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  1. Your overall impression after season 1

    It has potential, but it could have done a lot better at the same time... I still think what they did with Lorca was a waste of material. I also did not like the ending all that much, not because of it's anti-climatic nature, but more because of the idealistic lessons they tryed to give. I liked the direction they ware taking, Star Trek is suppose to challenge us to explore the deepths of our own humanity, they did that with Sisko on "In a Pale Moonlight" and with Archer during season 3 and 4 of Enterprise. How the should should have happened imo: *They jump into mirror universe *Michael realizes Lorca is from the mirror universe after sensing her eyes growing sensitive to light on the MU while his appear to have lost it ( different quantum signatures, the body is bound to react to something somehow ) *Lorca takes the throne and brings with him some of the ideals he learned with the federation, giving aliens a bit more of a place in the empire ( this fits into cannon and explains why Spock was first officer on the Enterprise on "Mirror Mirror" ), that way giving an ending of hope to the whole mirror universe thing. *Lorca helps them to get back to prime verse and gives them some sweet mirror tech to wipe klingons out *The crew faces a moral dilema if they should either use the new technology and go against starfleet's principles or watch the war be lost, they decide, at great cost, that they shall use the weapons *Thanks to a very heavy wave of attacks coming from federation ships the klingons are forced to retreat and gain a new respect for their enemy as a formidable adversary *The crew returns home and are greeted as heros, but they know however that they have sacrificed a bit of what they are to get there ( this sets up an actual moral dilema, rather than just tell us that idealism can fix any problem, I thought ST had moved beyond that after Ds9 )
  2. Episode 1.13 "What's Past is Prologue" Discussion Thread

    I dunno, I still don't buy it.
  3. Episode 1.13 "What's Past is Prologue" Discussion Thread

    That could just mean they needed some extra scenes before releasing the final product of the first episode though. I do like that theory though, cause that means prime Lorca is alive and therefore we can see him in the future. Was that worth his only chance of going back to his universe though? If Michael had simply died he would just give up and stay content at living the rest of his life faking being someone he never was?
  4. Episode 1.13 "What's Past is Prologue" Discussion Thread

    That's the point though, he risked her life in an attempt to save Sarek, not to mention a duzen other missions ( he only expressed concern on the last one ), hell he even made sure to send her with the team to the Glenn, she was almost killed. Also, hee didn't have to "adopt" Tyler either. I don't care how manipulative Lorca was, his actions dion't make sense to me and to me he is still a good guy. Screw Discovery, for making me really liking a character just so they could kill him off as a bad guy in the end. LORCA LIVES! LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE! LONG LIVE LORCA!
  5. Episode 1.13 "What's Past is Prologue" Discussion Thread

    Lorca is not a fool, he knew that was not the same Michael and even if what you say ware true, he didn't have to do anything, he already saved her from going to jale, I don't think saving Sarek would add anything else to that that could be of possible use for him. He did it because he thought it was right, he risked his ship and risked her for that porpouse. He didn't have to. At all...
  6. Episode 1.13 "What's Past is Prologue" Discussion Thread

    Look at you all! Believing the lies, going exactly where they want you to go! How naive can you all be? LORCA IS NOT DEAD! I remain loyal to the only true emperor of our great Terram Empire! ALL HAIL LORCA! LORCA LIVES! Ok joking aside I did get upset about Lorca's fate, I was expecting him to be the good guy and I didn't like what they did with him. I don't care how manipulative he is, his actions on Discovery don't match what the writers want us to believe. Lorca didn't have to save Sarek neither did he have to fight the Klingon war. I still think he trully wanted the federation to win. Second thing: I was REALLY disappointed by the war not have ended already. When they said the 9 months thing I was certain they would have realized that by then the war would be over. Didn't they say season two would be about something other than the Klingon war? Are htey going to end the war in two episodes? What the hell?
  7. ‘Twas the Trek Before Christmas

