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  1. It was awesome going there, especially dressed as a Star Trek person, of my own crossover design, and being on the away team, ha. Someone has posted the TNG panel this morning, which is great to look back on already. The Shatner panel from the first day is somewhere out there too. He was on fire and excited! Not bad for someone 86. Nichelle Nichols, 84, was not feeling well so it was kind of a downer the last day, but it was altogether a good experience! Comic Con only started coming to San Jose last year.
  2. Thanks for posting this video! I also was there as a cosplay Trekkie guest. No, I did not ask them questions. My appearance (and my posted blog recaps) as a guest could not include actually filming the event, but I was there, to the far, far right in a seat out of the shot. I'm not famous, so they did not notice me. Ha. The cast had a great time talking about the show and there were some great insights,and funny moments, and even some political discourse. I saw the big TV style cameras they used to film this. Heh. Cellphone cameras will not do it anyway. They had sound pickups in this video and could hear them clearly, so it's professional. It was a lot of fun. Silicon Valley Comic Con was in San Jose, California (about an hour from San Fran) and this was their second year, after replacing Big Wow Comic Fest, in 2016 with their first. Stan Lee and Steve Wozniac started the first and Woz was doing the one days ago.
  3. I don't think they will introduce the Borg. It would be too fan fic like. They will want to appeal even more to the hyper kinetic action crowd. Also how are they going to even include George Kirk? Time travel? Mirror? The last would be fan fic fodder also. The buzz at the latest con I attended, the presenters said nothing about that, although a fan did ask about the Borg, but in another context entirely. He was plugging his fan story apparently. The actors were not able to help him as they were not writers. Oh well.
  4. Hello y'all. Chimera here (Kal Kat on YouTube) I attended as a guest the Silicon Valley Comic Con, second annual 'sophomore' convention in San Jose, California this past weekend at the McEnery center. The convention was a Wozniak (the surviving Apple co founder) production with Star Trek special guests, including William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden and Denise Crosby, and also Robert O'Reilly (Klingon). Nichelle Nichols did do a signing. Although others have full YouTube recordings of the two event shows with Trek alumni, I did not because I did not have a VIP permission, so it it just a lot of me narrating over stuff. But I did get some interesting answers to some of the questions posed here. Shatner will not, and does not plan to be, in any future Star Trek films. That goes for part 4, whatever that will be. He will be in a program called Senior Moment. He was funny. Shatner misses Nimoy and was sad to have missed his funeral. Frakes, Sirtis and Spiner would like to be on board of they do another Gargoyles, and Crosby and McFadden thought it would be fun to join them. If they ever did another one. A fan mentioned there was a kick starter and it started them talking. As far as Spiner or Frakes know, nobody has offered them a part on Discovery, or to direct, but if it comes up, the fans will likely find out before they do. Ha. Sirtis joked that Spiner has action figures in his car trunk to sell. Also that they did 3 and 1/2 films before they got 'cancelled' because the fans did not like Nemesis, or about half if it. She was funny. Shatner had fun talking about the classic stolen bike story again. McFadden talked about having redressed the bridge set to prank Stewart, complete with wearing a robe and curlers in her hair, and silly decorations, and he was so tight lipped he didn't notice!The cast joked about the Borg when asked about their origins. It turned into a political rant by way of Orange is the New Black to the presidency. Since my three-day recaps are very long, I am going to link to the channel and you can check them out. For the actual events, others have permission and posted that. Mine is just my opinion. Nichols was very overwhelmed, because it was late in the day, but I did get to say hello and thank her for trailblazing on Star Trek. Also the 'author interview' does reveal my actual name. Ha. Some of you TW guys might recognize me from the Star Trek Into Darkness review back in 2013. I enjoyed the con immensely. Also there were Star Wars people there, (mostly costumed cosplayer, and the local 501st storm trooper club) other fantasy people, and a Firefly guest, and many others, but I did not get to film them. This was done on an iphone 4 but the video recap later was done on a Panesonic camcorder. Ironically the come PC is not a Mac. Once there, just watch the videos. I did not want to fill the screen with links to each.
  5. Silicon Valley Comic Con three day event completed last night! The sophomore year of the show had William Shatner and many of the TNG cast, including Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner! My review blog is rather long, but I could post links to them when they're all up. It was a Star Trek and Star Wars, and other fantasy and scifi con hoasted by Wozniak of Aplle. Good times. Lots of fun!

  6. Blade Runner is one of the first 'cyberpunk' movies, based on a short story that was the first noir cyber thriller, or one of them, long before such things. It is not a high action movie. It is a high concept movie. This character study, Deckard's quest to find the androids, is as much his back story as theirs, even in the director's cut. In the early 1980s, this story broke new ground, and critics then were confused, and some did not appreciate it. But then future films slicked it up, like the manga and anime scene in Japan, Ghost in the Shell, Macross Plus, and later the Matrix films. By the time of The Matrix, cyberpunk thriller was a common everyday idea, and there were scores of books, animations, and movies. If you treat Blade Runner as the first out of the gate, it is fascinating. Also see it in high def bluray. I can see your point though. It is like all of those other stories seemed to tell it better and have told it until it has become cliched. But back then it was fresh and new. It's like when people saw the movie versions of Lord of the Rings and likened them to Star Wars for certain things, but actually Tolkien's books inspired Obi Wan and other figures in the fantasy realm. Jedi are basically space wizards, well ninja wizards. We have seen so many stories retold that the original books they were based on, or even the themes,become clouded. Replicated. Ha. Try watching some of the 1960s James Bond films sometime. They're not that action packed. They just did it differently back then. Even some of them are cringe inducing. I still watch them on occasion. 2001 is a groundbreaking film also, not an action flick, but a though provoking movie about the nature of AI an humanity, and two guys trapped in a space coffiin with a crazy intelligence trying to kill them. 2010 wasn't so much different as look let's do a sequel, and has more action, and yes,it is based on a book. Clarke made two more books. They aren't nearly as fun as the first. Alien is a groundbreaking film, essentially a haunted house monster flick, but it is based on earlier stories and even a 1950s fantasy story. The monster is very powerful and picks off each crewman. So it was both horror and scifi. Aliens was more about space jocks fighting monsters with loud guns, but still entertaining. The Terminator, which came our two years after Blade Runnerr, is based on a similar set of stories from the Twilight Zone and from short stories. It dealt with a cyborg killing machine. The sequel was more let's go full bore and have an action piece. Blade Runner came out in 1982, the same year ET came out, with a cute alien. The Matrix came out in 1999, seventeen years later. But really, it would have been silly if Deckard had bullet time powers in the Blade Runner film. It's not that kind of movie. It's more of a detective story, loser to old Sherlock Holmes than the Dark Knight.
