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  1. OOH this is going to be great about submitting my stories
  2. I enjoy writing...so I hope to start posting some fanfic. :)

    1. prometheus59650


      Looking forward to it. Haven't written Trek in a while.

  3. Welcome Welcome! Man, I am a big fan of TOS, the movies, etc... thanks for posting the art! Are you involved in any of the Trek fanfic productions like Star Trek Continues, Star Trek Phase II, etc? There are so many that are professionally made. Thanks, Kaybok
  4. Hello all, this is Kaybok... I just wanted to introduce myself; I love most sci-fi, mainly Star Trek of course I will be adding my avatar and all later. I have written fanfic stories and a script, and I participate in a couple of online rpg's. it's great to be here and looking forward to interacting with everybody here. Boldly going! Kaybok