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  1. Your overall impression after season 1

    It seems like TV writers are taught to right dumbed down characters. While there are some good shows, they are few and far between. It's the same thing with movies. So many movies and TV series depend on characters acting uncharacteristically foolish or always foolish for drama's sake that it ruins what could have been a great show, time after time. I guess it's difficult to write intelligent characters who make intelligent decisions that just don't work for some reason.
  2. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    I wonder how it would work if a show really had little or no canon. Writers could do whatever they wanted every episode. New show. The basis of the show is that each season is one month in the life of our lead characters, a husband and a wife starting January 1, 2010. Every episode starts on the same three sets, a living room, kitchen and bedroom of a typical upper middle class american couple. A calendar with the date circled starts every episode. Everything else can change. They might have an episode where the couple is trying to have a baby and they make a big deal about the fact that they are both orphans and are they ready to be parents. A couple of episodes later, set about a week after the first one, their two teenage kids walk in while the wife is talking on the phone to her mother. They are employed as a doctor and a lawyer in one episode and are a husband and wife plumbing company, where they met in plumbing school the next. They are only children in one episode and have 8 siblings in a later episode. The show is a half hour sitcom one week and an hour long hospital drama where the couple are husband and wife surgeons the next. The next week, they walk out of their front door and get on their horses and the whole episode is a western where she is the sheriff of a small town and he is her deputy. The whole idea is that canon doesn't matter. You shouldn't run out of ideas because the writers can do almost anything with the characters including killing them off at the end of the episode and it won't matter when the next episode starts.
  3. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    There is a lot of play there. Plus Quinto Spock is in an alternate universe so there was no need to make him exactly like Spock. When you switch actors, you're going to have differences. That's different than when you make major changes in how a character acts from episode to episode like they did with Janeway. Voy is Star Trek but it's my least favorite series because of stuff like that. To me something like calling a planet a harsh prison world in one episode and a resort world in another episode is annoying because there really is no reason for it. Just give the planet a different name. It's the kind of stuff that jolts me out of a story. It's like having a character having grown up in Italy in one story and France in the next. It throws me off. I look at canon the same way I look at historical novels. I like the Master and Commander series. I don't really care that if you add up the time in all of the books its 10 or 15 years longer than the historical time period. I don't care that a particular person wasn't the commander of the Fleet until two years after the story was set. I don't care about the minor changes the author made to make the story fit. I would care if they all of a sudden said that London was the capital of France or had steam powered warships in 1807. I don't sweat the little things. Just don't say that Vulcan's have orange blood when they went to great lengths in TOS to establish that they have green blood. Although it would be an interesting show if the writers were able to switch things up every episode with no continuity at all. Have an episode where they meet the inlaws and the next year have different actor play the part with a totally different backstory. Be kinda fun.
  4. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    Part of canon is consistency of character. If someone wrote a great script but it required all of the characters to act totally out of character it might be a good story but it wouldn't be star trek. A script with Spock acting all emotional and having to convince a timid Kirk to fire photon torpedoes when the Enterprise is in immediate danger of being destroyed without any explanation might be a good story but it just wouldn't fit. The bridge crew freezing in an emergency without any reason given. That sort of thing would violate canon and not really be Star Trek. On the other hand, If TOS had been made a few years earlier it would have been in black and white. Would that have been canon? If it had been made in 1924 would people complain that the show had sound and you can't see the strings on the spaceships? I don't think that Discovery fits especially well with canon but then again neither do any of the other shows if you want to nitpick. It depends on how important things are to you. I like Discovery a lot and I'm willing to say it's close enough to canon that I don't mind.
  5. Your overall impression after season 1

    Space is big. There are thousands of potential species out there. The TOS Enterprise and the NG Enterprise explored in one direction. DS9 was in one place. VOY was in a totally different part of the galaxy. Just have DISC go in a different direction than the Enterprises did. How many alien species have we seen once or twice? They could meet dozens of new species and it wouldn't affect canon at all. Pick a species besides the featured ones like the Klingons. How many individuals or ships of these species have we seen. Leave out one's that lived right near DS9. Let's say the Andorians. How many different Andorians have we seen in Star Trek? And how many of these came on the same few ship? You see them most in ENT because we're near their territory. You also see them in TOS and DISC because we are near their territory. How many times did we see them in DS9, outside their territory? Not very often. Most species tend to stay in the general area where their home world(s) are. Some species may only have a few space ships. You're much more likely to see them closer to their homeworld(s). It's like a show based in the UK where all of the ships in the past sailed south then East and explored the coast of Africa and the lands around the Indian Ocean. Well have this ship sail west and explore the other side of the Atlantic Ocean for a change.
  6. Your overall impression after season 1

    I just read some comments about Discovery on a different site and many of the people commented that they didn't like Discovery because it wasn't enough like TOS. They complain about the writing etc. I wonder if some of the problem is that the mentality of the 1960's and today are different. TOS tried to be inclusive but at its heart it was till sexist. How many people out there think that if Discovery were real ST it would be sexist also? TOS also had a tendency to reflect the idea that America is a perfect land and everyone should be just like us. The Prime Directive states that the Federation shouldn't interfere with the natural development of society. Kirk had a tendency to say that any society that is taking a different path than the Federation is is not developing naturally. Obviously the natural development of any society should lead to people just like us. That superiority complex of humans and human society shines through TOS. It reflects the attitudes of America at the time. I don't mind it. It's the show I grew up with and its a product of its time. No show is perfect. But I get the impression that some people want their ST to be sexist and exclusive like TOS tried not to be but frequently was. One of the things I like about the new show is that it does seem to try to be inclusive. Once again it's not perfect but its closer than the earlier shows were.
  7. Your overall impression after season 1

    To me that kind of like having a new Sherlock Holmes show and saying that you don't want Holmes to keep solving mysteries because it's been done to death. You've got a whole galaxy of new aliens to discover. If they go in a different direction than the Enterprise did, they can discover new species that have never been seen before. Space is big. The advantage of a mixed format of long tale and short tale they aren't locked into nice neat stories that can be locked up in exactly 48 minutes. Not all good science fiction is novel length. There are a lot of great short stories at the short end and series of novels at the long end.
  8. Your overall impression after season 1

    I prefer to have a mixture of stand alone and season long arc shows. Stories don't just happen to be just the right length to fit a timeslot. Sometimes extra fluff is added to make it fit. Having both long and short storytelling allows for less fluff. TNG usually had two storylines in an episode. Its a format that works. In this case one of the two storylines is the ongoing storyline and the other is more short form. Many episodes will be dominated by the longform story. The divide is not fixed. In a 45 minute episode it could be 40 minutes and 5 minutes, split evenly or anything in between. Discovery's first season was so cluttered with storylines that they had to rush to complete them. If Discovery's purpose is not to explore strange new world, to seek out new life and new civilizations, what should it be?
  9. Your overall impression after season 1

