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  1. Yesterday's Enterprise

    If Yar 2.0 stayed with the E - D, she along with the Feds deal with whatever the price is for losing to the Klingons (Death, Rura Penthe..etc) That would suck of course, but it wouldn't be meaningless. Going back with E- C, gives us a hilariously blonde Romulan...but isn't the original Yar still doomed to a death by evil tar monster ? It's not as if Yar 2.0(her children) replaced the original. Shouldn't only Guinan and possibly 1 or 2 Romulans know how and why Sela exists. Isn't avoiding the "meaningless death" more of a psychological thing rather than a "change the future" thing.
  2. Final New (to You) Episode?

    TOS Spock's Brain was the very last "new" one I missed....and good lord, I can't unsee it. I also didn't see ENT Doctor's Orders until long after. I suspect I confused it with VOY One. The plot is very similar (Ship hits a biologically unfriendly patch of space, crew needs to go into stasis to get through, the one crewmember unaffected can't handle solitude well, so they start going nuts.)
  3. Star Trek as Nightmare Fuel...

    TNG Where Silence Has Lease - Nagilum's face. TNG Identity Crisis- The sequence where Geordi is reviewing the 5 year old video logs and spots a shadow that shouldn't be there. Then goes to the holodeck to recreate it. He removes all the holo-away team members and their shadows one by one until he's left with the mysterious figure standing against the wall. Khans Ceti eels- I don't think anyone likes them. TNG Schisms... The crew discover that they have these little bits of missing memory and some of their tech is behaving funny. They decide collaborate on the holodeck they find they've all experienced the same thing and create a dark alien laboratory complete with the most eerie, alien clicking noises I ever heard. TNG Realm of Fear- The microbes in the transporter beam were freaky, but since Barclay was creeped out by them too, it wasn't so bad. TOS Operation Annihilate!...Those flying pancakes really creeped me out when I was a kid. And the buzzing/screeching noises they made. Ugh! TOS Is There in Truth No Beauty-- Ambassador-in-a-Box horrified me when I was a kid. VOY Macrocosm- Giant Viruses trying to impale Janeway...ands seeing the baby ones crawling out of a hole in Torres's neck was just...no. VOY Nothing Human - The alien thing that latched onto Torres.
  4. Why Women Can Thrive in Sci Fi

    Agree. Those are just your standard, internet trolls and aren't really worth anyones time or attention. Normal people aren't like that. For me, casually equating "sexy" with mysogyny or something deviant is just one of my peeves. Recognizing that this is one of well... those topics, I'm bailing out now.
  5. Is there a consensus? Main Engineering?

    On the original, I've always figured that their warp core was laid out horizontal underneath the floor in main engineering with the crystal housing the only part you could see. Memory Alpha seems to agree: Of the original Constitution-class warp core, only the dilithium crystal assembly and the plasma conduits were ever seen in Star Trek: The Original Series. When Doug Drexler was called to design the detailed schematics of a Constitution-class starship, he designed a horizontal warp core that runs two decks below main engineering. [X]wbm The schematic made a prominent appearance on screen in ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II". Star Trek: The Animated Series also featured a vertical component of the warp core, that extended from the dilithium crystal assembly. In Day of the Dove, when the entity thing leaves the enterprise, it exits from the lower hull. Then again, with 60's special effects, who knows if that was intentional or just easier. Forgive my crude artwork....The scale is way off
  6. Why Women Can Thrive in Sci Fi

    Lol, maybe I'm in the minority here, but there's no way I'm gonna complain about the half-second of Dr. Marcus in her underwear. Alice Eve is a gorgeous woman.
  7. Why Women Can Thrive in Sci Fi

    Lieutenant Yar, Manliest Man in Starfleet. May she he rest in peace. To be fair, we only had her for one season and she was kinda bland. I wonder what she'd be like if she lasted through season 7. Jadzia was a bit more believeable and more fleshed out, but then being a Trill is an awfully convenient loophole on the gender thing isn't it?
  8. KIRK: My god, Bones. What have I done? McCoy: What you had to do. What you always do. Turn death into a fi--- PICARD: Ahem.. Lighten up, gentlemen. Plenty more letters left in the alphabet.
  9. Cold Station 12

