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  1. Choose your words carefully mr. Meyer... The Undiscovered Country is still my favourite TOS movie... It would be such a shame if I ware to feel... Disappointed by your comments regarding it... Well, I'm sure this was all just a small misunderstandment... Have a great day, and oh, if you ever need more refined choices towards clothing, do by all means come by my shop.
  2. Just a small update for anyone interested: I'm now a student of philosophy :) , I didn't get into med school ( thought it is still a probable future endevour ), but I'm pretty happy with what I got. 

    I thought I could share since I mentioned wanting to go to med school here some years ago.

  3. I wish they would just publish anything showing the cast on their uniforms, a drawing, a photo or a trailer, I just want to see things in context.
  4. Loving the new visuals!!

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      Good to 'see' you again, Garak.  Now where's my jacket?  Hehe...:giggle:

  5. Hey there! Garak here! As my name says, Ds9 is probably my favourite, also followed closely by TNG, but I'm a fan of all of Trek in general, Enterprise included. Greatest moment as a fan? I would have to think about it, possibibly watching Trek for the first time ever on teathers, that was awesome.
  6. I don't think this is legit, they would not allow something as important as the theme just to "leak in the internet" because someone tweeted it
  7. I'm kind of late in this conversation here, but I think er should remind ourselves of WHY the PM exists, according to Picard it was the lack of the same thing that lead the Feds and the Klingons to war during many years. Also, one would think that many people on the federation would want take advantage of their technology more than helping anyone, like many did on TOS. I can kinda see their point on not interfering. Nothing prevents the Federation to become the new Goa'uld
  8. ... Number one.
  9. #BringinRiker
  10. I think that was the general reaction to the movie, the reveal at the last minute left a lot of people confused, and if adults ( even fans ) can be confused by a ST movie, imagine what little kids who never watched ST feel like.
  11. Still, those are "easier" movies to understand, even if a kid doesen't get it all, it's not substantial to understand the story, which is not the case with STB, where if you don't get how war works and how it can break a man, the whole movies makes no sense at all.
  12. Well Krall's with the favourite villains apparently so that's good. I would not expect ST Beyond to be in a kid's list anyway, the movie is not for kids, it can be fun to watch, but different from Rogue One or Civil War, the movie has a strong plot point focous on the insanity of a man who lost himself in the glory of the past, not something a kid would easily understand. The okward last minut reveal doesen't help much either. I know people who are not kids and got lost on what was happening.
  13. The Dominion got a lot closer than the Borg at conquering the Federation. The Borg just came around and assimilated stuff, later to be destroyed on that same day, the Dominion actually destroyed several Starfleet ships and ware virtually unstopable during the 3 years of war. Speak for itself: