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  1. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Watching the episode again now and I gotta say that I am so happy because this, along with a few other episodes seriously gave me chills. It is totally Star Trek, but with the modern theistic themes attached. It feels like modern TV/story telling and a few scenes even feel like a top budget movie. That opening scene with Discovery orbiting Pahvo was beautiful. My bullet points so far. - I think we have ourselves a long lasting TV show here, we're in for a treat. - Either the show is taking place in a different universe, or Lorca himself is from a different universe. One of them has to be True. - At some point, 3 or 4 seasons in, we're in for an Enterprise story arc. Its gonna happen, they'd be stupid not to.
  2. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Well, we officially saw boobs in Star trek. Klingon boobs. Wow. What do we think about the theory of this show takes place in an alternative universe now? They seemed to elude to traveling between universes a lot in this episode. Where do we think they landed? Borg space? lol
  3. Episode 1.3 “Context is for Kings” discussion thread.

    You can delete my similar thread if you want, or merge it. Spoilers!!!! Anyway, are they trying to duplicate Iconian gateway tech? Seems there has to be a connection there. I love it so far.
  4. OK wow. Spoilers ahead!!! So are they trying to duplicate Iconian gateway tech? Seemed very similar and I dont see how there cannot be a connection. Obviously these experiments will fair since yanno, that tech isnt readily available by the time TNG comes around. Unless of course we're not in the prime timeline.
  5. If this is true its a game changer! Whoa!!

    But the very fact that he is the one doing it is beyond amazing. If true. We really need a major news feed to back this up. Just look at what happened Friday. Ben Affleck supposedly signed to do a trilogy for Batman and a Batman Beyond movie. It blew up on youtube until people noticed that the article was written by EDWARD NIGMA.
  6. We need a major news site to confirm and stand behind it but can you imagine??
  7. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Maybe she'll hide from the klingons in a photon tube and when the leader opens it she'll jump out and attack him. Hehe.
  8. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    I'm going to assume that most of the trailer takes place in the pilot episode. They said they had two episodes in the can so that would provide most of the footage. My predictions. - klingons are either just woke up ancient klingons or klingons sub species and the sarcophagus is very important. Has someone of importance to them. - The Shenzou gets there first (object floating in space) and does something to piss off the klingons. Which explains the sudden ambush of warp signatures. - Shenzou is destroyed or severely damaged. The ship is either rebuilt as discovery or the crew transfers to discovery. - The native to the time period klingons will look more traditional. - Jason Isaacs is going to be a controversial captain and break some rules, prime directive. -There will be collaboration between our female lead and the klingons.
  9. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Ive been sold for a long time, this only makes me feel even more confident. Love it. I cant stand the people that sit here and try to tell me that it should look like the Cage idd. Um hello, its 2017, you cant expect an audience to identify with tech that would be inferior to our own in terms of looks and feel.
  10. Armin Shimmerman on Timeless

    Quark was on Timeless this last episode. Very cool to see him.
  11. Exclusive news Finally some casting news! Once the flood gates open on casting, usually a lot more spills out.
  12. Discovery delayed 4 months

    I for one am disappointed by this. I was really looking forward to sitting down with the wife on those cold winter nights and enjoying Star Trek again. I hope that the product we get after this delay is truly great. May worries me, people are starting to think outside and summer, not sitting down and watching TV. I guess the streaming factor could indeed help that, since its not relying on appointment television. Maybe CBS can shoot for a memorial day weekend premier on the network and go from there.
  13. CBS All Access

    Worth it to me. People need to chill. There are other good shows as well.
  14. A possible therory about this lead?

    Interesting. I wonder if they are onto something here.
  15. When Shatner Speaks...................People Listen

    If anything they would see if Chris Pine would be willing to do an episode or two. HE still looks plenty young enough to pass for a 20's kirk.