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  1. Watched Voyager's "Alice" last night. It was actually quite entertaining. Can't imagine where the writers ever came up with such an original concept... All the same, it's quite entertaining considering Paris' love for 20th century vehicles. I wonder if a certain writer, ahem, ever commented on this episode?
  2. The women who could have been Janeway

    They couldn't use Nick Locarno again because they would have had to pay royalties to the writer of the TNG episode. I think it's pretty clear who Tom Paris really is. It's the same reason Data said no one had ever encountered an apparently "null" hole in space in "Where Silence Has Lease." Had they mentioned "The Immunity Syndrome" they'd have had to pay for it. Was this the same reason why Lore was never mentioned during "Nemesis"? It was an awful film overall (it ranks up there with The Motion Picture as my least favorite of the films) but if they had dropped Lore's name at least once during the film it would have at least salvaged a little bit of it for me. I always thought Naomi Watts would be great in the role of Janeway but I think she may have been a bit young at the time in the mid-90s.
  3. Just finished watching one of the most depressing of episodes in the canon of Trek. Voyager's "Course: Oblivion" - i.e., everyone dies and no one is remembered. It's like a punch in the gut when I watch this episode. All the same, I enjoy watching it just because it's like one of those really sad "Twilight Zone" episodes where you can't not watch it because it's so entertaining. There's a couple of points to this episode that always stands out to me. One: I wonder if any of the other episodes from the season could have possibly been the mimetic/fake Voyager as well? That makes it even more sad. Second: I absolutely HATE that the 'time capsule' didn't survive. But if the rest of the vessel was falling apart and disintegrating even if they could have launched the probe/capsule wouldn't it have done the same in also disintegrating? Just knowing everything they had done/accomplished over the last year was, ultimately, for nothing is just terribly depressing. I suppose a nihilist or an existentialist would have an absolute field day with this episode. It would have been entertaining if things the fake Voyager had done during that year they were out there in space turned out to come back to haunt the real Voyager. An alien species contacting the real Voyager for example in accusing them of something they did or didn't do. To be honest I'm not for certain if this was brought up again during the series though.
  4. Best Bridge

    I'm a little late to the conversation as I haven't logged in for awhile but couldn't help but throw in my thoughts. No love for the Intrepid bridge? I have always loved the bridge on Voyager. In fact, I love everything about the design of the Intrepid class of ships like Voyager from the bridge to the mess hall to the sickbay to engineering. The bridge seems very streamlined for a smaller escort ship like Voyager as opposed to a massive cruiser like the Enterprise. It's a bit funny, Voyager is a much smaller ship than the Ent-D but Captain Picard's ready room looks like a walk-in closet compared to the Intrepid-class ready room where Janeway seemed to spend most of her time. I think another aspect I dig about Voyager's bridge is the dark colors of it that has aged well over the last 20 years. I don't think any of the other bridges have aged terribly well but Voyager still seems just as aesthetically pleasing to me now as 20 years ago. While I don't hate the Kelvin timeline films I absolutely can't stand the bridge on the Kelvin Enterprise as it just seems too massive and cluttered in with something everywhere - just too much going on. And how on earth could you work in that environment with all those lights everywhere!
  5. Apologies for posting in the wrong forum - I'm rather new so it wasn't intentional at all! In regard to Genevieve Bujold - she's a phenomenal actress. While we judge her on watching a few minutes of her performance on 'Voyager' my understanding was that she was instructed that Janeway was absolutely exhausted at the time that Tuvok had the conversation with her and she attempted to interpret this exhaustion into her performance which is why we see the 'lifelessness'. This was an intentional portrayal by her to attempt to capture exhaustion in the role rather than a more animated nature. Mulgrew's was more of a handful of Pall Mall cigarettes and couple cups of coffee later (which falls back on the emulation of Hepburn). Everyone is always terribly harsh on Bujold in watching the rough edits of her performance which I think is terribly unfair. If you watch any of her films you really do get a look at how fantastic she is as an actress and with something new she didn't truly understand with 'Star Trek' I think she was attempting to bring a cinematic interpretation to a small screen and we only had the opportunity to see the first cut. I do agree that Mulgrew was fantastic as Captain Janeway (even if the writers were basically shit, we're talking about Berman and Braga as opposed to Ira Steven Behr or Ron Moore, in making her look like an uncaring sociopath like in "Tuvix" and not anywhere near up to her caliber of acting) but I disagree with the assessment that Bujold would have been terrible as Janeway. Personally, I've always wondered how Bujold would have captured the role at her best with having some time. After all, an individual by the name of Patrick Stewart didn't unpack for weeks after starting on "The Next Generation" out of knowing the series would be cancelled.
  6. I'm a huge fan of classic film so naturally I've seen all of Ms. Hepburn's films. One thing that always strikes me about Kate Mulgrew in her portrayal of Captain Janeway was how much she seemed to emulate the emotive behavior of Katharine Hepburn (from that same raspy Transatlantic accentuation to mannerisms). I've always considered her portrayal of Captain Janeway to basically be Kate Mulgrew acting as Katharine Hepburn as a Starfleet captain. It's interesting to note that after 'Voyager' Kate actually portrayed Hepburn in a Broadway play called "Tea At Five" (the play is excellent and worth seeking out an audio or video copy, by the way) and absolutely nails it. Hearing that Mulgrew is a tremendous fan of Hepburn basically solidifies for me that she was attempting to embody the late Ms. Hepburn in the role of Janeway. Thoughts?
  7. I know, it's a weird question, but something I've always been curious about from watching multiple characters eat and drink on the Holodeck. If everything on the holodeck is a hologram does the illusion of food have any filling properties? Or do you perhaps get full while you're on the holodeck and then when you leave the food you had eaten disappears like everything else? Likewise, if you drink on the holodeck, say an alcoholic drink, will it make you drunk and then you're no longer drunk after the program ends? My own theory is that the food properties is made up of some type of protein substance that does make you full and it remains with you even after the holoprogram ends - but then it makes you wonder if there was actual "mass" to it is there mass to the other holoprojections as well? Now that gets into physics that makes my head hurt in considering it. Just thought it would be an entertaining topic.