  7. Cool, but these are not available at your local Toys r Us or at Target or Walmart, right? Where was the movie merch for the US version? Sure there are big reboots there. in Japan. They are also on a third or fourth Macross spin off, Macross Delta, but it is not available here in US stores, nor are the toys. I was referring to the US versions of these properties not thinking straight. Still, it was not a bad reboot. It just wasn't entirely necessary. About 2 or so years ago, the Japanese redid their own like action Yamato movie, and it was pretty on point. Liked it! Have the bluray, but had to order it on Amazon, as it was not available here.
  8. Was everyone screaming for Mudd? I don't recall that. Eh, I guess some people might have been. They do reference his ship in ID, but the least left said of ID the better, heh. Yeah. Del Toro though would have been awesome.
  9. Maybe they will scrap plans to reboot Akira also, or make a mess of Robotech/Macross with white main characters? The new movie wasn't horrible, as they did adhere to a lot of the cartoon, but it was hardly necessary. The problem was they watched the cheaply done VHS dub, which I used to have, not the remastered bluray reprint. Really the GitS franchise is not a franchise. Do they still even sell official action figures? Maybe they watched the bad dub. If anything, it just wasn't a thing we needed. That said, maybe the character was not so bad being turned into an American looking cybrog. After all, a ot of manga and anime does that. It just didn't work here because it didn't work with Scarlett. It wasn't like the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, which is cringe worthy, but still. It didn't work. I just wonder what fans of the anime would have liked such changes? How big is that pool of fans? It's not that big, not enough to go see a movie. I suspect what they made, they made from the fans who wanted to see the story, and possibly Marvel fans. I saw it. It's a very visually stunning film, except the few times it is unfinished, but like the girl lead in Rogue One, SJ just can't carry a whole movie. She's better being a costar. The eyeball dude was just fine, and the bad guy was alright, and even the old man was good. Also there is the fact that the anime has influenced bigger ones, like the Matrix, and people thought it was the other way around. It was in turn heavily influencwed by Terminator and Blade Runner. Cyberpunk is still cool. Perhaps it will have a cult video following of its own. Call it "Ghost in the Shell: Soft Reboot Complex"
  10. Maybe that's who they were thinking of Cyrano Jones, right? No way, wasn't that Harry Mudd? Oh yeah. So they made him Harry Mudd. Different rogue. Honest mistake. Hope the studio is not that unobservant! But then again, Cumberbatch Khan...oh...
  11. I didn't say it was the Discovery. Kerman did. It's just a ship, as far as we know, and there is no official render as it being called Discovery. The render the poster found might have been a fan design based on the display, but was not canon. I have found similar fan statements and pics. Trekyards even did a thing on it.
  12. They even referenced Mudd in the reboot comics and his ship in the ID movie. They should not use him in Discovery. I never really got that episode Mudd's Women. First of all, the miners wouldn't be rich, but their boss would be. Miners aren't rich. They're working for someone. Now they likely here were doing the whole Miner 49er prospector deal, and these miners weren't really miners, but prospectors, like in the old west. But even prospectors panning for gold weren't rich. Some became rich, but these guys not so much. Also if they truly had wealth, why did they need to purchase wives? It seems a little sleazy. Ultimately, it seems a little pointless also. Mudd didn't have to trick them through drugs. He could have just tricked them through a promise he couldn't keep, and then flees to another planet to sucker someone else. Roger Carmell made that performance though. But his Mudd character is a bit like a certain unnamed tv personality that is now a certain president, ahem, which is not lost on anyone. Still, using Mudd does seem king of like fanboy pandering. Instead of this disliked villain from two or three stories, why not come up with a villain that's either new, or is more fitting? Besides, in I, Mudd, he gets to live in a perdition of his own making among those android fembots. Was it quite possibly an April Fools prank?
  13. The ship in the photos is a test shot to see how it will look on the display. The white grid ship is not a completed render. It does look futuristic with those pointed nacelles, although in TMP they had similar ones. The saucer looks to be from the ENT era. Hopefully time travel to the 24th century is not a thing.
  14. So they need to get cracking and build a lunar station observatory that would be free of interference, scan the whole spectrum, and sill is some alien tv. But since spam is the universal constant on the current digital internet, they would likely send us theirs in return, and their shipping stories and cat videos. But what they call a cat might be a 9 foot teddy bear with six inch fangs.
  15. The USS Nelson was lost or destroyed by the later 2260s and replaced with another class ship. The Constellation might or might not be named into the later Constellation class, but since that era ship would have been post 2330, it was considerably newer. It seems to be a one off, although the design is similar to this later class, but would ultimately have an unstable warp field if all four were on.