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  1. The Beer Thread

    yay beer! i live in south carolina and we have a ton of local brewers. i haven't even gotten around to trying them all yet. we also have an awesome brewpub, hunter gatherer, that offers cask ales and will soon open a new place to bottle beers in. we had to do some law tweaking here to get things where they are. a long history of "blue laws" (jesus doesn't want you to buy anything fun on sundays) to pull back. when i was a kid the laws were crazy. you could buy a muffin tin on sunday but not a cookie sheet. you couldn't buy toys on sunday... we just got the ability to buy beer at all on sunday in my county a few years ago. it didn't stop people from buying beer. they just drove accross the river from west columbia to columbia and bought it. here are some beers you should try if you can get em. remember beer is food. old food is bad. old food in a bad container (corona) tastes really bad. Highland brewing in asheville nc is good stuff. -highland oatmeal porter. -highland gaelic ale. -highland kasmir I.P.A. Palmetto brewing in charleston sc is also good. -Huger street I.P.A. -Espresso porter (one of the best coffee beers i have had) someone mentioned dogfish head. -Dogfish head 60 minute I.P.A. is absolutely outstanding. one of the best beers i have had ever. i just came back from iceland. GO TO ICELAND! had some good beers there. Viking Gylltur was a good lager style beer. Thule was excellent. didn't care for the Gull. it is kinda looked at as the official beer of iceland but it tasted like old miller highlife and only has 2.25% abv. (what are we doing that for?) overall i was surprised by how similar to japanese beers they tasted. good rice and grain flavors. i am going to seek out some Thule here at home. that was really good stuff. i have a "romulan ale" beer at home a friend gave me. i will never open it. it looks like it has gold flecks floating around in it. drink up kids! b.
  2. CBS All Access

    has anyone used this on an amazon firestick? every review is see on amazon says that it doesn't work. only with the newest fire tv box. also. you cant cut the cord on this because it will only work on time warner's internet service if you already pay for cbs as a cable channel. so you will have to pay "twice" unfortunately. the espn app is the same way. time warner makes you input your info into the app to get it to work. so the only way the espn app will work is if you already pay for espn as a cable channel. so again. this isnt a cord cutting situation. for most of us CBSAA will be akin to paying for an add on to your cable package. any users want to comment on the quality? how does it compare to other streaming apps? b.
  3. Starring... CREEPIEST GUY IN STAR TREK HISTORY as CREEPY BETAN GUY "Your daddy can put them up... CAN'T HE?" he's also THIS GUY on the left! b.
  4. New Series will be aired WEEKLY

    you are missing my point entirely.
  5. New Series will be aired WEEKLY

    i never said it should be free.
  6. New Series will be aired WEEKLY

    help me help you. the point is... they could be selling me so much more stuff if they just figured out how to sell it properly. or make more properly. or take advantage of the vast property that they have available to them. were dealing with a thing where the guy who played MAAB in one episode can sit at a table and make money signing autographs for 8 hours. we will already buy stuff. i feel like there is this crazy "star trek tax". maybe im crazy? i cant type fast or clear enough to flush this all out but i know i'm not the only person onto this idea. actually... "Star Trek Tax" sounds good. i've never quite said it like that before to myself. does anyone else feel the "Star Trek Tax"? not trying to get all existential... b.
  7. New Series will be aired WEEKLY

    im not saying that i personally have to buy another set. there are posts all over these boards about how the same repackaged material is continually being put out.
  8. New Series will be aired WEEKLY

