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  1. VOY: "Unimatrix Zero - Part Two" (after P1) on Thursday. "The Galileo Seven" tonight according to schedule. I still watch a surprising amount of Trek these days thanks to Spike (*groan*) and the TOS showings on CW. I used to view one almost every night for some 8 or 9 years, interrupted only by the very occasional MacGyver reruns.
  2. Levar Burton Autograph Contest

  3. I didn't know he had anything to do with Star Wars, but I remember him from the Communicator. I always looked forward to his musings at the back of every issue. Not that I know anything about the magazine biz, but they (Fantastic Media) should have never sold the Communicator off.
  4. TNG S1 Audio Caps!

    Geeze, I love the design of both the index and the episode pages! You even went to the trouble of putting up at least one representative screencaps from each associated scene. I know technology, aesthetics, and bandwidth limitations are changing all the time, but I wish more websites would ditch the plug-ins and rely more on the simple and elegant design that TrekCore has always embraced.
  5. NOTE: In addition to Virogen's previews we will also be linking to one of the upcoming DS9 Harbinger videos in the chat.
  6. Member of the Month Vote for August.

    You deserve it, Kestra!
  7. Member of the Month Vote for August.

  8. Gene Roddenberry Tribute

    I'm downloading now, so give me a few hours. Did you write the tribute text, Frontier? It is wonderful!
  9. New Skin

    Am I missing something? I only see the new forum banner and subsection/title background image.
  10. 'The Dark Knight' News (Batman Begins Sequel)

    I'm not sure what they're trying to suggest with that title, because unless they feel a movie title is truly unimportant to the marketing of the film, it must have something to do with the story. Yeah, I bet it will change too, but what are they trying to accomplish by using the term "dark knight"? I loved the first film; it reminded me of The Animated Series, and I hope they continue that trend. Regardless, seeing how Heath Ledger handles the Joker will be very interesting indeed!
  11. Have You Ever...

    Nope. Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
  12. Name a TV Show

    Junkyard Wars
  13. Week -30- Star Trek Icon Contest: Star Ships!

    That's a fantastic shot in 1, but I'm prejudiced against the ship ; 4 would be great if it was larger; 7 is kinda funny; but I'm in a 5 kind of mood.
  14. Banner Contest -5- DS9

    5 is great for this year, and 2 almost had me, but how can I say no to 1?