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  1. The Ewoks, cute, cuddly, bloodthirsty.
  2. Computer voice

    There was a computer voice in TMP, amoung other things it annouced Ilia 2.0's arrivial in Ilia's shower
  3. Certainly hereditary problems that can result in lower intell can be passed from parent to children. The lack of such genetic problems would be the result of hereditary.
  4. Having lunch, radio in the restuarant's kitchen is playing "Red Dirt Road."
  5. Captains Kirk and Picard both beam to a Klingon BOP. Picard beams to the Klingon ship first, then down to the surface.
  6. Kurn's family

    Worf's disgrace (as head of family) might have been grounds for Kurn's wife to dissolve the marriage, and transfer the children to her family's house. Officially they were no longer Kurn's children.
  7. I can't submit posts.

    Thank you
  8. I can't submit posts.

    I've been on a number of BBS's through the years but this one has me confused. Usually after the last post there is a box for you to compose and submit your own post, however with the exception of the Feedback & Help subforum there doesn't seem to be any way of posting. Nor can I quote other posters as a "way in." What's the trick? I only joined a few days ago.