    im with kirok on this. by the time it is all said and done they will be asking us to pay $120 for 10 episodes of star trek that have commercials in them. i have been waiting to see what this is all really about (new star trek show) and now it is apparent. star trek, for all its awesomeness, cant figure out how the hell to get it's product to it's fans worth a damn. and i feel like we are expected to go to lengths that other shows/fandom do not. it has been like this forever. its one missed opportunity or unneeded inconvenience after another. how many times do we get asked to buy the same discs again with LESS extras than the time before? trek box sets were over $100 when sets for any other series were in the $30 - $40 range. and etc... etc... i'm tired of this miss management. its crazy. we all want stuff, yet time and again they fail to figure out how to get it to us in any way that makes conventional sense. one again a star trek property is being produced where "Hey! Ive got a great idea for a Star Trek story!" is like the 20th reason on the list of reasons for its existence. ??? lets embrace this new technology to rope people into using a pay model from the 1980's! that's the type of forward thinking we all deserve right? (im not bashing the new show or the potential for a new show or the possibility that it could be quite good. just to get that out of the way...) b.
  9. So sad the passing of Phife. For those who don't know, a member of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST. Interested to see how many trek fans are tribe fans. one of my favorite bands of all time. THE LOW END THEORY easily makes my "you can only take 10 albums with you on a desert island" list. 45 is very young. especially coming from this 43 year old. im in the middle of a music project myself and had taken a few days off to clear my head. today im back in the studio. time keeps passing. this def spurs me to get back to work. b.
  10. no prob sehlat! there was a running narration from Michael Dorn that introduced themes and segments. everything started with the TMP/TNG fanfare and then moved chronologically (for the most part) through all of the series. During the TOS segments they scored the fight in Amok Time and the showdown with the Doomsday Machine entirely. Amok Time was a highlight for sure. If only there was a solo performance of the Spock theme on the bass Vi...i didn't expect it though. the "Love Theme" from TMP (what you hear as an overture at the beginning of the movie) was amazing. Its such a beautiful piece. There was a klingon segment with a mashup of klingons throughout the series. before the intermission, after a segment on the borg, they did a pretty strait scoring of the end of Best of Both Worlds part 1. they ended with the cliffhanger "Mr. Worf. Fire!" that got a pretty big ovation and it was a good choice ending the break on an actual cliffhanger. and i can't say enough about the way this was setup and produced. they really know the material. this could have gotten cheesy real fast. but the running order and the choices they made were really good. like i said before it was respectful. after the break we got a segment from one of the Trek video games during a short "Entr' Acte". then focused on the theme of exploration with my personal favorite, the main theme from Wrath of Khan. they hit on the human toll of being a captain and the sometimes dark tone of the subject matter. they played Sisko's deleted log entry from "In The Pale Moonlight" in full with, i believe, no music at all. also there was solo performance of the flute piece from The Inner Light. it was beautiful. there was also a segment centered around family and fathers and sons ending with an extended scene from ENT when Maywheter's father died. after a built in encore the did a extended version of the original TOS theme going through most of the variations. everyone sounded amazing. it was easy to get caught up watching the screen for a second and forget the music was live. i know i left some things out. i could certainly print the list from the program if anyone is interested. we even got to see Data do his hit single "lifeforms"! it really was awesome and i would see it again if it was going to be close. don't wait too long though if you want to go. there were a good amount of tickets left when i got mine a few weeks ago but i think the show ended up being less than 5 sets from a sellout. there is so much material to pull from. i expected to leave thinking that there would be something that i wanted to hear that was missing but i really can't think of anything. they did a fine job putting this together. i'm really proud of it (if that makes any sense at all...). no real cons either. But... I do not like the remastered TOS effects. i know this can be explored more in another thread... they take me out of the show. the original effects are great and i don't fully buy the explanation for the new ones existence. i'm not naive. i understand commerce and all that. but cbs seems to be trying to "lucas" the original versions of TOS. anyway. the footage at the concert used the new effects. i knew this would be the case but i still don't like it. I know that it wasn't up to the production. they were able to show what they were given from cbs and paramount. i get it. the new effects just look like better than average fan art to me. they do not match the aesthetic of the rest of the show. but i was actually surprised at how out of place they look when compared to the effects of the other series too. they just don't fit to me. they have a very flat 2D quality that the other effects don't have. anyway. this is just a personal thing. also. I didn't expect this at all but i would have loved to have heard the bass VI (Spock theme) and i would love to see that instrument that "Tommy Starnes' made for the synthy boomy bass sounds in the TMP score. these types of sounds were supplemented by the soundtrack. they didn't attempt to recreate that live. probably for the best. not sure i want to print this but the drummer on the left of the stage didn't seem to be "dialed in" quite as much as everybody else. he wasn't bad. anyway... TURN OFF YOU PHONES. i had to tell the guy next to me to QUIT PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ON HIS PHONE. i could go on a crazy rant here but just quit with the phones people. there is a whole world out there. you can see it with your own eyes! just look. i left my phone in the car when i got to Greenville earlier in the day. this would put most people in the fetal position. anyone with any symphonic experience here wanna get into this one... what does the conductor really do? i'll leave that hanging. great show! b.
  11. saw it yesterday in greenville sc. really well done. respectfully done too. it would be easy for something like this to be a little cheesy. but i really enjoyed it. i could post a more spoilery review if you would like. it would be best to just go and enjoy the show. i would highly recommend that you go if you can. Like i said we drove an hour and a half and it was well worth it. sat in the back row of the balcony. the top of the screen was partially obstructed but that was specific the the venue. there were a few full scenes scored in their entirety. most pieces were played over collections of scenes regarding a theme. each crew got a spotlight too. I would have enjoyed it just as much without the video though. it lasted about 2 and a half hour with a short intermission. i can't think of a better way to celebrate the 50th. it was moving. i even teared up a few times! b. BTW... there was a short commercial video promoting CBC ALL ACCESS before the show started. b.
  12. I just bought my tickets!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!! 2 weeks away. i have to drive an hour and a half to greenville from columbia sc. well worth it. ill report back after. b.
  13. Personal Favorite Movies/TV shows of 2015