    I do apologize for my Worf impression, it's still in the works.
  8. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    Though R rated movies might not make much money, usually they don't take much money to be made anyway, since most of them are dramatic in nature, more than heavy action movies with a lot of special effects. So that could be a step in the right direction for Trek.
  9. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    That seems pretty fair. And you're right, without our opinions this would turn out into a dull place haha I dunno, I just want so muc for Trek to reach some level level of sucess, it might be effecting my judgment. As someone younger, having the Kelving timeline and Discovery has been my first ever chance to actually watch, discuss, hope and feel the hype for more Trek that's actually being made AS WE SPEAK, and it's been great as a fan, to be able to feel that, which most people here have felt already, in the glorious times of TWK and TNG.
  10. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    How about we just wait and see? It's not like we can do much about it. Star Trek is Star Trek regardless of being at it's best or at it's worst, we have to support it in any way we can, it's the only way they will keep making new movies and shows, and they can't improve something that doesen't exist, so let's cheer for the people doing different things, even if it turns out to be horrible, thay are at least keeping the franchise alive, therefore giving it a chance of improving. ( My personal opinion )
  11. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    I can't really have an opinion on that as I haven't seen any of his newer works, but I don't think Paramount and Abrams will just let him screw around with the franchise. Tarantino might want whatever he wants, if the studio doesen't see any profit coming from it, it's not gonna happen. Remember, QT only piched the idea, the writters are making what will be the movie, he will only direct, if he does direct it, which is unlikely. Paramount has been giving a lot to the reboot of the franchise, they aren't gonna throw away their work out of nowhere just because a crazy director thinks they should. I might not have faith on Tarantino but I do have faith on Paramount and even in Abrams for that matter. They worked hard on stablishing the Kelving timeline and they won't destroy it. Beyond was still one of the high winners for Paramount last year. They need ST to stay alive.
  12. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Didn't everyone hate on Justin Linn when he took the job on Beyond for kind of the same reasons we are hating on Tarantino now? And yet Beyond turned out pretty great...
  13. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Well, things seem to be happening... I dunno, I'm not that pessimist about this. Sure, what he said on the interview sounded kinda redundant, but I trully dont think he would go for it, I think he just mentioned it as a way to pay homage to the franchise, as a way of saying that there ware episodes so good that they could have became full movies. Call me an optimistic fool, but I don't see much of a problem wiht this. ST is not doing so well right now, the last two movies didn't do very well and the Kelvin timeline was in the edge of destruction. Tarantino is a well known name, and he is a Trek fan. The worst that could happen is having a movie that would associate a not so well known and popular franchise like Star Trek with a very well known and popular director. That seems like a fair trade, I'm all for it. I would also like to add, that a dark Trek could very much work if done properly. Look at Ds9. Actually I think I prefer a darker Trek. I liked STID more than Beyond because of that. Beyond seemed like a kid's movie, awesome as it was. STID at least tryed to deal with a current topic like terrorism. That's what Trek does. And also, Tarantino is no new guy in these lands, he's been in the business long enough to know what he can or can't do, so does Paramount and Abrams. They aren't goin to spend that much money in something they know will flop. I bet this whole "R rated" thing is just random stuff to get people talking about it, much like Sulu's "amazing revelation" from Beyond that ended up being a scene of 3 seconds that didn't show anything else but two guys hugging. This so called R rating will probably end up being just a scene of a klingon doing some gross stuff for a few seconds.
  14. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    Aw c'mon, I was one of the people who thought we had gotten some genuine warmth from Lorca lol Whatever happens I do hope he will stay in command of the ship. He's a great character and should remain there. But this has me very worried. What's up from here? When the crew discovers what he did, he's done for good, they'll never trust him again...
  15. Episode 1.9: “Into the Forest I Go” Discussion Thread

    I'm confused. What did Lorca do? What would have he done if Stamets hadn't suggested doign one last jump? GREAT episode though