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  1. The more I watch TOS

    The alternate earths are why I've always thought it should have been the second federation. The federation rose. Colonies settled. Federation collapsed in warfare. Space travel stopped for 500 years. Earth, Vulcan etc rebuild and start exploring again. Enterprise finds lost colonies that forgot that they were colonies and learned from old books.
  2. The people at Bitnik Studios created a program that could write in the style of any author. They fed all seven Harry Potter books into the program and generated a new chapter for a new book. If you've read the Harry Potter books this is a familiar sounding but hysterically warped version of the Harry Potter books.
  3. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    To me, Star Trek has always been a creature of television. Television allows writers the time to flesh out characters and ideas. Movies are always more of a slice of time. I don't have that much problem with an R rating as long as it's a soft R. My kids and I watched R movies and TV ma shows when they were in 6th grade. Each kid is different. My son was terrified of Reading Rainbow when he was really little because the first episode he saw showed a fire.But the same son and I watched the TV ma show 6 feet under together when he was in middle school. He had no problem with it. But when my son, daughter and I watched a particular episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I didn't think twice about when they were about the same age, they had nightmares about it for weeks. They never watched horror movies because it would give them nightmares. When it comes to swearing, children need to learn when swearing is appropriate and when it is not. They need to learn that swear words are a form of power words that will get a serious negative reaction if you use them in the wrong situation. Simply hearing a naughty word isn't going to destroy a child. I crack up on some people I've known that swear every other word who won't let their kids go to R-rated movies because they might be exposed to swearing. So to me it depends on why the show gets an R rating. A few f-bombs, some mild violence a little above pg-13 and some mild sexual situations and I wouldn't have had much problem with letting my kids watch it when they were younger but not too young. Scenes with people getting their heads cut off with blood flying everywhere, no so much. Star Trek was never geared towards really little kids anyway. I think that a 10 or 12 year old is more likely to be into ST than a 4 or 5 year old. By the time a kid is 10 or 12, they have probably been exposed to a lot of stuff that their parent's would be appalled of. But if they've got good parents and friends, they'll be fine. The question of Tarantino-Trek is whether or not he has enough will power and desire to reign himself in and keep the movie on target.
  4. CBS All Access

    I like the idea of limited Trek series. That's the way to explore Trek's past. An 8 episode arc about the Romulan war. Or a short arc about meeting Vulcans for the first time. You could standardize ship's by era. So all series based in the Disc time frame can use dressed up Disc sets. You could have a short series about founding a new human/alien colony. There's no limit. And it would be easy to have crossovers. One series in disc era and one series set post voyager. Then have multiple short series around the two timelines. More like British TV.
  5. Hello from CT

    Welcome to the board.
  6. It could have worked then but not now. People in the early 60's had a different expectation of the pacing of a show. Many of the popular shows back then would be considered impossibly slow today. With today's audience, if something exciting doesn't happen in the first 5 minutes, they change the channel.
  7. Rogue Planet

    I seem to like this episode more than many here do. I'd give it a 7. First, I didn't have much problem with a living rogue planet. Start with an Earth sized water world that gets thrown out of its system. If you start with an earth size world but give it 10 times more radioactive elements you get a lot of volcanos.But change the composition of the crust that you get more yellowstone type volcanos. No nice tall cones. More like explosions that slowly build continent size pits with tall walls. After a few hundred thousand years in deep space the large pits end up with constantly boiling water surrounding volcanic vents and cooler life supporting water further away. Around these vents are the land. The air is trapped in multiple continent size bowls. Enter a second world with advanced life growing on a world surrounding a very dim star with a 6 month day with little light and a 6 month very cold night when everything freezes over. A huge asteroid hits blowing huge chunks of the planet into space. Rogue world travels through the debris and picks up ready made multicellular life. The plants live by chemosynthesis. They are treelike because they get much of their nutrients from the air not the ground. Hunting is interesting. This is a classic prime directive situation. Hunting is not approved of on Earth at this time but does Earth have the right to impose its values on another world? I can see where another race would look at how people now on the Earth raise animals for meat and be appalled. We keep animals in small boxes and force feed them so we can kill them. People have lost all connection with the land. I can see a people who believe that if you want to eat meat the only moral thing to do is to let the animals live free. You should hunt, kill and prepare them yourself. They leave 90% of their planet as open spaces and hunting preserves. The people choose to live in the boxes and the animals are allowed to be free. The environment is carefully taken care of. If you have to hunt and kill animals yourself if you want to eat meat, you learn to respect the animals and the land that they live on. Hunting is respected because it gives meaning to life. The circle of life is not just a saying, it's something that people deeply feel. Hunting is a religion and a core value to these people. It gives meaning to their lives. The last thing is why do people assume that the woman is intelligent. When I watched the show, my impression was that the telepath was an intelligent hunting animal like a wolf. They are ambush hunters. They use their telepathy to lure animals into range so they can catch them. Sometimes they work together to hunt larger animals and sometimes they hunt alone. When they were being hunted themselves, their first response was to use their abilities to hunt back when they couldn't hide as any cornered animal would. But now those abilities aren't working. They sensed that humans were different. They couldn't read minds or understand thoughts but they could feel and understand emotions. They stimulated the appropriate parts of Archers mind and his mind manufactured the beautiful woman in distress. The telepath didn't talk to Archer it just sent its needs and desires into Archers brain and Archers mind created the conversation. The telepath could use what it was given because it could see pictures in Archers mind. It didn't have a clue why it worked or how it just knew how to use it. A dog can press a lever to get food but that doesn't mean it really understand what it is doing beyond the obvious. The big question in my mind is what is intelligence? These telepaths seem intelligent but are they? They only talked to Archer because if they talked to more than one person at a time, each person's mind would make up a different story. The beautiful woman in distress appealed to Archer. T'Pol would have seen some sort of logical argument rather than the emotional appeal that Archer saw. When the various people realized that they all saw and heard wildly different things it would have set off alarm bells.
  8. Christopher Plummer to replace Kevin Spacey

