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  1. How about we leave Pluto as it is but we finally discover that large planet that subtle orbit changes strongly suggest exists far out in the solar system. Then there will once again be 9 planets. Just a different 9. Leaving Pluto as a planet because it always has been one is like believing whales are fish because they always have been viewed that way.
  2. To be a planet, the object must be roughly spherical because of its own gravity. Ceres is the only object in the asteroid belt large enough to be spherical because of its own gravity. Objects that just happen to be spherical don't count. Currently, there are 8 planets and 5 dwarf planets. I'm sure there are many more dwarf planets and maybe another major planet out there but I doubt there would be thousands of objects that large in the Solar System. Hundreds, maybe. The moon does not orbit around the Earth. Both orbit around a common point. But because the Earth is much more massive the common point is inside the Earth but not at the Earths center. Perhaps they should be considered dual planets if the common point is not within one of the objects.
  3. I think that anything that is roughly spherical and orbits the sun is a planet. But there are two types of planets, major and minor. There are 8 major planets, if you include Mercury. Pluto, Sedna, Ceres etc. are all minor planets. The moon is 1/4 as big as the Earth. I wonder how big a moon has to get for the system to be considered a dual planets?
  4. Would the miners admit that they were having problems? The most likely response would be to force them down there anyway and just bring in new slaves. If the miners were forced to solve their own problems and weren't allowed to call for help and didn't have the resources to kill the Horta, maybe they would have found a way to talk. Of course, a bunch more people would have died first.
  5. If the humans start acting like 21st century humans they could easily destroy the Federation from within.
  6. Could it be one of those flashback stories? The Shenzou is destroyed in the first episode and the Discovery is sent out to find out what happened. Then through the first season there are flashbacks to the Shenzou so the audience can see step by step what happened to the ship. What the audience doesn't know is the fate of the crew of the Shenzou. There is an order to abandon ship but the results aren't shown until the final episode.
  7. I'm sorry. For some reason, I thought this was the KM section. My error. There's no easy way to tell when you're near the bottom of the screen.
  8. I don't have as much problem when the good guy kills someone who you know is already a serial killer. There's a difference between feeling good about stopping a serial killer and making a joke about brutally murdering a minion. It's like rooting for the death of a red shirt. It's like the difference between cheering when Osama Bin Laden was killed and a bunch of sociopaths laughing as they beat a homeless person to death. Its humor vs a grim satisfaction.
  9. One thought. One hour network shows generally run for 42 minutes with 18 minutes of commercials. But hour long shows made by Netflix sometimes last the whole hour. Do we know what the running time for Discovery will be? 13 one hour episodes has about the same amount of time as 18 42 minute episodes.
  10. The show Buffy always had a season long arc. But the first third of the season were generally stand alone episodes where there were hints about what the arc would be in every episode. The middle third had a mix of stand alone with a fair amount of time dedicated to the main story line as well as main arc stories. The stories weren't strictly season arc stories until the near the end of the season. There's no reason why Discovery has to follow the trend of one 14 hour story.
  11. If they have to have one season long story, there's no reason why they couldn't have two or three story lines going. One story line is the season story which starts small but gets more and more important. The second and third story lines only last a few episodes, some of them only one. Luke Cage had multiple stories going. There's no reason that some of them couldn't be told in just one episode. I think Star Trek would be well served with a more complicated story line.
  12. I would like that format for Discovery. Have stand alone stories at first with a second or third plot geared towards the series arc. Then have a three or four part arc at the end devoted to the series arc. That way you would have the best of both worlds.
  13. Many serialized shows have episodes or small arcs that stand apart from the main story line. There will still be some, remember when opportunities. Another thing that is different now is the public's expectation. During the sixties and seventies, serialized shows were looked down upon. The only serialized shows on prime time were shows like Dallas, or Knot's Landing basically soap opera's. There was a stigma against serialized shows and many people would not watch them. There was also the problem in an era without time shifting ability like VCR's. It was very difficult to watch a show if you missed an episode or two. Even then many people didn't like being tied down. "We can't go out. It's Tuesday night. My show is on." There is no reason Star Trek shouldn't be serialized now. They can still do the story/lesson/parable in an episode while exploring bigger themes in more detail over the course of a season.
  14. I always thought there were at least 3 levels of canon. Level one is things like the basic personalities of Vulcans and Klingons and the basic setup of the Federation, Klingon Empire, etc. I also include things like Vulcan's blood is green since it was mentioned so many times in TOS. They really shouldn't mess around with stuff like this. Level two are things that are important but can be bent a little if the story line requires it. I put Section 31 in that category. The Federation is surrounded by enemies. High ideals are awesome but they tend to disappear under a pointed weapon. The Federation should do its best to live up to its ideals but it also needs to defend itself. Would the Federation use section 31 in peacetime or casually, no way. Would it exist to be used only in an all out war situation, maybe. Level three are things casually mentioned in an episode or two. I don't have any problem canonwise if they find Kirk's long lost half brother that they never mentioned before. I wouldn't like it for other reasons but not because it goes against canon.
