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  1. What if the starship Enterprise, just after the TOS episode, "Catspaw", was destroyed by an unidentified vessel, with all hands onboard her? What would the Federation react to this?
  2. What if a Klingon BOP fires a photon torpedo to the connecting dorsal of the Enterprise between the primary and secondary hulls in the end of Star Trek III? The Enterprise saucer section was severed from the secondary hull and was forced to crash land to the planet Genesis?
  3. Let's say, the Enterprise-A, after Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, is caught in a temporal anomaly, and meets the TARDIS. The TARDIS is beamed aboard and the crew of the Enterprise meets the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones. Then the Tenth Doctor sends Captain Kirk into an alternate universe, and Kirk meets the Eleventh Doctor while the alternate Enterprise-A is under attack by the Daleks. Both Time Lord and captain self-destructs the Enterprise-A and plunging it to the Dalek ship.
  4. I'm so glad.
  5. I am making a fan fiction story of the nuTrek, can someone do a pic of J.J. Abrams Enterprise facing the separated engineering hull of the Ambassador class vessel?
  6. On the episode of Billy and Mandy, in the start of the episode, the Federation ship (which is a parody of the Sovereign class starship), crashes to the asteroid.
  7. On the episode of Sonic Underground, Manic is riding on a red hoverboard (a reference of Back to the Future part 2), it looks like the Federation mission scout ship from Star Trek: Insurrection, albeit of long fins. It was damaged by the SwatBots.
  8. Sonic is Captain of the USS Enterprise, then in the 24th century, Bugs is Captain of the Enterprise-D, Buster is commander of DS9, Minnie is Captain of Voyager and Simba is captain of NX-01.
  9. What if the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A was destroyed by Captain Klaa, after beaming up Spock and McCoy from the planet Sha Ka Ree in Star Trek V? Paramount reused footage of the self-destruct sequence scene from Star Trek III to simulate the destruction of the Enterprise-A.
  10. what if the Romulans destroyed the forward half of the Enterprise-D saucer section (but keeping the bridge intact) during TNG's season 6?
  11. what if Data managed to separate the saucer section while deactivating the stardrive section's self destruct sequence during Star Trek: First Contact?
  12. To me, it bears a resemblance of the J.J. Abrams Enterprise.