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  1. Rate This DS-9 Character- General Martok

    I liked Martok, he's a great character. a 10 from me.
  2. Rate this character: Kai Winn

    I could not stand that character. She just frell's me off, the voice, just every thing. a big fat 0 from me.
  3. DS9 Bloopers.

    shame there is not many ds9 bloopers out there. They are the best bit of any special features dvds.
  4. Dax (both) Sisko Kira / Odo/ Worf (I cant decide)
  5. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    Farscape the Peacekeeper wars.
  6. hi, Im new

    thanks. yeah Farscape is awesome. my favourite is Ds9. My least is TNG
  7. hi, Im new

    hi every one. I'm new to this site.