    Overall, I think that season one was very good. It's a little off from the rest of Star Trek but not so off that I wouldn't group it with the rest. I grew up watching TOS so that is my go to show when I think of ST. Most of the peaceful, perfect society, Star Trek was retrofitted into the first series long after it was canceled. My view of humans in TOS was that in general they were more moral than modern humans but there were still lots of exceptions. They were a society that gave everyone a decent chance and tended to produce good moral people but wasn't perfect. What's really funny about TOS is that in some ways the original is the odd man out when it comes to tone. DISC,TOS, DS9, VOY and Ent can all be considered the odd man out in tone in one way or another. The only series that consistently has the ST tone is NG because that was the series most under Roddenberry's control. Some of the things that don't fit bother me and some do. I think that when they start traveling, they'll be able to hit their stride. They'll be able to set a tone of local story, big story. They'll have some sort of year long story, like the Klingon War going on all season but when they visit a new planet, they'll have a smaller plotline for just that planet. Character development would be part of the longer storyline. I'm getting resigned to the fact that this series is set in the TOS era but it isn't going to be a perfect fit. On the other hand, I've read a lot of long science fiction series. I'm currently reading a series that just published its 18th book written over a 25 year span. When I reread the first book recently, I found all sorts of things that didn't match with things later on in the series. A lot of them were minor, like two characters were related on the mother's side in the first book and on the father's side in every book after that. Names changed spelling. Hundreds of details change from book to book. In one book a secondary character is described as a 9 year old dark skinned girl. Three books later she is featured on the cover of the book as a 9 year old white girl. These changes are all occuring in one series with one writer. These sorts of discrepancies cannot be helped once a series gets to be too big. Things will slip through. Another type of discrepancy can happen when a writer ignores something because they need to make a point. If a writer has a line in book one of a series that a character's father is Jewish and his mother is Irish but by book 14 it is important to the plot of the book that the father should be Irish and the mother Jewish, the writer might just change it up because it fits the story better. The question is where do you draw the line between something that is so crucial to the story that you really shouldn't change it and what is a minor detail. The only thing that bothers me is a major war that isn't mentioned anywhere else. I don't mind the Spore Drive because I look at it as a scientific experiment that succeeded beyond their wildest dreams that they can't find a way to duplicate and it's hidden for very good reasons such as it might kill the pilot and it would tend to disrupt society. I'm sure that back in the Bronze age Iron smelting was invented over and over again by people who got it to work once but then couldn't get it to work a second time. While smelting Iron is hard, inventing a Spore Drive is much much harder.
  10. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    They would probably want to keep it a secret if they decided to cast Quinto.
  11. The Federation-Klingon War in 2257 (SPOILERS)

    The uniforms may be fixed when we see the uniforms on the Enterprise. I see no reason why the crew of the Enterprise and Discovery have to have the same uniforms. The Klingons I'm not going to argue about. They could have simply modified the NG ones. Making the Klingons look so different doesn't make any sense. My problem is with the storyline. I've got no problem with the spore drive. It was a technology that was considered dangerous and they couldn't duplicate it so it was hidden. But an entire war just kind of disappears into history doesn't make much sense to me.
  12. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    Could any of the rest of the Enterprise crew be there? Chekov would be to young but Scotty might have been there. Who could we get to play Scotty? Who looks enough like James Doohan to play the part? I think casting his son in a cameo would please many of the fans.
  13. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    I could see a two part episode where the Discovery helps the Enterprise rescue First Officer Spock. You see a shot of the bridge which shows a bridge similar to the classic Enterprise. Then the only other part of the Enterprise you see is a conference room. Then they rescue Spock. There is a five minute scene at the end where Spock and Sarek are coldly formal and Burnham is a polite go between. Then a short scene of Spock and Burnham where Spock says something to the effect that he knew that she would do big things in Star Fleet. Or something else logical and unemotional but inspirational to Burnham.
  14. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    How bout a slimy tentacle that slimes up the touchscreen.
  15. Episode 1.15 “Will You Take My Hand?” Discussion Thread

    The only way that the plan with the Klingon works is politics. The war was started with the young leaders against the wishes of the old guard, the religious leaders, the minor houses etc. The wiser older Klingons wanted war just as much as the younger ones did but they knew that if they went to war now the Klingons would fragment like they always do and they'd end up with a civil war with 12 different sides all fighting each other to the death. L'Rell was useful. She had the religious angle that they could use. They'll use her until the major houses can get their act together and then push her out. And put me in the camp that doesn't want to see Spock. Or maybe use him as the McGuffin. Spock and the landing party are missing and the Enterprise needs help to rescue them. When they finally rescue him he is badly hurt and says maybe one or two words and is hauled off to sick bay. So we see him but he doesn't get to do much. Put a couple of aliens on the bridge that can't use touch screens. A feline that uses its claws would work better with buttons. It seems to me that the basic layout doesn't look that outdated. Maybe the buttons are more like mouse buttons that can fine tune individual controls. The operator can spin them until their at the right setting and then push. Having individual controls might be better than a touch screen that might not work in battle if the operator has blood on their hands. Even the lamp things could have a view screen attached and show someone adjusting them. Maybe have a really short alien navigator replaced with a really tall navigator. Don't explain it. Show the people using it in the background. With imagination, you could make controls that kind of look like these controls and show people using them differently than TOS did.