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  1. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Hmmm. Good question... I want this series to enrich and add texture to the TOS universe, so I agree with others that I want it to remain consistent that that universe by assuming that TNG/DS9/VOY era aliens were largely first-contacted post-Undiscovered Country. (caveat: I will always take some Q--so long at he's not just dropping in to pester the DSC crew, but represents the Continuum on some important trans-dimensional outreach mission--and maybe establish a canonical Q-Trelane connection). Things from the TOS era... I don't want to see the limiting role for women in TOS retconned in DSC. Just ignore some of those silly lines of dialogue..To try to expalain it would only give credence to it and make TOS more sexist in our head canon by comparison.
  2. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Oh I totally agree. But after years of Bad Robot and Berman/Braga excuses, I love that this team knows its canon even down to the most obscure references. One of the Klingon houses in DSC has the same name as the Klingon house Janeway-as-Klingon mentioned in a throw away line in that Hirogen-Holodeck arc on Voyager. And Ted Sullivan has name dropped aliens from the Animated Series.
  3. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    But what is refreshing about the DSC team is that they claim they WILL sweat every episode. Here is Ted Sullivan talking about the canon challenges of Enterprise, which they are going to respect even though it sounds like they don't care much for the series: Enterprise did a lot of scrambling and covering and patching up things, which I think worked for that show. It is hard to be in the middle between that show and TOS. [Discovery staff writer and “Keeper of the canon”] Kirsten Beyer will probably tell you the most arguments she and I have had are me saying “Wait, we can’t do that because of something on Enterprise?” But, we respect that. Enterprise is canon and it’s tough and it was a constantly shifting show.
  4. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Gretchen Berg: “Any kind of canon is like Scripture. There’s some interpretation going on,” she said. “I really find that my favorite creative people can look at those boundaries and say, there’s so much room within to play. Instead of going outside the lines, we can dig deeper within the boundaries that exist.” I have always said this about canon. It's a copout to say its rules are limiting--though I understand that they way big blockbuster movies are made these days, you can't honor those rules. Glad this is the view of the DSC show runners.
  5. Speaking of spouses. My husband describes himself as "not a fan, not not a fan". He just isn't interested in sci-fi, though he likes the kind of movies I take him to. He's never really seen any Star Trek. But we're going to watch DSC together and podcasting about it. You can hear us gearing up for what we expect in this episode of my pod. He's basically looking for it to hold his interest for an hour, which is a high bar. It will be tough to stay up on a Sunday night till 10:30. That's late for us.
  6. For those of us who are super excited about DSC, I'm curious what your are doing to prepare for Sunday night? Decorate your living room with action figures? Pull out your dress uniform? I want to do something ceremonial but Im not sure what. My top 5 Trek viewing experiences where I was similarly super excited in the days leading up to it: TNG premier: sure if my mom had not called me in from playing outside, I might have missed it. But I remember seeing the promos and being really excited. 25th Anniversary: by this point I was the biggest Trekkie in the family, and I was getting an entire day of Trek on TV. 10 episodes of the original series; a 2 hour special hosted by Shatner and Nimoy, capped off by the 5th season TNG premier. I decorated our living room with my model star ships. I wore my homemade movie era uniform. My grandmother wanted to call the local paper just to write about how hyped I was. This was probably the pinnacle of Trek hype for me. DS9 premier All Good Things: I was locked out of the house that Saturday afternoon and had to climb onto the roof and through my bedroom window, but I got in just in time to see Worf and Deana walking out of the holodeck. VOY premier. This was the last time I was hyped up for a big Trek episode, and it was 22 years ago, when I was 14. So my excitement over DSC is really taking me back to my youth.
  7. The Orville

