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  1. SOME CHARACTER SPOILERS AHEAD. For those who are into the expanded universe material, are the lifespans of the main TOS characters mentioned? Kirk gets trapped in the Nexus and dies during the events of Generations; McCoy is at least alive during Farpoint, though if he lives much longer after that I have no idea; Spock is still alive past the events of Nemesis (as told in the Abrams reboot); Scotty is at least alive during the TNG time period thanks to the events in Relics and I would assume still alive during Nemesis; and then there's Uhura, Sulu, and Chekov, who I don't recall getting any mentions throughout the later shows and movies beyond the anniversary flashback stuff with Sulu in Voyager. I'm just curious if they're still around during the TNG, DS9, and VOY days. I mean if McCoy can live that long with future medicine, I would think the other three would too since they were younger. What got me thinking about it was wondering who, if Kirk had lived through Generations, would've still been around to see Kirk after the events of the first TNG movie.
  2. Help with a picture

    Thought this would be the case. Thanks guys!
  3. Help with a picture

    I hate to start yet another one of these topics but here it goes. Is this one of the TAS promotional drawings or was it actually taken from an episode?
  4. I found the below still in the ENT themed gallery, but it didn't say what episode it is from. I've seen hardly any ENT episodes and have no clue as to even the season it is from let alone the episode. Would anyone be able to identify the episode?
  5. I asked this on another Trek forum and didn't have much luck (though, everyone there was awesomely helpful), and thought I'd try here before possibly abandoning the search. I'm working on a Trek video project and am trying to find good team shots for all the shows. I've found good ones for TOS, TNG, and the Abrams reboot crew, but am having trouble with the rest. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good hero shot somewhere in DS9 of most of the crew in ops. Attached are examples of the type of shot I'm talking about (I'm looking specifically for actual shots in episodes and not promotional images). Any help would be much appreciated. So far I'm coming up with jack but I would think that such a shot would have to exist somewhere in DS9. P.S. If I post this topic on the VOY, ENT, and TAS sections, will I get in trouble? Don't want to break any site rules or annoy anyone. '