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  1. Duck Trek - Discovery!

    Remember Duck Trek? Well, here goes a new chapter on Duck history...
  2. I can see that Discovery is pushing the boundaries of what we're used to in ST, but I gotta say, I'm liking it. Yeah, the spore drive may be something apparently stupid, but when you think about it, it's some damn creative science fiction. There's no point in going for science fiction if you're not gonna get some crazy science going on. This is most refreshing Trek I've seen. All the other shows ware great ( and in many ways better, yes ), but honestly the same old routine was starting to get boring. It's always the same: Transposters, phasers, technobable, photon torphedoes... Where's the science and research? Where is the progress? We never got to see it being made, we just heard about it. This is refreshing, new and it is at it's core, true science fiction. As for my thoughts on the episode: a) I actually liked the security chief, she was kimda stupid but I was hoping for some character growth rather than just a brutal kill. b) Say what you will about Lorca, that guy is badass. He reminds me of Kirk, back on TOS when arguing on the bridge and yelling at your officers was still part of the job. c) Even thoiugh I like the spore drive thing... Having the creature "interface" with the ship like that felt a bit too much for me. Spore drive could actually be a thing, it makes sense if you accept the fictional science they're working on, but to interface a organic creature with a ship's engine ( plus the fact that the creature was from the Glenn, that was a more advanced ship, with their own technology going on ), it felt awkward, but I can overlook it. d) Don't care about the Klingon's look, but they don't seem to act like Klingons so far, which bothers me. They look more like savages. Let's not forget that while klingons ware violent, they also had a religion, and meditation, and respect for their opponents as warriors that fought with honor. Also, what's with those blades? I don't think it's phisically possible for them to cut anything lol e) Enjoyed the fact that Discovery was creating a new way to "fly" rather than a weapon, and liked that the creature was actually harmeless in the same way. f) The spore jump effect though... Those are some crazy mushrooms for sure... g) So far I've enjoyed it and will stick with it for what it is.
  3. The Orville

    What's wrong with Jazz? I love Jazz, and I'm happy with a future where it's everywhere.
  4. What's You're Favorite Data Moment?

    This movie is not great, and Data has a number of awesome scenes, but this is among my favourites!
  5. The Orville

    Just watched the second episode. Still loving it
  6. The Orville

    I liked th Orville... Very much... To someone younger like me, it's really great to be able to watcha show that's positive and not the usual dark gritty stuff we have on TV these days. To me the Orville is my safe spot, something that's new, aimed at an audience of which I'm part of, and not depressive ( a REALLY RARE set of qualities ). I'll take it. Don't give a damn about the jokes. Some ware good, some ware bad, all in all I still loved it for the reasons I listed. I do wish they had gone with a bit more Galaxy Quest style humor though. Oh and yes, I haven't been assimilated yet, just been very busy with tailor stuff haha
  7. Jadzia Dax or Ezri Dax?

    Ezri still looks gorgeous in uniform...
  8. Jadzia Dax or Ezri Dax?

    Waaaaaaait, this actually happened while I was away? You bastards! EZRI! EZRI! EZRI a hundred times and over!
  9. Wow, it's been some time, I'm still here ya'll :) Just very busy with all my studies

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      Hey, great to see you? How have you been? Missed you! =)

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      Miss you Garak!  Now where’s my jacket?   :P

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      Welcome back ;)

  10. Before Star Trek, back to the start...

    I was recalling some of my memories of when I was younger, and started to recall so much that I loved as a kid. I remember that untill my 10 or something years, my father and I would just watch the Trek that we had, and that was some TOS episodes on TV and only, and really ONLY season of TNG, but then, it was the 3 season. Man, my father was so bored, I insited to rewatch that one season like, 10 times over and over again. Anyway, I was remembering what world was like for me before Star Trek, so i started to wonder what was it for you guys? What role models you had as a kid? What ware your childhood heroes? Cartoons? Comic Book heroes? Those ware some of mines: Buzz Lightyear, saviour of the universe, and I mean the cartoon Buzz, not the one from Toy Story. For me the cartoon was so perfect, and looking at it today I can say why, it is like a crossover between ST and SW. They have a "Federation of Planets" too, they are a Team and they work for the "Star Command", but at the same time fight againts the Evil "empire" created by Zurg. Also, Tintin, the reporter, I have always been a fan, and still am, I have the full colection of the comics books. It all started when I watched random a cartoon that was on the TV... There are much more, but I guess now it's your turn people.
  11. Nicholas Meyer Slams STAR TREK VI

    Choose your words carefully mr. Meyer... The Undiscovered Country is still my favourite TOS movie... It would be such a shame if I ware to feel... Disappointed by your comments regarding it... Well, I'm sure this was all just a small misunderstandment... Have a great day, and oh, if you ever need more refined choices towards clothing, do by all means come by my shop.
  12. Just a small update for anyone interested: I'm now a student of philosophy :) , I didn't get into med school ( thought it is still a probable future endevour ), but I'm pretty happy with what I got. 

    I thought I could share since I mentioned wanting to go to med school here some years ago.

  13. DISCOVERY Comics from IDW

    I wish they would just publish anything showing the cast on their uniforms, a drawing, a photo or a trailer, I just want to see things in context.
  14. Loving the new visuals!!

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  15. Hey there! Garak here! As my name says, Ds9 is probably my favourite, also followed closely by TNG, but I'm a fan of all of Trek in general, Enterprise included. Greatest moment as a fan? I would have to think about it, possibibly watching Trek for the first time ever on teathers, that was awesome.
  16. Rumor : DISCOVERY Theme Music Online ?

    I don't think this is legit, they would not allow something as important as the theme just to "leak in the internet" because someone tweeted it
  17. Robert Beltran: "The prime directive is fascist crap."

    I'm kind of late in this conversation here, but I think er should remind ourselves of WHY the PM exists, according to Picard it was the lack of the same thing that lead the Feds and the Klingons to war during many years. Also, one would think that many people on the federation would want take advantage of their technology more than helping anyone, like many did on TOS. I can kinda see their point on not interfering. Nothing prevents the Federation to become the new Goa'uld
  18. Frakes Wants to Direct DISCOVERY Episode

    ... Number one.
  19. Frakes Wants to Direct DISCOVERY Episode

  20. Kids Choice Awards and STAR TREK BEYOND

    I think that was the general reaction to the movie, the reveal at the last minute left a lot of people confused, and if adults ( even fans ) can be confused by a ST movie, imagine what little kids who never watched ST feel like.
  21. Kids Choice Awards and STAR TREK BEYOND

    Still, those are "easier" movies to understand, even if a kid doesen't get it all, it's not substantial to understand the story, which is not the case with STB, where if you don't get how war works and how it can break a man, the whole movies makes no sense at all.
  22. Kids Choice Awards and STAR TREK BEYOND

    Well Krall's with the favourite villains apparently so that's good. I would not expect ST Beyond to be in a kid's list anyway, the movie is not for kids, it can be fun to watch, but different from Rogue One or Civil War, the movie has a strong plot point focous on the insanity of a man who lost himself in the glory of the past, not something a kid would easily understand. The okward last minut reveal doesen't help much either. I know people who are not kids and got lost on what was happening.
  23. The Dominion got a lot closer than the Borg at conquering the Federation. The Borg just came around and assimilated stuff, later to be destroyed on that same day, the Dominion actually destroyed several Starfleet ships and ware virtually unstopable during the 3 years of war. Speak for itself: