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  1. Steam Based Game: Tardigrades

    Has anyone seen posts regarding this Steam game under development since 2014? There seems to be a lot of elements that parallel DSC's tardigrade and spore drive.
  2. What was the last Star Trek episode you watched?

    I'm just finishing Shore Leave right now.... it's on netflix and it started on it's own after Balance of Terror. Fun episode... I was going to turn it off, but my six year old son has been sucked into it more than any other up to this point. He's enthralled in the mystery of the planet, something kind of lost on me after 30+ years. Great fun seeing this through new eyes.
  3. My own Enterprise(s) build...

    The windows and such were pretty clean actually... a few needed cleanup. Around the shuttle bay is still a mess... there's some bondo there and the dome above the bay doors isn't in yet in yet. I'm going to fill and spray the seems on top and bottom of the neck and try airbrushing a bit of weathering; I had no intention of doing that when I started, however I'm getting braver in that regard. All of the paint so far is spray and I've been playing with the airbrush a bit more.... getting more comfortable with it. Once I move into the refit, I'm going to be committed to the airbrush, I have some of the powders to create the interference effect with the paint finish. Should be fun that one. Here's one of the LED strip light tests for the bottom of the saucer.
  4. My own Enterprise(s) build...

    Here's another image.
  5. My own Enterprise(s) build...

    Update: Here is the 1701, about 90% complete... a few pieces left on secondary hull, a few touchups with paint and a few decals on the bottom of saucer. The refit is no further along than last spring, I'm going to give that some attention once I get this one done.
  6. The Apple

    Vall was being fed the rocks that explode - Spock comments that it would make a great power source - the fruit and vegetables are probably just garnish.
  7. My own Enterprise(s) build...

    These are the polar lights sets... good builds, a few minor issues here and there, but great sets. I'm going to try and fix few issues along the way with the photo etch parts which I have never used before. The only complaint on my part is the saucer of the TOS enterprise, it had the gridlines top and bottom, and there is a bit of a pebbled texture to the whole thing, and I just don't have it in me to sand it all down to make it like the shooting model, as a result I'm at a loss as to how to get rid of the seam when the top of the saucer gets glued down to the bottom... I may have to just make it light tight and live with the line, otherwise to fill and sand the seam will create a textural oddity on the overall saucer.
  8. Star Trek at the Canadian Air and Space Museum

    ^ That bridge is GORGEOUS! Please feel free to post any more photos you feel like sharing! I will... I just need to shrink them down a bit
  9. My own Enterprise(s) build...

    For the past few months I've been picking at a couple of Enterprise models... the 1/350 TOS Enterprise and the 1/350 Refit model. I haven't built a model in over 20 years and have wanted to do them justice. My focus is on the TOS for now and I'm just picking at the refit. I have Tena Controls lighting for both and am doing all the windows with LED light strips that will be cut, soldered, and hot glued in. I have Photoetch sets for each, which I have only looked at in the bags, and I have a paint mask set for the TOS version - I won't need decals for main shapes and text, and I have Aztecing masks for the refit... Should be fun. I'll try and post some pics as I work, what I have now is pretty haphazard, but I'm going to try and use the forum to document what I'm doing, and perhaps if I get slack on working on it people here can nag me into getting back to it! lol.
  10. A few weeks ago my family visited the Star Trek Academy Experience at the Canadian Air and Space Museum. It was a lot of fun. I got a bunch of photos but here's a shot of the bridge that they do the Kobayashi Maru simulation from... my son is at ops!
  11. My Opinion on BVS THE ULTIMATE EDITION - No Spoilers

    I picked it up when it came out on Blu Ray... have yet to watch it as we've been camping across Canada, and I can't watch it in the camper with my 6 year old here - he's been seeing posters at Walmart and he really wants to see it. I'm going to have to wait until we get home as it's just too violent. I'm really looking forward to seeing it again. I'll be back home next week, going to check out Beyond then as well.
  12. The Enterprise-E

    I enjoyed nemesis, by no means my favourite, on par with Generations, not as good as First Contact, better than Insurrection IMO. I think it had pacing issues, but that's about my only problem with it.
  13. My Opinion on BVS THE ULTIMATE EDITION - No Spoilers

    I think I might be the only one who really enjoyed BvS.... anyway I'm looking forward to the extended version. I'm going to be waiting for the 3d Blu Ray rather than stream it. As well I look forward to the extra 30 min, as the above review seems to indicate that it fleshes out some loose ends. It is by no means a film without flaws, however I loved the direction that they took on batman as I really wasn't interested in a "new Batman" after the great job Nolan did at fleshing out the characters origin.
  14. Daniel Craig : No More Bond

    A new Bond is always interesting... I liked Craig, but I don't mind it going on to a new actor.
  15. Final New (to You) Episode?

    Yeah, while you're right about netflix, CraveTV has all the trek series', even TAS... I think we're paying $4 a month through our cable provider... well worth the fee... I'm hoping Trek 2017 will end up on there come June.