    I really wish there was a way to rehabilitate him. He is a really gifted actor and I'll miss him. But he just went too far for too long. He hurt too many people. It went past harassment and into multiple sexual assaults. And some of his victims were children. If he had just asked every adult who he was sexually attracted to to have sex with him to the point that it was harassment, he might be able to get treatment and apologize many, many times and gradually work his way back. But his crimes were much to severe to go that route. Now Louis C.K. is a little different in my mind. From the reports I've read, there were no children involved. He also never touched his victims. It seemed more like sexual harassment than full on sexual assault. With him, extensive treatment and a long apology tour may work to salvage some of his career. The problem is that to do it right will take years and a comedian whose out of the public eye for 4 or 5 years is forgotten.
  9. Christopher Plummer to replace Kevin Spacey

    I wonder what people would feel about a digital version of Spacey in the last season of House of Cards. Just for a few scenes where they kill him off in the first new episode. I hate the fact that they finally put a woman in charge and then cancel the show.
  10. Kirk Drift

    I don't have that much problem with JJverse Kirk the same way I don't have a problem with Mirror Kirk. They are three different characters. It's like you take two identical twins and raise them in different environments. There are going to be some things similar because they have the same genes but there are going to be some things completely different. Like most of the people here, I think that Beyond is the only real ST movie of the three but its not a prime universe ST. Comparing JJverse and TOS is like comparing TOS and TNG. There both ST but with a different set of characters. Pine's Kirk and Shattner's Kirk are similar but not the same.
  11. General Marvel Discussion

    It'll just go back to DVD. Before streaming, you had to have the DVD's (and vhs earlier) if you wanted to watch what you wanted when you wanted to. I liked all the Marvel shows on Netflix except Iron Fist. My favorite was Jessica Jones.
  12. Didn't the new Kirk cheat to get around the Kobayashi Maru in the first movie. Use an alternate George Kirk, (a shadow kirk or something) as a KM test. JT Kirk's only option to save the Enterprise is to let his dad die again. Yes it mirrors the Spock death scene but the movies are going to copy stuff anyway.
  13. I don't have as much of a problem with George Kirk coming back if it's not the real George Kirk. A shadow Kirk might be a mindless fun episode. Or a George Kirk version of Thomas Riker where he split off from George long before he met JT Kirk"s mother. Or some kind of shapeshifter pretending to be George, especially if the shape shifter doesn't know they are a shapeshifter. James Kirk meets someone who looks, acts and has some of the memories of his dad but isn't really his dad. Maybe the fake dad ends up dying again to save his son.
  14. Discovery and Me

    I agree with you that fans aren't people that mindlessly wolf down anything with ST written on it. But in the comments section of other sites I've read hundreds of comments that ST has always been (sexist, racist, etc.) and people who are calling themselves fans are demanding that the cast should be all white straight males who go around the galaxy killing people who aren't like them. I've read people say that if Kirk was around he would have killed all the gay people as soon as he met them. Comments like that have nothing to do with the core values of ST. People can say they like ST but if they cannot describe what happened in a single episode of any of the series and what they describe has nothing to do with any real episodes, they may call themselves ST fans but they are not. Gus has a firm grasp of what he likes in ST that is based in reality. I've read posts on other sites that describe ST in a way that doesn't even come close to reality.
  15. Discovery and Me

    Gus Your one of the people who have a good reason for not being interested in the new Star Trek. ST has changed because it has to to survive but you want the same old ST, which I believe we can all respect. I liked the old ST's optimistic with outbeing Pollyanna optimistic as well. But unlike you I also like the more gritty but still optimistic type of show when it's the darkness before the light type of thing. With ST I always viewed it that Earth had solved most of its major problems. Famine, disease, prejudice, etc. were all gone but the galaxy was still a dangerous place. But all humans aren't the same. There are a few bad apples in every bunch. Especially one's raised in Earth's colonies that aren't as perfect as the Earth is. So I've always felt that ST has a place for some darker episodes as long as the optimism is still there. There's a difference between someone like Gus who say's I know what I want in ST and this isn't it and someone who demands a straight up clone of TOS except that they must change a couple of thing that are core to the series. Of course, each person wants different things to change and believes that he and only he is the arbitrator of what ST really is. Gus is still a true fan even if he has burned out on ST. I'm not so sure about the people who demand that ST totally change its core values to match some vague vision of what they think it should be.