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  1. TOS Wax Works Figures Finally Find a Home.

    They look scary to me
  2. I'm sorry but the truth must come out
  3. Quite a list. Check it out here. This list is just as fun. Check this one out as well, here.
  4. My Favorite Co-Worker Almost Gets It Right

    "Live long and prosper" - Yoda "May the force be with you" - Spock (I'm teasing some people don't know their Sci-Fi, that is where me come in )
  5. Merry Christmas

    I love your post!
  6. There was a thread placed here a while back and someone commented that anyone could watch the TOS in any order as none of the other episodes referenced or continued with each other except for the two part episode "The Menagerie". So my question would be if you got to change the order what would be your order or would you leave it as is? I would make "The Menagerie" the series finale and move the two episodes at the end of season three into the two slots of season one. The reason behind this is since this is the series finale it would be honoring the look back at the original episode as well as being a fresh episode. It feels like a series finale with the look back to how it all began. I don't know if my explanation would do it justice but I honestly feel that if we could watch the show out of order then this would be the episodes I pick for the series finale.
  7. Star Trek Icon Contest

    Hello everyone, I belong to this community at Live Journal, were each week we have a theme and we come up with Star Trek icons to fit that theme. It is quite fun and it has helped me improve my skills. However, we have been lacking voters. So If you would like to come out and vote I'm sure the other artist would appreciate it as well as myself. If you would like to enter your own icons, that would be awesome as well. So I hope to see you there!
  8. Why Star Wars Beats Star Trek.

    This is good photoshop work. It also works on an another level as Fisher and Shatner hate each other.
  9. I watched Svengoolie showing of the original pilot of "The Cage". I just loved his fun facts and Trek jokes as well. I like how he pointed out how all the women at the time went crazy for Spock. As male Middle Earth Vulcan this gave me hope. For women like men who are
  10. 50 Years Later : My Favorite Episode

    The Trouble with Tribbles
  11. General DC Discussion

    I just read Stan Lee just said he do cameos and write if DC calls. Sounds like an interesting idea if you ask me.
  12. Why Star Wars Beats Star Trek.

    I love both as well except I love Star Wars a little more.
  13. Star Trek on MeTV

    Is MeTV going through with its idea of adding Trek every night at 4pm; as I did not see that information listed on their site.
  14. Trek Shows on Heroes & Icons

    It must be fun watching Trek at work! I was working and miss it as well so I invested in the DVDs but I am sometimes off and I watch them. I wish I had H&I on the antenna because MeTV owns H&I. I want H&I just to see Xena and Hercules again but ah well.
  15. Trek Shows on Heroes & Icons

    I think you are disappointed because you wish to see it on TV like everyone else; knowing their are others watching it on the same channel at the same time. BTW If you have an antenna (I do because I cut cable off) you can watch Trek on MeTV's Sci Fi Saturdays.