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  1. USS Enterprise (Refit) Unity 5 Test Scene

    A bit of an update. The warp effects are coming together, now time to work on de-warp effects to make the stretched stars slow back down before disappearing.
  2. USS Enterprise (Refit) Unity 5 Test Scene

    Latest update to the particle effect library. This is a test of the starfield at 'warp'. The actual velocity is the same as when at an impulse speed (real Z speed seen in bottom corner) but the particles are created by a 'warp' flag. When at impulse you have the smaller particles and space fog, but warp is a clean version that only allows straight line flight. Here are a couple of pics of the 'going to warp' effect trails: The full effect will be requiring some impulse power, then doing a 'warm up' where the engines sound ramps up then pushes the ship to warp. The trails will appear for about a second or so behind the ship while the stars begin to appear and stretch. As the stars effect comes in, the trail will go away.
  3. Howdy from the Sunshine State

    Ooh, any names we might recognise? Not likely since most of the vessels I ran were named for people that worked for the company (and was true for both companies I worked for), none of them were really that inventive. For the most part they would name them after people in the CEO's family or one of the higher ups. I did run one called the M/V Jefferson which was one of the 'President' class vessels (Washington and Adams were sister ships).
  4. Howdy from the Sunshine State

    You know, in the merchant world we never got 'piped aboard'.... I feel like I missed out on that. So you'll get one here! Oh man, that was one of the most anemic pipe aboards I had ever seen. I laugh every time I see it.
  5. Howdy from the Sunshine State

    Thanks for the welcome! Thanks for the list. I have to say I have played a pretty good amount of the PC games on that list! Looks like a few more I will have to look up, though. I actually did post there earlier: A friend and I have started a small game studio and have a plan to do a space game. My Enterprise game is a test scene for that concept path. The whole thing needs a lot more design work but in the mean time I can at least do some of the mechanics with a known set of parameters like the Star Trek universe.
  6. USS Enterprise (Refit) Unity 5 Test Scene

    I've been thinking of adding in some basic ship functions like damage zones and such but wanted to get some ideas and some feedback first. I have a basic understanding of ship systems but it seems like it changes per episode sometimes on how things work. My thought was to have the ships power plant (primary and aux) able to output X amount of energy per second, some of which would go into a emergency system that is something like a giant capacitor. Anytime the plant power exceeds usage it will charge the emergency system and if needs exceed the plant it will draw from there to make up the difference. Now for shields, those seem to be a per-episode mystery to me. Sometimes they stop all damage, sometimes they don't. My thoughts were that each attack would have a certain count for what kind of damage it does (energy, kinetic, explosion, etc) and shields would be designed to stop X amount of each kind. Say that an energy beam hits a shield and that shield is 100% effect under a certain power level and 75% effective for things higher than that threshold then it would stop that percent of damage from making it through, and that would then make it to the hull where secondary armor or polarization would then be used. Some kinds would be stopped immediately by the shields but as the shield level drops it would have a higher chance of passing damage through to the hull. I figure keeping it simple helps with the design aspect, plus making it too complicated just leads to issues down the road.
  7. Howdy from the Sunshine State

    Ha, we were just busy trying to get crew handover done and not get run over by the off-going crew on their way out. In the game I am working on (not just the Star Trek scene) you get piped aboard a ship when you walk on as the Captain. It is pretty satisfying, lol.
  8. Howdy from the Sunshine State

    You know, in the merchant world we never got 'piped aboard'.... I feel like I missed out on that.
  9. USS Enterprise (Refit) Unity 5 Test Scene

    When I started in Unity last year I used some free models from to begin understanding some of the lighting and material concepts in Unity 4. Since then I have learned quite a bit and also found that I still had some of those old projects in my folders so I decided to bring them up to date in Unity 5f4. Image Gallery Working running lights (this is an older version, the thrusters no longer blink, lol): It is a model made for exterior viewing so it really isn't very detailed inside. The camera effects I was going for was just past The Motion Picture but not quite JJ Abrams level. I have done a few updates in the past couple of days: Added ship control, can now fly it aroundAdded camera types that can be cycled throughAdded a couple sounds and theme musicAdded F1 help for all keysAdded the code to open/close shuttlebay doorsScreenshot code is a bit fasterChanged how mouse view works (must hold mouse 2 to change view/location of camera)Redid some of the interior lightingFixed running lights to match The Motion PictureControls changed so that velocity forward will reduce maneuverabilityCameras modified. They still need some work. Sometimes they go batty.Added firing torpedoes.You can download a playable scene here: Refit Showcase Assets Used: Meshes from SSAO Pro Space Scene Construction Kit (for background and clouds/particles during flying) All scripts programmed by me so far I have quite a few plans for the scene over the next few months, but since it is just a side project it will take some time to do. I am more than welcome to hear some suggestions or corrections. I have had quite a bit of find finding good references to work on, including just watching some of the movies over again and many minutes of pausing and replaying sections to try and get things right. Hope you enjoy!
  10. How You Became a Trekkie

    I grew up sans a TV set as a kid (gotta love remote farm life) so my dad got me hooked into Sci-fi with novels. We had a pretty extensive library, even had a whole room as a library where we had a lot of stuff ranging from Asimov, Bradbury, and Douglas Adams. Even had several of the Twilight Zone books that had collections of good short stories. Once I had a taste of the genre and started watching some shows like Dr WHO at a friend's house I was wanting to see more. One day we came across a rerun of TOS (the tv was black and white, did I mention we were somewhat poor?) and we spent the rest of the day using an old broken down RV as our 'starship'. When we finally saw it in color we immediately went to the store and each bought yellow and blue shirts so we could be Kirk and Spock (we alternated roles), thankfully we didn't buy red ones, lol. Our little theater showed all of the Star Wars movies one summer (mid 80's) so we migrated to the outer rim and our old RV was the Falcon for some time, but as the years went on we came back to Trek again. I think because of the consistent reminder of the franchise through reruns. Our toy collection of Star Wars items grew, but our star-rv-ship became more like the TOS bridge every weekend. By the time we moved to a less than remote location and had a color TV in our house TNG was showing in rerun on several stations and was about a year from the final season. I also came across several good PC games of the time that had good sci-fi feel to them (who remembers MoO?) and invariably made my own version of the Federation. Now that I am 'all grown up' I tend to enjoy all of the series for what they offer and don't really have a big bias for or against any of them. I have never gotten so far immersed to get a full uniform or anything, but I imagine I would enjoy a convention if one comes near when I am not stuck working.
  11. I have been a big ST and SW fan since I was a kid (and crazily enough don't have a bias for either one). I have played nearly every computer game made for both franchises starting from the oldest X-wing games on through to some of the latest ones, though I skipped the latest ST game that everyone seemed to hate. I was a Captain on merchant vessels for about 10 years, so I tend to lean toward games like Bridge Commander types where tactics is a requirement. I have gotten into programming in the past few years (after leaving the sea) and started doing game programming last year, with one of my first test scenes using meshes from the TrekMesh site and sounds from here. I recently dug the project back up and was hoping to post it here, but for some reason I can't put it in that board yet (guessing post count locks) so figured I would introduce myself first!