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  1. Didn't the new Kirk cheat to get around the Kobayashi Maru in the first movie. Use an alternate George Kirk, (a shadow kirk or something) as a KM test. JT Kirk's only option to save the Enterprise is to let his dad die again. Yes it mirrors the Spock death scene but the movies are going to copy stuff anyway.
  2. I don't have as much of a problem with George Kirk coming back if it's not the real George Kirk. A shadow Kirk might be a mindless fun episode. Or a George Kirk version of Thomas Riker where he split off from George long before he met JT Kirk"s mother. Or some kind of shapeshifter pretending to be George, especially if the shape shifter doesn't know they are a shapeshifter. James Kirk meets someone who looks, acts and has some of the memories of his dad but isn't really his dad. Maybe the fake dad ends up dying again to save his son.
  3. Discovery and Me

    I agree with you that fans aren't people that mindlessly wolf down anything with ST written on it. But in the comments section of other sites I've read hundreds of comments that ST has always been (sexist, racist, etc.) and people who are calling themselves fans are demanding that the cast should be all white straight males who go around the galaxy killing people who aren't like them. I've read people say that if Kirk was around he would have killed all the gay people as soon as he met them. Comments like that have nothing to do with the core values of ST. People can say they like ST but if they cannot describe what happened in a single episode of any of the series and what they describe has nothing to do with any real episodes, they may call themselves ST fans but they are not. Gus has a firm grasp of what he likes in ST that is based in reality. I've read posts on other sites that describe ST in a way that doesn't even come close to reality.
  4. Discovery and Me

    Gus Your one of the people who have a good reason for not being interested in the new Star Trek. ST has changed because it has to to survive but you want the same old ST, which I believe we can all respect. I liked the old ST's optimistic with outbeing Pollyanna optimistic as well. But unlike you I also like the more gritty but still optimistic type of show when it's the darkness before the light type of thing. With ST I always viewed it that Earth had solved most of its major problems. Famine, disease, prejudice, etc. were all gone but the galaxy was still a dangerous place. But all humans aren't the same. There are a few bad apples in every bunch. Especially one's raised in Earth's colonies that aren't as perfect as the Earth is. So I've always felt that ST has a place for some darker episodes as long as the optimism is still there. There's a difference between someone like Gus who say's I know what I want in ST and this isn't it and someone who demands a straight up clone of TOS except that they must change a couple of thing that are core to the series. Of course, each person wants different things to change and believes that he and only he is the arbitrator of what ST really is. Gus is still a true fan even if he has burned out on ST. I'm not so sure about the people who demand that ST totally change its core values to match some vague vision of what they think it should be.
  5. George Takei knows all about camps for undesirables in the U.S. It's happened before. It might happen again. Some people think if you change what you call it makes it better. It's not torture its enhanced interrogation.
  6. Sometimes there really isn't another side of the story. They're basically telling a story set in an American concentration camp. What could the good side of a concentration camp be? Are there people out there that actually believe that conservatives should be for concentration camps just because liberals are against them? I refuse to believe that all conservatives are pro concentration camps.
  7. Discovery and Me

    I don't even think of Michael as a hidden foster sister. Even 5 years difference in age can make a big difference. She human, he's half human. I can easily see a situation where they didn't have all that much contact even if they lived in the same house. If she moved out when she's 18, it's possible Spock had had little contact with her in close to 30 years by the time TOS started. When would a foster sister you weren't close to and had little contact with in thirty years come up in conversation? There's probably little or no legal relationship between them Pride is an emotion. Bragging about T'Pau wouldn't fit with Spock's personality. She was never officially a member of Star Fleet so it wouldn't be something that would be likely to just come up in conversation.
  8. Discovery and Me

    i don't know if this has been discussed much in other Disc threads, I haven't watched much of the show yet. I will but money's tight. According to google, Spock was born in 2230, TOS was set around 2265 and Disc around 2255. If Michael was around 35 at the time of the start of Disc she was born around 2220 so she's around 10 years older than Spock. If she was sent to a boarding school in her early teens, she would have left home when Spock was 3 or 4. She is officially Sarek's ward, so kind of like a foster child. I can see someone not mentioning that their parents had a foster child living in their house that left when he was very young.
  9. CBS All Access

    I understand why people don't want to sign up for a service to see one show. I have the same problem with sports. I watch American Football. My team is usually on CBS on 1pm on Sunday. Except when it's on at 4:30 pm on Sunday on CBS. Unless they're playing a team from the NFC conference when it may or may not be on Fox. Except if its on Sunday night when its on NBC, or Monday Night when its on ESPN, or Thursday night when its on the NFL Network, unless it's also on CBS. Baseball is worse. Almost all of the 162 games are on a local channel until you get to the playoffs when it switches to the baseball channel for the first game, a channel I never heard of until I tried to watch the game today. The same thing with Hockey. The entire season is on a local sports channel or NBC until the playoffs when its on the NBC sports network, which is a premium channel you have to pay extra for. So unless you are willing to pay extra, you can watch Hockey all year and then its the playoffs where it disappears except for about one game a week for a month and then it comes back to NBC for the finals. When my team doesn't make the playoffs and I don't watch hockey for the last couple of weeks of the season, it can be more than two months from when I stop watching until there's a game that is on a channel I can watch. (If I miss the Saturday afternoon game they show once a week or so on NBC.) If they ran Disc that way, the whole season would be on CBS until the last three episodes of the season where it switches to CBS all access.
  10. "Redemption II" question

