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    I love Star Trek! And gold pressed latinum! And profits! Yes, profits!
  1. Tell me, how friendship is treat in Star Trek to you?
  2. 1 day to my friend birthday!

    1. Garak the spy

      Garak the spy

      What a coincidence. Same for me.

    2. nogtheferengi


      Yes! My dear doctor...

  3. ONE day to my friend birthday! \o/ Garakthespy!

  4. Second. God, yes. Imagine see Nog in full hd?
  5. Awesome! Should cost a lot of money.
  6. Tell me about PRODUCTS of Star Trek who you want! I would like to receive this:
  7. Why uncle Quark does not give me a time?

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      It'll come out of your share of the profits... (haha)

  8. Oh.. Odo? Why Odo? Tell me more about your story as Odo! He is very depressed. He is ugly and always suffers... you too?
  9. Me too! I think they would've been great together. Garak is weird in fact. I mean, he likes women or men or nobody? Poor of him... He never had a pair...
  10. Oh... another sad day alone... But Nog never give up!

    1. Garak the spy

      Garak the spy

      That's the optimist boost i was needing! Thanks Nog!

    2. Sim


      A good investment will pay off, and the more business you do, the bigger the profit! :)

  11. Finally! I'll give you a cookie to finally see my point of view! Finally someone recognize the great, smart, revolutionary, Nog! The great Ferengi! The brave and fearless Nog! A warrior! Almost a Klingon! Yes, this is a good point of view, Garak the spy. Star Trek is a great inspiration for all of us! I love this show, is really motivational! All heil the great Ferengi Nog! The beautiful and cute Nog! I love you Nog! <3 <3
  12. I always wanted the Garak and Bashir start a relationship more... romantic. It would be the first couple with two different species and gay.
  13. <3 <3 <3 <3 I like very much your aswner!
  14. This is a deep question! What is the best message that the Star Trek passes? For me is equality and the fight for equals rights! The examples of feminism in this show is amazing!
  15. Good point... By the way, you're not crazy at all. Nog is cute. And awesome! Finally! Someone who think that Nog is cute!