  15. I'm thinking more like if Turnabout Intruder had been lost how many people would be saying "The real Kirk would never have acted that way" or "The real Kirk in a woman's body, he would never have missed that opportunity." Or "There wouldn't be that much blatant sexist in Kirk's day." There would be people lining up to say that the story wasn't really Star Trek. It must be a fake. There are only a few episodes in each version of Star Trek that most fans would agree is real Star Trek. I'd bet that at least a quarter of the episodes in all of the series wouldn't pass the Real Star Trek test for a majority of fans if they hadn't been seen since their original air date.
  16. Doctor Who has a bunch of lost episodes. I wonder if TOS had a couple of episodes that were shown once and then the original tapes were lost in a fire and were never broadcast again. But it turns out that an intern had illegally made copies which have just now been rediscovered. Would some fans consider the episodes real ST? The two lost episodes are not the same 77 episodes that they have been watching since childhood, do they count?
  17. My remarks were about certain types of parents found in America. My wife and I raised two children, 18 and 20. My wife taught children at the Kindergarten through twelfth grade during her almost 30 year career. I trained to be a teacher and substituted for about 5 years while training and looking until several chronic illnesses made it impossible. I've found there are three common types of parents in America. 1) Parents who want to be their children's friends and let them do anything they want. They are terrified that if they say no and their kids cry that they will scar them for life. Their children can do nothing wrong. If their kids fail in school or act up its the teachers fault. If a teacher attempts to discipline their child they call the school committee to complain and then their lawyer. 2) Parents who want to completely control their children's lives. Their children are not allowed to make any decision on their own. They decide who their children's friends are, what clothes they wear, etc. These children are completely helpless in the real world and the parents response is that the children of today aren't like kids in the old days. 3) Parent in the middle. They understand that there are times that children need to be taught self discipline, like at the movie theater and at a restaurant or in school. But they also understand that in order for children to learn to be independent, they must start making age appropriate decisions for themselves. They need to be allowed to fail in small ways in order to succeed in life. Children need times of unstructured play in order to mentally grow. But not all time can be unstructured playtime. This movie theater is designed for type one parents who want to go to the movies but are terrified of disciplining their children.
  18. I love kids but kids should be taught the values of their society. One of the values is that you have to be able to sit reasonably still and quiet when in you are in public. My children learned young. I helped that my wife was a teacher and had a look that could peel paint off the wall when the children misbehaved. This looks like heaven to a parent who has absolutely no control over their children either because they can't say no or they have absolutely no parenting skills. There are some parents who don't realize that if you never make your kids cry you're not doing it right. Can I have a tenth candy bar? No. The 5 year old kid that demands the $25 toy that will be in the back of their closet 30 seconds after getting home will be the one that demands the $500 gadget that will be in the back of the closet 30 seconds after get home when they are 15 years old. That kid will be the one that goes off to college and has to call mom and dad every time they can't get along with their roommate or get a low grade on a test so mommy and daddy can come in and complain and save the day. End rant.
  19. I'm not sure what some fans want? A scene by scene remake of old episodes? The new Trek has to be similar but not the same as the old Trek in order to be successful. The new Doctor Who is different from the old but its still Doctor Who. I'll never understand people who hate a show for changing that's very DNA is change.
  20. The captain may not be in all of the episodes. They already started filming and they just hired him. Maybe he's a new captain but the rest of the crew is established.
  21. An English actor as the captain. It will never work. I haven't seen much of him outside of Harry Potter but he seemed like a fine actor. I like the fact that they didn't cast a 19 year old in the part. The captain should be older. Someone who has worked up the ranks.
  22. Streaming is the modern version of syndication. I just got a Roku so I can stream directly to TV and so far I am very happy with it. The more I think about it the less I'd like it to be one of those shows that if you don't catch it live the first time, you have to wait for months to see the repeat or buy the streaming channel anyway. With the way things are going, if you want to record a show to watch it later, you either have to pay your cable company $200 a month, buy a recorder on line that may or may not work, or get it illegally.
  23. I figured something like that. I was a little afraid it was going to be one of those improvements where they slow the page loading down by half and add a lot of pretty pictures that take up 3/4ths of the screen leaving the actual working part a tiny bit towards the bottom of the screen.
  24. Is the new posts button missing? I used to use that to view just the newest posts. It was a lot quicker than clicking on each section one at a time.
  25. There were Science Fiction short stories from the 1950's about all of the actors and musicians going out of business because the computers got so good at recreating dead actors. Studios preferred them. Less problems.