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  1. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    Though R rated movies might not make much money, usually they don't take much money to be made anyway, since most of them are dramatic in nature, more than heavy action movies with a lot of special effects. So that could be a step in the right direction for Trek.
  2. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    That seems pretty fair. And you're right, without our opinions this would turn out into a dull place haha I dunno, I just want so muc for Trek to reach some level level of sucess, it might be effecting my judgment. As someone younger, having the Kelving timeline and Discovery has been my first ever chance to actually watch, discuss, hope and feel the hype for more Trek that's actually being made AS WE SPEAK, and it's been great as a fan, to be able to feel that, which most people here have felt already, in the glorious times of TWK and TNG.
  3. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    How about we just wait and see? It's not like we can do much about it. Star Trek is Star Trek regardless of being at it's best or at it's worst, we have to support it in any way we can, it's the only way they will keep making new movies and shows, and they can't improve something that doesen't exist, so let's cheer for the people doing different things, even if it turns out to be horrible, thay are at least keeping the franchise alive, therefore giving it a chance of improving. ( My personal opinion )
  4. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    I can't really have an opinion on that as I haven't seen any of his newer works, but I don't think Paramount and Abrams will just let him screw around with the franchise. Tarantino might want whatever he wants, if the studio doesen't see any profit coming from it, it's not gonna happen. Remember, QT only piched the idea, the writters are making what will be the movie, he will only direct, if he does direct it, which is unlikely. Paramount has been giving a lot to the reboot of the franchise, they aren't gonna throw away their work out of nowhere just because a crazy director thinks they should. I might not have faith on Tarantino but I do have faith on Paramount and even in Abrams for that matter. They worked hard on stablishing the Kelving timeline and they won't destroy it. Beyond was still one of the high winners for Paramount last year. They need ST to stay alive.
  5. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Didn't everyone hate on Justin Linn when he took the job on Beyond for kind of the same reasons we are hating on Tarantino now? And yet Beyond turned out pretty great...
  6. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Well, things seem to be happening... I dunno, I'm not that pessimist about this. Sure, what he said on the interview sounded kinda redundant, but I trully dont think he would go for it, I think he just mentioned it as a way to pay homage to the franchise, as a way of saying that there ware episodes so good that they could have became full movies. Call me an optimistic fool, but I don't see much of a problem wiht this. ST is not doing so well right now, the last two movies didn't do very well and the Kelvin timeline was in the edge of destruction. Tarantino is a well known name, and he is a Trek fan. The worst that could happen is having a movie that would associate a not so well known and popular franchise like Star Trek with a very well known and popular director. That seems like a fair trade, I'm all for it. I would also like to add, that a dark Trek could very much work if done properly. Look at Ds9. Actually I think I prefer a darker Trek. I liked STID more than Beyond because of that. Beyond seemed like a kid's movie, awesome as it was. STID at least tryed to deal with a current topic like terrorism. That's what Trek does. And also, Tarantino is no new guy in these lands, he's been in the business long enough to know what he can or can't do, so does Paramount and Abrams. They aren't goin to spend that much money in something they know will flop. I bet this whole "R rated" thing is just random stuff to get people talking about it, much like Sulu's "amazing revelation" from Beyond that ended up being a scene of 3 seconds that didn't show anything else but two guys hugging. This so called R rating will probably end up being just a scene of a klingon doing some gross stuff for a few seconds.
  7. Duck Trek - Discovery!

    Remember Duck Trek? Well, here goes a new chapter on Duck history...
  8. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Aw c'mon, I was one of the people who thought we had gotten some genuine warmth from Lorca lol Whatever happens I do hope he will stay in command of the ship. He's a great character and should remain there. But this has me very worried. What's up from here? When the crew discovers what he did, he's done for good, they'll never trust him again...
  9. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    I'm confused. What did Lorca do? What would have he done if Stamets hadn't suggested doign one last jump? GREAT episode though
  10. Episode 1.8: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” Discussion Thread

    I'm all for more Saru. We need more Saru.
  11. Episode 1.7: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" Discussion Thread