    im gonna blow up the list a bit. i dont watch enough stuff to make a 2015 exclusive tv and movie list. here is the MEDIA that made an impact on me last year regardless of when it was released and in no particular order. Transparent - we got an amazon stick at the end of september. im still on season 1 but this is a great show. feature film quality in 30 minute blocks. im really happy for and impressed by jeffry tambor. i've been watching the man on tv my whole life. three's a crowd! Grimes - art angles, her new album, was officially out at the very end of the year. im getting into it now. the new album is an examination of pop music. her previous album, visions, came out a few years ago but we got a copy at the beginning of 2015 and it went into heavy rotation. visions is a work of genius. there is not a single wasted note on the album. add to that the fact that she writes, plays, and records her own music, makes her own album covers, and shoots and edits her own videos... she is quite impressive. Burgertime (colecovision) - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE??? i never had a colecovision until this past year. i never had any version of burgertime before. it never made it into my 2600 collection and from what i understand that wouldnt have done much for me anyway (the atari port is not considered to ber very good although i am now morbidly curious). the coleco port is pretty close the arcade version. this may be the greatest game of this type i have ever played. it's almost like donkey kong and pacman mixed together but you have the ability to influence your enemies. i can play this all day long. I LOVE BURGERTIME. do yourself a favor and play this game. im seriously considering getting one of those 60 in 1 cabinets so i can have the full version of this at my house. Superbowl 49 - how awesome was this game? i had no rooting interest. watching as a football fan i knew i was watching one of the 5 best superbowls of all time. we take for granted the work that goes into presenting that on tv. the entire production was amazing. lets do it again with the panthers wining sb50! Golf coverage - i started playing golf about 6 years ago. its like playing video games in person! If you want to watch the best that sports coverage has to offer watch a major golf telecast. the amount of work and timing that takes place to make this work is crazy. add to that the fact that this isnt a traditional venue like a stadium with a pressbox and a single field of play. these guys are scattered all over the course following tons of action. some of the best camera work and imagery your high def tv will have the pleasure of displaying. if you were ever going to shed a tear at the beauty of blades of grass moving in ultra slow motion then this is it. and i could listen to david feherty and gary mccoord all day long. TNG in high def - another plus of the amazon stick. im not a fan of new effects (especially not the new tos effects) but the look of the show is great. ill never get rid of my dvd's because for better or worse, the poorly color corrected originals are the original and sacred versions but watching in high def is a joy. sometimes the color red just wants to red (and then all is right with the world). Broad city - this the most fun ive had with a tv show since delocated. cant wait for season 3. i gotta get out more. i havent seen star wars (i think ill just wait on the VHS to come out). there is a lot of great tv to watch and ill never get it all in. on a personal note to everyone... have a great year! 2015 was some trying shit. it was one of those years where so much is effing up that you dont even realize it at the time. you get to the end and wonder how we lived thru it. i had fun. but damn. but i got it pretty good. ill be interested to keep up with everybody's thoughts on the new movie and (ill believe it when i see it) tv show. everybody stay safe. have fun and live your life. b.
  14. It's going to be o.k.

    hello kids. If its o.k with the moderators I'll use this thread to post trek oddities i find online that maybe no one has seen yet. The Mirfield Stag's rugby team unveiled new uniforms inspired by a certain captain. good day to all! b.