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  1. Quark was on Timeless this last episode. Very cool to see him.
  2. Exclusive news Finally some casting news! Once the flood gates open on casting, usually a lot more spills out.
  3. I for one am disappointed by this. I was really looking forward to sitting down with the wife on those cold winter nights and enjoying Star Trek again. I hope that the product we get after this delay is truly great. May worries me, people are starting to think outside and summer, not sitting down and watching TV. I guess the streaming factor could indeed help that, since its not relying on appointment television. Maybe CBS can shoot for a memorial day weekend premier on the network and go from there.
  4. Worth it to me. People need to chill. There are other good shows as well.
  5. Interesting. I wonder if they are onto something here.
  6. If anything they would see if Chris Pine would be willing to do an episode or two. HE still looks plenty young enough to pass for a 20's kirk.
  7. It was good , not the best Trek documentary but still interesting.
  8. Watching it premier right now. Anyone else watching live? Loving the format so far.
  9. A lot of you guys are being way too picky and choosy. We are getting STAR TREK PRIME TIMELINE back into our living rooms. Who cares if there is a gay character, who cares if it centers around a non captain, the captain will still be a big enough part that it wont matter. 10 years before TOS, bring it on! There is so much to explore and there is no telling where later seasons could go. Plenty of shows have jumped ahead in time if they feel it is right. Or yanno, if this whole thing works out, we get another series. Relax and stop trying to pretend you can do any better and just sit your butt down in January and watch the damn thing before you go judging. End of rant.
  10. Any idea what the event is? This sounds amazing To me.
  11. Anymore news?
  12. Im not looking at the number, im looking at the features of the ship and the theme of the music
  13. Could be, if they follow the Romulus is destroyed theme and enter into an era of cooperation with the Klingons its possible. Maybe its a joint venture into a new galaxy, something i have been pushing for years
  14. Not sure I undrestand that line of thinking but ok. I just dont see them departing much from that ship render. Just refining.
  15. Maybe, If i had my choice it would be a show that enters the 25th century. But even with that ship being a rough render, it looks very very in the past to me.