    A lot of people talking about how Mudd got away, so here's my take on it: Had starfleet locked him up, they would have to spend a lot of resources in keeping him locked up, not to mention fallow a hundred rules on ethical treatment of prisioners. More than that, they don't have much evidence against Mudd. For all they know Mudd was a stupid crazy man who thought he could sell a ship to the Klingons. Sure, everybody on Discovery knows what happened, but how are they suppose to prove that? I mean, they probably would have to prove it if they ware to request Mudd being arrested in a top noch security facility. The loops reseted everything everythime, and in the last one we don't see Mudd commit any "real crime", he just moves around holding a phaser, which yeah, is a crime I guess, but not enough to put him in a high level security prision. I see the logic behind Disco's ending. Sure, it seemed all sweet and cute, but that's not what's happening on that scene. What we see in that scene is a famous and rich weapons dealer catching up to the man that fooled his daughter and stole his money. He won't kill him because his daughter still loves the jerk, but I'm pretty sure he will spent all kinds of money to secure him and make sure he never gets away from his view again. He can spent a hell lot more than Starfleet on that, and he doesen't have to oblige to any moral codes. Mudd's not going home on that ship, he's going to a prision. A very dangerous one. The first misteruous move he makes I'm pretty sure Stella's dad will have him killed. He's not gonna lose his money again. Now, we can come up with several ways to explain why he was seen free years later, but the point is, at the time Disco's set, it's not that illogical to have done what they did.
  12. Episode 1.7: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" Discussion Thread

    I'm surprised with the overall reactions, I felt like this was the most Trekish of episodes from Disco. I wish they didn't have to use Mudd though. I never liked Mudd, he's not that interesting to be honest. I don't see a timeline problem here though. This was 10 years before Kirk right? People change. Mudd could have easely went from what was shown here to what we came to know him as. Also, do keep in mind that to everyone but Stamets he was just a guy that walked into the ship and got easely fooled ( since they can't recall the other loops ). Honestly? I think the mistake is on TOS's part not DISCO's. Mudd was a messed up guy. He was involved in human trafficking for god's sake. I can see DISCO's Mudd doing that, but I can't see TOS's Mudd doing that. They told us he did that but by judging by his actions he isn't the kind of person that would do that. That kind of job involves no principles, no sense of value to human life, and probably dealing with some dangerous characters, which most likely meant he would be used to killing. DISCO's Mudd is more Mudd than TOS's Mudd was. To me anyway. People like the character but they must understand that he was portraited that way because the writters couldn't show what a real human traficant would be like. Not on TV and not on that time.
  13. Episode 1.7: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" Discussion Thread

    That actually makes sense. Ds9 and Voyager waren't any flagships and they still behaved according to starfleet standards though. About Tilly: I'm not sold yet. I don't know why but I think she feels forced. Ezri didn't feel forced. I'm just saying...
  14. Episode 1.7: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" Discussion Thread

    I'm disappointed, I expected Star Trek parties to be full of Jazz and people drinking synthehol. I always admired the serious way the officers portraied themselves while on duty.
  15. I can see that Discovery is pushing the boundaries of what we're used to in ST, but I gotta say, I'm liking it. Yeah, the spore drive may be something apparently stupid, but when you think about it, it's some damn creative science fiction. There's no point in going for science fiction if you're not gonna get some crazy science going on. This is most refreshing Trek I've seen. All the other shows ware great ( and in many ways better, yes ), but honestly the same old routine was starting to get boring. It's always the same: Transposters, phasers, technobable, photon torphedoes... Where's the science and research? Where is the progress? We never got to see it being made, we just heard about it. This is refreshing, new and it is at it's core, true science fiction. As for my thoughts on the episode: a) I actually liked the security chief, she was kimda stupid but I was hoping for some character growth rather than just a brutal kill. b) Say what you will about Lorca, that guy is badass. He reminds me of Kirk, back on TOS when arguing on the bridge and yelling at your officers was still part of the job. c) Even thoiugh I like the spore drive thing... Having the creature "interface" with the ship like that felt a bit too much for me. Spore drive could actually be a thing, it makes sense if you accept the fictional science they're working on, but to interface a organic creature with a ship's engine ( plus the fact that the creature was from the Glenn, that was a more advanced ship, with their own technology going on ), it felt awkward, but I can overlook it. d) Don't care about the Klingon's look, but they don't seem to act like Klingons so far, which bothers me. They look more like savages. Let's not forget that while klingons ware violent, they also had a religion, and meditation, and respect for their opponents as warriors that fought with honor. Also, what's with those blades? I don't think it's phisically possible for them to cut anything lol e) Enjoyed the fact that Discovery was creating a new way to "fly" rather than a weapon, and liked that the creature was actually harmeless in the same way. f) The spore jump effect though... Those are some crazy mushrooms for sure... g) So far I've enjoyed it and will stick with it for what it is.
  16. The Orville

