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  1. Likely to be a space-timey-whimey thing, but you could write it: Lorca: Constitution class? I can't breath on one of those things. Too cramped. And what's that old world charm...? (takes a drink) Cornwell: you say tomahto, I say streamlined. Command crew efficiency is eight to fifteen percent higher on a Constitution bridge than any other class in the fleet. Daystrom himself redesigned the computer interfaces so that you can do with a panel this big (indicates a small width with her hands) what it takes three screens to accomplish on Discovery. It's the way of the future, Gabriel...
  2. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    Yes, as worthy of being a Star Trek as anything else with that name. Will miss it.
  3. Well, they were back to the 13s last week, so maybe they're indeed going the random gibberish route this time around. From the original series through the animated and the various 24th century Treks, they sort-of lined up. There was a bit of a moment when Stamets did the "Captain, what are you doing here" thing where I thought, ah ha! The spores are going to lead to some kind of space-time twisty thingy a'la "Parallels" and it all comes together. Explains the Klingons, the high tech and everything.
  4. This episode dated Stardate 2136 point something takes place after Mudd's Women, Stardate 1329. I thought they were going to get it right way back in episode one when when the Stardate was 12 something. It's a minor, trivial thing but that makes it a minor, trivial effort to avoid. It's just typing. With Mudd now a bit crazed and deadly, there should be none of that prime timeline guff any more, not unless there's something mighty weird and wild coming the a universe near you before the show ends. That said, I'm enjoying the show!
  5. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    I suspect legal issues would prevent this, specifically giving tacit legitimacy to technically copyright-infringing works, but if ever Spock of Pike's Enterprise finds himself on Discovery, I think I would prefer to see him played by Todd Haberkorn than Zachary Quinto. Nothing against the excellent Quinto but Haberkorn would look like he's coming from the original in a much more powerful way than Quinto. Looking forward to the last one, and then I'll really miss it. A minor golden age will close with the last fade out.
  6. Critical commentary aside, I'm curious how the running times will trend. Binary Stars clocks in (on Netflix) at 39 minutes. I thought it was a typo at first. This is the one technical aspect that's actually inferior to the 1960s Star Trek! Commercial considerations notwithstanding, egregious on a subscription service (I got to use that NYT word!), at least give us Galactica running times if not Game of Thrones.
  7. Need help finding a specific episode.

    Possibly The Empath
  8. Lost in Space Finds Itself at Netflix.

    Smith could work in the same way as Gaius Baltar worked in the new Battlestar Galactica. Yes, he's responsible nice mess they gotten themselves but his culpability is hidden or offset by some useful or even essential capabilities. Think of the snarling villiany of John Collicos in the original BSG vs James Callis, who frequently reminded me of Dr Smith. An erudite, self-interested coward who was nevertheless endearing and ultimately redemptive. There were third season Lost in Space episodes where Smith was remarkably and contritely self-aware (see The Time Merchant). You certainly can't and shouldn't recreate the Jonathan Harris take on Smith but a creative reimagining with flashes of Harris could make him as compelling character as the new Baltar. Good writers and good actors can make the full ensemble work.
  9. Ha! I guess that explains it. Did the actor sound like Hitchcock? (Indeed, is there a stock "German Hitchcock" actor as there is for other Hollywood actors when they are dubbed? Not that the shows you reference are dubbed, of course.)
  10. I read the Hitchcock intros. Maybe it's just me, but the second one was intriguing. To my mind's ear, Hitchcock implies that he wasn't expecting to have to write intros to all of the books but that he somehow ended up having to do so. He never states this, but suggests it rather obliquely. Fascinating. He then does a literary shrug of the shoulders and gets on with the job. I also get the impression that he never actually read any of the books in detail. Perhaps you know more about his relationship with the series. I did have a look inside one and it reminded me of a book I read as a child about schoolboy detective "Encyclopedia Brown." Also a series, I believe.
  11. Two battered volumes continuously survive the cull of old books in my school library due their perpetual popularity.
  12. From the BBC series In the Flesh. Series 2, Episode 5. Not only do the indicators move but the colour graphics alter with the status of the patient too. Must have been great fun to re-create! Detail: