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  1. The Klingon Redesign?

    They quote Kahless but he didn't look anything like them. The first batleth doesn't resemble the new version either. From what I've seen it's not just certain houses that look like that but ALL of them look this way. Tweaking things a bit is ok but changes on this scale is a bit much. They should have gone with a completely new race in a different century imo.
  2. Discovery and Me

    I've decided to watch the premier and the first few episodes. I'm not thrilled about the design and plotline choices but hopefully once things are explained I will be surprised. BUT if it turns out to be anything like my initial reaction to the show I'm dropping it.

    I actually liked the first one (the only one I've spent money on). The second was awful and the third was borderline ok. The 4th was a train wreck and I can't say I'm enthused about this one. I'm a moderate TF fan.
  4. Rate this Klingon Ship: D5 Class

    6. It looks more advanced than the D7 a century later.
  5. Rate this ship: Enterprise NX-01

    5. She looks far too advanced and graceful to be a century before the Constitution class. They should have gone with a Daedalus class derivative or something. That secondary hull they were going to add if the series continued would have made it jive even less with the tech evolution of the star trek universe imo.
  6. The most disliked ST canon material

    I think my least liked is the Abramsverse Trek. It's not terrible but it seems to be all flash with no substance. I hate the Starship designs too. My second is Enterprise. I don't hate the show but I just don't think that it fits in a time more than a century before TOS. Transporters? Photon torpedoes and Phase pistols? Romulans with cloaking devices a century before The Balance of Terror. Unnecessary relationships and sexy scenes.
  7. Refit ship Enterprise D and E tied for 2nd.
  8. Rate this Class Ship: Sovereign Class

    10. No nonsense but kicker.
  9. Are Vulcans Racist?

    As a society no. They believe in the dictum Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combination. But you will always have people with bigoted or ethnocentric attitudes. Racism is mostly based on feeling and not logic.
  10. Bones McCoy. Good ole no nonsense doctor.
  11. STAR TREK COSTUMES - Excellent Book !

    I would love to own this.
  12. The City On the Edge of Forever

    Watched it again after several years and the meaning of the episode is even more deep than before. What's even more tragic is that Edith Keeler was such a sweet character.
  13. Official Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines

    No more Star Trek Continues? That one HURTS.
  14. The City On the Edge of Forever. Trek at it's best.
  15. Fan made TOS playset

    That is a work of love.