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  1. Star Trek: Lionheart

    First of all, if I posted an ad for this game earlier than six months ago, I apologize. I honestly do not mean to violate board rules or become an annoyance. Star Trek: Lionheart is a PBEM that takes place in the original Star Trek universe, a few years after Nemesis. The plot is PCs have found themselves experiencing lost time, with the ship's systems disabled. Why are they on the ship? Why is she damaged? And is whomever damaged her still stalking them? The game has been going strong for a few months now, but due to a couple players quitting we have openings. If interested e-mail me privately at tstockel@rocketmail.com. Or if you have questions for public consumption, fire away here.
  2. What non-trek movies have you watched lately?

    I saw Spectre last Friday and honestly I was not really all that impressed. The opening sequence in Mexico was every kind of awesome and I enjoyed it, but as the movie went on I liked it less and less.
  3. Ghostbusters III - No, Really...

    Agree. I hated the sequel because it brought nothing new to the franchise. They brought back the entire original cast (sans Peck, sadly) and gave us essentially the first movie all over again. The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, on the other hand, did so much more with the concept and was considerably better written than the travesty that was Ghostbusters II. As for any other movies, I'll give 'em a pass.
  4. Fortunate Son

    Very few Enterprise episodes had an impact on me, and the ones that did often were negative. This is one of those episodes that was utterly forgettable. So much of Enterprise was forgettable to me, really.
  5. Caretaker

    Agreed. Among the worst bad guys in 'Trek's long history. When it comes to Voyager I see a series with such promise, and it was just squandered away. In Caretaker I think the episode could have been so much stronger had we seen Chakotay almost threatening violence to stop Janeway from taking away their only chance to get home, back to his war. Ultimately the two just get along too well to be interesting. In fact, everyone got along too well. You know who would have been a better choice to play Janeway's XO? Ro/Michelle Forbes. But maybe the execs would have though that was too much woman for network television.
  6. Masks

    I agree with everything you said. It's not the worst episode I've ever seen (i.e. Shades of Gray), but certainly nowhere near the greatest.
  7. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

    It's not a great episode, but it is a decent one. It's typical of season three where the lack of a budget means it's a shipboard episode combined with stock footage. Despite that I did think it was a decently written ep. and I loved the tragic finale. So often writers and producers will end with a feel good moment, but in this case there is no happy ending. Did love the first sighting of the self destruct sequence, awesome to see Frank Gorshin in a non-Riddler role (The man truly is talented). 7/10 for me.
  8. I have been writing for The Agony Booth for a couple years now, and I started off doing recaps of The Animated Series. The first one I did was The Survivor. Here is a link to my latest, The Slaver Weapon.
  9. Can you survive the redshirt challenge?

    I survived my first time out, quit while I was ahead.
  10. The TNG episode In Theory.
  11. Hello!

    Many thanks, Garak! Thanks, Maneth! Much appreciated, AT
  12. Hello!

    Why, yes! Yes, I am he. And thanks for the welcome. I used to have a good time at Trekweb, although it got a little flamey. All the same I have to admit I fanned some of those flames. I remember a feud I had with a guy, Ensign Ro Your Boat I think he was called. Looking back I could have been less of a jerk. Anyway, the web site for Lionheart is here, I've got a FAQ up. The game will be taking place in the original universe, in the year 2384 (five years after Nemesis). Many thanks, Sehlat! Thanks, Kenman! Thanks, Sim. Yeah, things got pretty rough there. It seemed like one by one the people I liked chilling left over time. A PBEM is play-by-e-mail, a way of role playing online. You see everything from Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons to adaptations of movies and television series like Agents of SHIELD to The Hunger Games. By far the most prolific over the years has been Star Trek in all its incarnations. These days a lot of PBEMs use the Nova system, which is a mechanism that is geared toward joint posts, but my issue with that is if you have a group of players, and you aren't involved in any joint posts, you really have no idea how active the game is. I prefer to use a mailing list because as a player you know what is up at all times, and honestly it just feels a bit more like a table top role playing experience. Nova users seem more inclined to be writing collaborative fiction, it has never been all that fun for me. Much appreciated, rta-man! Wow, lots of trekweb alumni here. Hello right back, C. Thanks, Cap!
  13. Hello!

    Greetings! I am a long time Star Trek fan, with The Animated Series being the first of the franchise I saw when I was just a kid. I am a massive TOS fan but I still like TNG as well. Oh, and my name, "katefan"? Has nothing to do with Kate Mulgrew. When it comes to hobbies two 'Trek related ones are I write reviews/recaps of TAS episodes on The Agony Booth, and I am in the process of putting together a Star Trek PBEM. I hope to make some new friends around here. Tom