    What's wrong with Jazz? I love Jazz, and I'm happy with a future where it's everywhere.
  17. What's You're Favorite Data Moment?

    This movie is not great, and Data has a number of awesome scenes, but this is among my favourites!
  18. The Orville

    Just watched the second episode. Still loving it
  19. The Orville

    I liked th Orville... Very much... To someone younger like me, it's really great to be able to watcha show that's positive and not the usual dark gritty stuff we have on TV these days. To me the Orville is my safe spot, something that's new, aimed at an audience of which I'm part of, and not depressive ( a REALLY RARE set of qualities ). I'll take it. Don't give a damn about the jokes. Some ware good, some ware bad, all in all I still loved it for the reasons I listed. I do wish they had gone with a bit more Galaxy Quest style humor though. Oh and yes, I haven't been assimilated yet, just been very busy with tailor stuff haha
  20. Jadzia Dax or Ezri Dax?

    Ezri still looks gorgeous in uniform...
  21. Jadzia Dax or Ezri Dax?

    Waaaaaaait, this actually happened while I was away? You bastards! EZRI! EZRI! EZRI a hundred times and over!
  22. Wow, it's been some time, I'm still here ya'll :) Just very busy with all my studies

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      Hey, great to see you? How have you been? Missed you! =)

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      Sehlat Vie

      Miss you Garak!  Now where’s my jacket?   :P

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      Welcome back ;)

  23. Before Star Trek, back to the start...

    I was recalling some of my memories of when I was younger, and started to recall so much that I loved as a kid. I remember that untill my 10 or something years, my father and I would just watch the Trek that we had, and that was some TOS episodes on TV and only, and really ONLY season of TNG, but then, it was the 3 season. Man, my father was so bored, I insited to rewatch that one season like, 10 times over and over again. Anyway, I was remembering what world was like for me before Star Trek, so i started to wonder what was it for you guys? What role models you had as a kid? What ware your childhood heroes? Cartoons? Comic Book heroes? Those ware some of mines: Buzz Lightyear, saviour of the universe, and I mean the cartoon Buzz, not the one from Toy Story. For me the cartoon was so perfect, and looking at it today I can say why, it is like a crossover between ST and SW. They have a "Federation of Planets" too, they are a Team and they work for the "Star Command", but at the same time fight againts the Evil "empire" created by Zurg. Also, Tintin, the reporter, I have always been a fan, and still am, I have the full colection of the comics books. It all started when I watched random a cartoon that was on the TV... There are much more, but I guess now it's your turn people.
  24. Nicholas Meyer Slams STAR TREK VI

    Choose your words carefully mr. Meyer... The Undiscovered Country is still my favourite TOS movie... It would be such a shame if I ware to feel... Disappointed by your comments regarding it... Well, I'm sure this was all just a small misunderstandment... Have a great day, and oh, if you ever need more refined choices towards clothing, do by all means come by my shop.
  25. Just a small update for anyone interested: I'm now a student of philosophy :) , I didn't get into med school ( thought it is still a probable future endevour ), but I'm pretty happy with what I got. 

    I thought I could share since I mentioned wanting to go to med school here some years ago.