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  1. 1701-D Virtual Tour

    What they've done so far is fantastic. I've seen some that ask for money first and never produce anything.
  2. Before the handover of Terok Nor

    Sure, young Vic is there because it was easy for me to find that picture. But in all of the Trek episodes involving time travel to the past there were some characters that only existed in the Trekiverse, not our world. Similarly, the Vic hologram could have been based on a singer who really existed in the Trekiverse past, a younger version of whom would have existed further back in Trekiverse history.
  3. Before the days of the NX-01

    Jonathan Archer, captain of the high-school water-polo team Charles Tucker, young inventor T'Pol, teen model Hoshi Sato, top recording artist Malcolm Reed, Starfleet applicant Travis Mayweather, shy boomer Phlox, career student Soval, world chess champion Shran, born to serve in the Imperial Guard
  4. Before Voyager

    I didn't do any Photoshopping. I just used MS-Paint to give young Jadzia spots in the DS9 version of this thread.
  5. Before Voyager

    Kathryn Janeway, young science buff Chakotay, young brave Tom Paris, daredevil pilot Harry Kim, Starfleet prep student B'Elanna Torres, Maquis sympathizer Tuvok, confused Vulcan boy Kes, Caretaker skeptic Neelix, resourceful scavenger Annika Hansen, assistant Borg researcher Lewis Zimmerman, holotech buff
  6. Benjamin L. Sisko, Starfleet officer Jennifer, future wife of Benjamin L. Sisko Jake Sisko, firstborn child of Benjamin L. Sisko Kira Nerys, starving Bajoran child Jadzia, hardworking student Quark, seeker of material wealth Morn, connoisseur of alcoholic beverages Rom, ladies' man Tora Ziyal, orphan Julian Bashir, brilliant medical student Odo ("unknown sample") Worf, Tactical officer, U.S.S. Enterprise Miles O'Brien, transporter operator, U.S.S. Enterprise Keiko Ishikawa, botanist, U.S.S. Enterprise Michael Eddington, orbital skydiver Kasidy Yates, freighter pilot Ezri Tigan, future Starfleet cadet Vic Fontaine, singer Joseph Sisko, cook Lwaxanna Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed
  7. Jean-Luc Picard, young bookworm William T. Riker, young playboy Deanna Troi, starry-eyed romantic Worf, first son of Mogh Data, an android under development Dr. Beverly Crusher, intern Wesley Crusher, young techie Tasha Yar, constantly eluding rape gangs Geordi LaForge, physics buff Miles O'Brien, clever prankster Guinan, wisdom seeker Alyssa Ogawa, future nurse Dr. Katherine Pulaski, promising intern Lwaxanna Troi, daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed Mr. Homm, wine critic Alexander Rozhenko, persistent crybaby Keiko Ishikawa, botany student Lore, disassembled android Lieutenant CommanderJack Crusher, caring husband and father K'Ehleyr, ambitious Klingon girl Selar, future doctor Vash, history buff Ro Laren, troubled Bajoran girl Kurn, younger son of Mogh Gowron, future warrior and politician Young clone of Kahless the Unforgettable K'mpec, future warrior mm309/LCARS24/YoungKLor_zpsoggg2cgb.png L'Kor, future warrior Lursa and B'Etor, of the House of Duras Duras, son of Ja'Rod Ba'el, daughter of Tokath
  8. Before Kirk became captain

    Yes, Leonard Nimoy's son Adam. As long as there are no objections to my posting a lot of images, I might as well do the same for the other series. I've prepare the same treatment but with more images for TNG, DS9, and VOY, and ENT should be easier to do.
  9. James Kirk, Starfleet cadet Spock, young prodigy Leonard McCoy, medical student Hikaru Sulu, Starfleet Academy applicant Nyota Uhura, teenage opera star Montgomery Scott, teenage techie Christine Chapel, nursing student Janice Rand, teenage warp theorist Harcourt F. Mudd, financial advisor

    I thought CAPTHA, together with activation via e-mail, was sufficient to keep the spambots from even registering.
  11. Yvonne Craig RIP

    I liked her as Marta and Batgirl. R.I.P., Ms. Craig.