star Trek-wise, "Unification Parts 1 & 2" had aired on TNG and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country had been released in just afterwards in late 1991. There seemed to be the sense that Kirk had not survived into the TNG era and we decided to come up with our own version of what had happened to him. "Save What From Heaven is With the Breezes Blown" used as its framing device the last meeting between Spock and McCoy. This being just prior to him leaving for Romulus. From there, we go back to the main story which took place many years before. Kirk in this story is 97. I wrote the script and McCrary pencilled the 60 pages. Although I can't recall exactly why we stopped there, I suspect that the airing of the episode "Relics" later in the year was the reason. We had featured Scotty in the story and Relics messed up our continuity. Later revelations would destroy the continuity completely. Last year, McCrary and I were thinking about working on a Star Trek project for the 50th anniversary and thought it would be fun to finish the story up and release it online as a piece of fan fiction. Sure, it doesn't match continuity, but it's a fun story and it's sentimental to go back to it. McCrary has been inking the pages, doing quite a bit of re-drawing along the way and I've been lettering and coloring them. We've got 25 finished pages up so far and hope to have the rest of them done by the end of the year. As fan fiction, we can't ever print the story, but it's been a great to revisit it. It's very unusual to read something you wrote over 20 years ago, but I think it still holds up very well. I've been told the characters "sound like themselves," which is a high compliment. If you go to the page's photo albums, you can read the pages in order. Hope you enjoy the story!
  5. All New Members - Post a Reply Here!

    Thanks! I've been working on a few Trek fan projects and hope to share them with the folks here.
  6. Stalled Trek: Prelude to Ax'd-We-Are

    Oops! Sorry about that, it's fixed now. :-) Thanks for pointing that out!
  7. All New Members - Post a Reply Here!

    Just joined today and adding my reply.
  8. Hi guys, wanted to share the link to my new animated puppet parody. Obviously, it's a parody of "Prelude to Axanar," with a bit of satire on the lawsuit. Actually, what started out as a joke seems to have become fairly prophetic. <---Link fixed (oops!) It was co-written by Jonathan Lane and somehow I was able to finish it in only 33 days. Anyway, I hope you get a kick out of it.