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  1. Your favorite dozen TOS episodes

    My favorite dozen, eh? That's a good number considering how many episodes there were. In no order it would go like this: Amok TimeBalance of TerrorJourney to Babel (of course)Mirror, MirrorSpace SeedWhere No Man Has Gone BeforeThe Squire of GothosMetamorphosisTomorrow is YesterdayThe Naked TimeThe City at the Edge of ForeverErrand of Mercy
  2. Legend of Zelda on Netflix?

    I read something about this series coming to Netflix about a month ago. I am not much one for Zelda games in the first place but I've played my fair share. The GBC version of Link's Awakening is probably my favorite out of the ones I have played. I'll probably watch some of it just to see the format they utilize. Personally, I hope there is significant continuity and depth to the story line while staying somewhat lighthearted. I could see the usage of unnecessary melodrama along with an episodic setup simply killing it.

    That was awesome. I've never thought about looking up bloopers and since I don't own any season DVDs I haven't seen any of these. I'll have to look up more
  4. What was the last non-Trek tv show you watched?

    The Simpsons!
  5. Could anyone tell me a little more about this pin?

    Nice pin, where'd you pick it up?
  6. What's the last non-Trek book you've read?

    The last non-Trek book I read was Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh. It's a sociology book about Mr. Venkatesh's experience befriend and study the gang leader JT and his Black Kings gang in the Robert Taylor projects on Chicagos southside. It is a work of non-fiction and something I think Trek fans would be interested in since ST often deals with themes of race, class, society, and sociology.
  7. I'd have to say the NCC 1701-D is my favorite Enterprise. This is probably because it was the first one I was exposed to and TNG was the first Trek show I really got into. A close second is the NX-01 because it seems really intriguing that this was the first enterprise launched by Starfleet.
  8. Star Trek: Voyager fan or not?

    I almost feel like I should watch it in it's entirety first but for the moment I'd consider myself a "sorta fan". I like individual characters more than the show as a whole and the whole premise of being stranded in the Delta Quadrant isn't exactly my cup o' tea. I'm gonna continue to give it a shot though, at the moment, it is my least favorite series.
  9. R.I.P. Cliff Bole

    Man, you can say that again..
  10. Odo's voice I enjoy Odo's voice as well. It suits his character immensely well In this interview, particularly the 4th questions, Mr. Auberjonois addresses the Odo voice and his other voice acting contributions
  11. When you watch Star Trek...

    Definitely depends on my mood and which series I'm watching. I always liked watching TNG but I despise ENT and VOY
  12. R.I.P. Cliff Bole

    Man that's sad to hear. He will always be one of my favorite TNG directors and Bolians were always an intriguing race to me
  13. Rate this Season: DS9 Season 1

    I felt DS9's first season was pretty weak so I gave it a 7. Sure there were a few great episodes but a lot of mediocre ones and, when I first watched it, I was not drawn in by any of the characters except Quark. Odo intrigued me somewhat but he got much more interesting later on
  14. T'Pol in Star Trek 3

    That is interesting. I like her character quite a bit but had no idea she tries to distance her self from it and won't attend conventions. Could anyone shed a little more light on this or point me in the direction of a source that explains it?
  15. Who would you want to be your Captain?

    I'd have to go with Capt. Sisko. He seems laid back at times as well as all business when it is called for. I don't particularly like baseball but I wouldn't mind going to the holosuite to watch a game with him. In terms of his participation during the Dominion War he is unparalleled. As much as I like Picard he is a bit too stuffy and by the book at times.