    The best joke was the first one, when the blue alien had an orgasm out of his forehead. "Do you know how hard it is to get blue out of a white lamp shade?" That said, the funny was few and far between because McFarland wants to make a serious Sci-fi show. That's fine. It's also fine to do a homage to 90s Trek that is not an outright parody or satire. He apparently wants to re-create the kind of TV show that TNG was. Again, that is fine, but doing that 20 years after that type of show reached peak exhaustion, you are kind of obligated to do something different with the format you are trying to recreate. If the Orville pilot's plot was a TNG episode, it would have been a middling D+/C- episode that no one would remember or talk about afterward. It was a dull, conventional story that anyone who has seen Star Trek or Star Wars has seen a hundred times. I'm trying to think of another show that has tried this kind of loving recreation without being an parody.... Stranger Things lovingly recreates the 1980s/90s sci-fi horror genre, and it has many of the same elements of X-Files and Twin Peaks with some Spielberg and Stephen King thrown in. But it depicts all those elements in a completely fresh way that equals the best of modern TV while also being completely in synch with the classic elements. When I was watching Stranger Things last year I thought to myself "Who needs the X-Files revival with a show this good." But the show runners are not thinking of that show or even Galaxy Quest as a template. They think of MASH as a model, which is telling. By this I think they mean that MASH is a show about serious issues but is also a comedy. Well that was easier for MASH because it was a half hour sitcom with a backdrop of the Korean War. Comedy can be found in pain, and all that. But for The Orville, their version of the Korean War backdrop is the topes of 90s Trek.... Not sure this can work in the long run.
  8. Shore Leave

    Just rewathced this one. Not sure it's any good at all. Do people really like this episode?
  9. The Menagerie

    Has there been any novels or comics that explored Pike on Talos IV post-Menagerie?
  10. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    Yesterday I bought CBS All Access. A full year for just shy of 60$. Money well spent.
  11. Lots of New Information on Discovery

    For what it's worth... I had a nightmare last night that it was the day of DSC premier and I was going to sign up with CBS All Access but waited too late in the day. There was technical problems, I couldn't log in, and missed the premier. Message: I'm going to sign up this week.
  12. Opinions on DSC's supposed TV-MA rating?

    Oh I totally get it. But over the years that #optimism! has sometimes been interpreted to mean that Trek has to be spotless, shiny, candy colored confectionary perfection. TNG and VOY propagated this. So I take heart that TOS--at least the season 1 Ive been watching--was able to say: Yes, we have achieved a more advanced, humanistic society, but it ain't easy, it's messy, there is still evil forces at work and gruesome dangers that must be faced if we wish to explore the unknown.
  13. Opinions on DSC's supposed TV-MA rating?

    IN my rewatch of TOS Im struck by how dark it was, at least in season 1. You might even call it "gritty" compared to TNG. Yes it has the optimistic vision, but a slew of people are killed off left and right. Entire ships are blow up. Crew are snuffed out of existence or mutilated--think Charlie X. Several critics noted this at the time--how anyone who expected a cheerful and optimistic vision of the space age would be disappointed by Star Trek. So DSC may be more graphic in its depictions of violence than TOS could be, TOS certainly suggested a lot of violence as well. And sometimes the suggestion leaves more of an imprint that an actual image. Also, the show runners have said cursing and nudity would not work on Trek. So as others have said the MA rating indicated violence and adult themes.
  14. No God in Trek?

    just remembered, Cassidy Yates's mom wanted her and Sisko married by a minister instead of admiral ross. And Sisko's dad studied the bible, memorizing parts of it. So there are Christians in Trek.
  15. A New Way to Fly, Fossil Fuels?

    The one thing I have heard about DSC that Im not in favor of is that they will have technobabble. While it was introduced as a 'feature not a bug' of Trek on TNG (probably because it helped establish how smart Data was), it was overused on VOY as the deus ex machina of so many episodes. Reading about TOS you find that GR and the other producers worked hard to strip out as much technobabble as possible that writers put into the scripts. The writers wanted to invent all this cool sounding technical jargon to convey Science-Fiction! But the producers worried that would confuse the audience, and distract them from the real story. In the first season TOS Ive been rewatching the main story is almost never revolved around a technical problem, of if there is a technical problem it is secondary to the human conflict or drama. So with DSC, I dont know, it sounds like the Stamets character is suppose to be super smart, and they will show this by having him spout technobabble--like Data. Hopefully his character will be more than just that.