    But how many members of congresses houses are in Washington DC and how many are in a nearby state. I could see Duras stronghold being outside the city proper. Just because you can't bomb the city doesn't mean you can't bomb a house 1 mile outside the city limits.
  11. CBS All Access

    Keep in mind that some of the people reviewing it have never seen it and aren't star trek fans. They're making a political point. They hate any show that doesn't have a cast of mostly white men. Count me in as well.
  12. CBS All Access

    I see CBS taking the long view. You're not going to get 10's of millions of people to sign up right away. You keep the channel as an alternative distribution channel. It could be kind of a minor league for shows that are not quite popular enough to make it on the parent network. That doesn't mean the shows aren't good. Many very high quality shows don''t have high ratings. Many of the best shows end up on cable where they can make a good profit for their network with lower ratings than the major networks would allow. Its also a good way to catch up with shows you missed. It's also a good place to put edgy shows that wouldn't fit on the network. CBS moved Supergirl from CBS to CW. I can see them using the channel for shows that are very popular but don't have quite enough viewers to keep them on CBS or fit in with CW. Say they have a set a floor rating of 1 to keep a show on the air (making the numbers up). They get a show that is a new cult classic that is very popular with a certain group but only has a rating of .7. The show is also not especially expensive to produce. It doesn't fit with CW's programing. Rather than canceling it, move it to CBS all access. Or have more spinoffs. Rather than have 17 NCIS spinoffs on CBS, keep it to two or three and put the rest on all access. I think it's initial popularity will be with cable cutters. Someone whose cut their cable bill from $150 a month to $50 a month by cutting cable won't be as worried about another $6 or $10.
  13. CBS All Access

    They may be treating this almost as a loss leader. They need to have a few high profile shows to brag about. If they can break even or make a small profit, I think they'll be happy. If they want to sell the channel they need it. Plus, they don't need to pay it off in one or two showings. 10 years from now its going to still be there drawing in new customers. I could see Discovery lasting for 7 seasons and having a spinoff after the first 3 years. In ten years, there could be two or three new Star Trek shows, some finished and some active. Who bought Netflix before they had high profile shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and the Marvel shows? The idea is to get people in with the big shows and keep them with the rest of the content. With Roku, its really easy. I can see where one person gets CBS all access for Star Trek and their grandparents end up getting it so they can watch Perry Mason.
  14. Ok, variation on yours. The Devil in the Dark scenario. The Binars know when a nova will occur and take precautions. It's been going on for many years. They put the main computer on safe mode which allows enough to keep them alive but not much more. They need another much smaller computer to reboot the main computer. They have 5 much smaller reboot computers, 1 and 4 spares. It's a routine. "Next monday, at 6pm, everyone must be at home or at another appropriate location for a flare shutdown." At 6:05, they give a warning and start an organized shut down. All but a few binars go to sleep. Flare hits. No damage. Reboot and by 10:00, every ones awake. But the star flares unexpectedly at the worst possible time. The main computer crashes and all other computers on the planet including the reboot computers are used to keep the people alive but they're failing. There are only a handful of binars still awake. They have the reboot program but they need a powerful computer to run it. The awake Binars are just ordinary technicians. They're not politicians. They haven't dealt with aliens all that much. Since they are the only ones awake, they're authorized by the remaining computer systems to call themselves whatever they want. They call the Enterprise with all the appropriate codes. They get on the ship and determine that its computer may be powerful enough to act as a reboot device. But with the survival of their entire species at stake, they're not going to take a chance.
  15. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    LoTR is more high fantasy. To me, based on my reading of the first book, it's more like Conan the Barbarian or King Arthur with politics and dragons. I've been reading Science Fiction and Fantasy since I was a kid. And because I read used books a lot of the books I read were from the 40's and 50's. There has been since the 40's a whole genera of fantasy about worlds set in an era vaguely like the middle ages with horses and castles and dragons and wizards and stuff. King Arthur with more dragons. The original Game of Thrones novel was a throwback to a 50's style book with more sex. I found it to be an average book of its type. But because I've read hundreds of similar type books over the years, I found it quite boring. The only thing that it had was sex and trying to guess who gets killed next but don't get attached to any character.
  16. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    To some extent I agree. But if it was on Netflix or HBO wouldn't that be the same? The only ST series that was shown on a major network was TOS. All of the others were either in syndication or on a minor network (UPN). If you didn't live in an area with a lot of TV channels, you had to get cable to see ST. Some people have always had to pay to see ST. The world is changing. There are more than 3 channels now. Many cost money. I've never seen The Game of Thrones because it's on HBO and I don't want to spend the money, plus I read the first book and didn't like it.
  17. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    The more money they make, the more likely it will survive. An after show costs almost nothing to make and can generate revenue. Let's say the show makes a dollar but costs 90 cents to make for a profit of 10 cents. But if you add an after show that costs 3 cents and makes 25 cents for a profit of 22 cents, your total profit is 33 cents. You've tripled your profit. If an aftershow can keep 1/2 the audience it can still make a profit because they cost next to nothing to make. I'm all for them finding ways that generate more revenue besides just raising prices all the time. The after show does generate revenue for all access because of the commercial option.
  18. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    You're lucky you can get CBS over the air. Where my brother in law lives in New Hampshire, if you want free TV, you have to have an antenna about 50 feet off the ground to get one channel, an ABC affiliate. I go both ways with it. I don't like the idea of paying but on the other hand space based science fiction shows don't survive on the major networks. If Star Trek was there it wouldn't last more than a year or two at best. TOS had ratings that a tv network would kill for now and it got canceled after 3 seasons. I'd rather have Netflix and CBS all access for a few months a year than cable at $1200 a year.
  19. That's where it's headed anyway. Cable costs anywhere from $100 to $200 a month in most parts of the U.S. Subscriptions to cable have been dropping. As more people drop out, they'll have to raise prices or cut channels. Higher prices for less channels, more people will leave. In 10 years, you won't have one stop shopping anymore. You'll be choosing from hundreds of channels and packages for $5, $10, $20, $30 each. A la cart tv. Instead of 1 $150 bill, you'll have 10 or 15 smaller bills. You may not get as many channels as before but you'll get the ones you want. No more, you want this one new channel, you'll have to upgrade and get 50 new channels at $75 a month extra. If you're not impressed, that's understandable. There's no way that anyone could make a ST show that everyone would like. Can't be done. Ratings on CBS all access are more accurate even though CBS will never release them. They can tell how many people watch it and how many times. If 1/4 of subscribers watch a show and most of them watch it more than once, there is no way they'll cancel it unless it gets way too expensive. The good thing from CBS's viewpoint is that it's bought and paid for and can draw in new viewers for years. And they make money on DVD sales.
  20. Goodbye everyone.

    Fourthed, I don't know you either but the more old school Star Trek fans the better. I'd kinda dreading the day when the first newby comes in saying Picard, who is Picard?
  21. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    I agree with the pirating. I'll admit I have done it but it's usually for an old tv show or game that I can't find anywhere else. $10 a month is very reasonable. My problem was with my cable company when I wanted to watch Dr. Who. I was already paying a $100 a month for basic cable. To watch bbc america. I had to upgrade to a better box and service which raised the price to $150 a month and then another package to raise it to $175 a month. And you cannot change back to the old plan once you upgrade. I rarely watch TV and $75 a month to watch one TV show was insane. That's one of the reason's I don't have cable anymore.
  22. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    There's 15 episode in a season. Two have already been released. I haven't been able to find a release schedule but if they release one episode a week like they have been saying the 13 remaining episodes should take about 3 months to show. Once they've finished the current years run, you can cancel the service. 3 months X $10 = $30. I've got a recording dvr that lets's me edit and burn episodes on dvd so I'll get the $6 package, fast forward past the commercials on my first viewing and edit the commercials out on my second viewing. $6 x 3 is $18. Or I could wait until they're all out, take the free service, record them all and cancel the service, thereby paying nothing for it other than the small cost of a blank dvd if I want to burn them to disc for later viewing. Distributing the show is illegal. Copying for your own viewing is not. They've just made it so that you can't record and burn dvd's in high def, which is their right. There no problem if you're not interested in the show. Times have changed. It's not going to be like the previous shows just like NG was different than TOS. I understand why people just aren't that interested enough in the show to want to spend money to see it. There are very few shows that I'd be willing to spend extra to see. Cost really isn't that much of a factor if you really want to see the show. If you're only mildly interested in watching why would you want to spend any money to see it?
  23. I've read rules that there shouldn't be conflict within the crew. I don't think they watched TOS. Spock used the neck pinch on fellow crewmates several times. Kirk got into arguments with his superior officer on numerous occasions. Matt Decker for one. He didn't punch him but there was a lot of conflict there when he believed that what Matt was doing was wrong.
  24. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    Cable TV costs over a hundred dollars a month and has commercials. I look at it as the basic cost is $10.00 a month but if you don't want to pay that much you can cut the cost almost in half to $6.00 a month by letting other people put commercials in the show and paying the other half.
  25. I only watched the first episode so far. I enjoyed it. It felt like ST to me. You can't develop great chemistry in two episodes. Imo, the Star Trek feeling for a show cannot happen in just two episodes. The first two episodes of TOS aired were The Man Trap and Charlie X. An opinion of ST based on just those two episodes would be a lot different than an opinion based on a few seasons of ST. I was reading some of the reviews on other sites and I swear that there are people who are disappointed that they didn't have a scene where they tilted the camera and told everyone to pretend to fall towards the right side of the stage and then tilted the camera the other way and had them all run to the other side of the stage. All while dramatic music played and the lit off some firecrackers and poured in smoke.