    At first I thought they have a correlation vs causation error (The Nazis were bad guys, Nazi philosphy included eugenics, therefore, eugenics must be bad.) but considering how consistant they've been through the entire fanchise with hudreds of writers. I wonder if it really is an error. If it's not, it's a really strange thing in the Trek universe. They can't seem to keep it straight how many rank pips Tuvok should be wearing or how far Qo'noS is from Earth, but rest assured, genetically enhanced people will hurt you. Maybe they should update Ben Franklin's quote In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and all Augments are Pure Evilâ„¢.
  10. Cold Station 12

    Space Seed/ Borderland / Cold Station 12/ The Augments/ Wrath of Khan / Into Darkness . I can't watch any of those easily because they actually make me angry. Something about people who push others around simply because they're stronger. Dr. Bashir seems to be the only one that's not a sociopath with a superiority complex.
  11. Nimoy Died Refusing to See Shatner

    Sad but not surprising. Shatner's ego is the stuff of legend. I usually take care not to pay too close attention to the celebrities outside of their character roles, but sometimes it can't be helped. Like, I was blissfully unaware of the Jeri Ryan vs Kate Mulgrew thing. Well, it made the tension between Seven and Janeway a little more authentic I guess.
  12. I last watched TOS The Enterprise Incident not too long ago. I feel bad for that Romulan commander, the way Spock strung her along like that. Knowing the Romulans and their over inflated self-image. Ouch.
  13. The "New" Ninth Planet

    If it's an ice world it would be criminal not to name it Andoria / Andor(I forget which is the moon and which is the planet).. or Hoth Calling it Zebes from the Metroid game series would be neat.... Not as silly as it sounds. Microsoft named it's iPhone assistant software Cortana from Halo. There's also a gene pathway they suspect is a key player in the development of cancer called (not kidding) Sonic Hedgehog. If they really want to stick with the mythology theme, they could name it Hades, the Greek version. It could be a chance to reincarnate the poor, planetary reject Pluto. With the exception of tv/movie sci-fi, real world science and space exploration is fascinating, but it's also a bit depressing and it draws out my inner-misanthrope. There's all this cool stuff out there, but we're too busy killing each other to really dig in...I'm getting irritated at humanity just typing that!
  14. What is some of your favorite Trek scenes?

    Here are a few of my favorites. Nowhere near a complete list. There are too many. TOS - (Doomsday Machine) Decker trying to explain to Kirk what happened to his ship and crew TOS - (Let That Be Your Last Battlefield) Bele explains the 'obvious' difference between himself a Loki. Kirk and Spock's reactions can only be discribed as a 'WTF is wrong with these people?' look TOS - (Errand of Mercy) Final scene between Kirk, Kor and the Organians. Kirk feeling silly after the Organians point out his anger at them for stopping a war he didn't want in the first place. TNG - (Darmok) Picard finally makes progress understanding the alien captain. "Sokath, his eyes uncovered!" TNG - (Sarek) There's that very intense scene with Picard and Crusher after his mind meld with Sarek. VOY - (Pathfinder) Voyager finally makes contact with Starfleet. VOY - (Scorpion) Seeing 15 Borg cubes fly past Voyager fleeing 8472 was attention grabbing. The last one stops briefly to scan Voyager...but then is like "Nope! No time Gotta go!" and takes off again. VOY - (Lineage) Final scene where Paris confronts Torres about why she wants to delete the Klingon out of their kid. ENT - (In a Mirror, Darkly) - Mirror Archer's people powering up the long lost USS Defiant from The Tholian Web. ENT - (The Forge) After the bombing of the Earth embassy, Archer is alone in front of the caskets of those killed in the attack. This is the same room where they were playing basketball earlier in the episode. Nice contrast between a lively basketball game and a morgue. DS9 - (Duet) All scenes between Kira and Marritza. The actor's transformation from Lunatic war criminal to broken filing clerk was amazing. DS9 - (In the Pale Moonlight) End scene leading up to Sisko's "Computer, erase that entire personal log." I like how it just cuts, leaving you with just your thoughts and the black "Executive Producers" card.