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  1. AVATAR 2 Delayed Again

    So Cameron saw Stranger Things and Modern Family, and Captain Planet reruns, and decided to make his movie about a family on a planet? Why not just call it Lost in Space, or The Space Family Robinson? If that is his pitch, I guess it's no more silly than Pocahontas/blue Thundercats/GI Joe meets Aliens, meets Fern Gully? Her's another idea. Captain Planet. The one kid looks like the girl who played 'Heart' from Captain Planet. So basically he has grandchildren and decided to make it about them, through them. Seems like it. The Abyss was boring. The revival scene at the end was sappy and made no sense. The longer one was also boring. His best work was Terminator 2 and Aliens. Titanic might be third. Avatar the Last Airbender cartoon was not adapted well by either Shamalayan or Cameron, but Cameron's was a bit closer, kind of. Ha. I know he didn't thing Airbender. Eh, the Abyss was boring. I couldn't get into it. It was like a talky version of the other sea pictures that year, including Deep Star Six, terrible, and Laviathan, meh, and SeaQuest DSV also meh. And more a point on it, how would that make the kid all look human? If he was an alien, they would all be blue aliens, right? Or is this just a fake to show us the actors? A promo or something? A prank?
  2. Hello from CA

    I have never met Vie, but he is likely not far from me either, in Cali. Welcome aboard.
  3. They're still using binary, on an alien planet, maybe they don't really have as much high tech as they claim. They did have to use the Enterprise D computer. They have a bit of a disconnect. If they are more primitive than the fleet, why are they considered Federation members? The only way that might work is they are in fact a colony. If they are, then the Bynar home world should also come and help. But there is nothing in the episode to indicate they are just 'altered humans using binary code on an alien planet, names binaries, er bynars, from binary, er binarus, in orbit of a by-nary star).
  4. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    I have also never seen Game of Thrones and have no idea what it is about, except relatives said it's like Lord of the Rings with politics, or Risk with WoW, which also I have never payed World of Warcraft.
  5. They had to be warp capable. If they were more primitive than the Prime Directive applies. Non interference. They would be left alone. Still using 1987 logic, binary computers were the in thing, and making a hard reboot of a planetary computer, also very advanced for the time. But maybe all their resources were going into shielding them from the nova.
  6. The Beta Magellan system, made up for the episode about the Bynars, and the planet Bynaer, (because everything there is named Bynar for some reason, or a derivitive, could also be two other non canon systems. It is not in the Magellanic cloud, so that is an odd name. Hypothetically, the supernova could have been a nova, or even a flare up, similar to the type that reignites a white dwarf's fusion. It would more likely be a nova. The pair of stars is a contact binary, (binar...y, see what they did?), and one star is a massive F type or even close of A type star. The planets around a bright white A star would be comfortable at over 4 AU from the star, could be moons of a larger planet. Let's just put it closer though, at 2 AU, twice that of the Earth Sun distance in our solar system. Let's also make it a water ice giant like Neptune, not a super Jupiter. The ice giant also has a rocky iron nickel core and fluid hydrogen sea mantle. It generates a very strong magnetic field. Every so often, such as in 2364, the Bynars calculate that the little white dwarf will again flare up, or go nova, as material from their home star has built up. Instead of simply moving off the planet, which they certainly could, they opt to steal the computer tech from their main planetary computer, and store it on what would amount to a primitive and smaller computer. It doesn't really make sense for them to do that. It would be like storing your hard drive's T1 memory on a smart phone. It wouldn't fit. But it could be a matrioska brain, a computer driven brain inside the planet, and all they had to do was put the boot program on the Enterprise, not the whole thing, to restart it. They are clearly warp capable, but suppose they had to extend all their energy into shielding the planet, in addition to the present field, to stop the nova's effects. This does beg the question about the Romulan nova also. They have interstellar fleets. Can't they just leave? Also they have super tech. Can't they stop the explosion? Can't the Bynars? For plot convenience, often they just say, oh well in this episode we can't stop a star from exploding, but we also can't reboot our own mega computer, and for some reason need your help? "You might have...said no." The Bynars. "You do have a gift for understatement!" Riker about the girl in the red dress. Actually we have seen this nova star story in TNG again, in the episode "Evolution" where that scientist Stubbs is studying the century bursting nova of a binary star pair. (In that case a red giant and a neutron star). A system like that would not have natural inhabited planets.
  7. I will play cranky old school Star Trek fan and wait for Discovery to be available on blu ray, at present as I cannot afford All Access. "I'm not a doctor, or a millionaire, Jim."

  8. Nice review blog Vie, but how did you convince CBS to let you put up actual shots from it? They seemed to have gone after a lot of people doing reviews, stopped some including me, for the trailer reviews, and flagged them. I did a review of the first night, with spoilers. I did not cough up any for AA. Gonna wait and binge watch this thing. Ha. Now if some friend happened to have ponied up the thing half way down the line, then I might get to see an occasional episode. It will be like when Enterprise happened. Not like JJ verse? Someone flies brazenly out into space on a thruster suit, space suit, as featured in all three films. Ha. Just kidding. Kinda. My clip free spoiler review of the broadcast episode "The Vulcan Hello".
  9. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    Ten dollars a month, for 9 months, that's 90 dollars. The DVD or BluRay box set, if they make one, will be at most 45 dollars. I can wait. My updates for it will be grossly out of date, if I review it, on my channel, but when I do, it will be a binge watch some time next year. Also I would not be able to show clips, as those are owned by CBS. I understand from word of mouth the pilot is a back door pilot anyway, and the characters will change in the third story. I just wasn't amazed. You dangled a cat toy in front of me, sure, and it looks very pretty, but it also looks like a new BSG/Abrams hybrid. Happy 30th TNG. I haven't been able to afford the TNG remastered either. Gus, I agree with you. I was not impressed enough to jump on the all access bandwagon. It was okay, but it didn't make me rush out and buy. Times are tight now. And no, I am not watching pirated versions. Those can put a malware in your computer, or can be a sting operation, or both. Not going to mess with that grey internet stuff.
  10. CBS Gets High Ratings & New All Access Subscribers

    I was just not impressed by the one off episode half on Sunday night. It didn't make me want to pay for a subscription to a streaming, when I get Netflix, but am in the US. It would be more economical to wait for the 15 episode box set on bluray next summer. With the subscription, you guys are paying 70 bucks for what will be a bluray later on for 40. I say wait until it is 40. How do the ratings on a streaming work? It's not Nielsons, which are inaccurate anyway. They can claim any success, so much as people subscribe. I do know how netflix works. If it is like them, then why not make it for all? I get it, they want their own version. You know, back in the 1980s, commercial free cable was the gimmick. My times have changed. Streaming shouldn't have commercials.
  11. The Orville

    I am going to continue watching the Orville, as it is on TV not behind a paywall. I will wait for Discovery on bluray. After the one episode of DSC that was on TV, it was okay, but not worth the all access. At least Fox was smart. (Odd to comment on Fox being smart, but here it was). They just showed it on TV first. I may also get the Orville on bluray. I'm in the US where we do not get DSC after the first story. As for the gender story, I liked that the show tackled the idea that the federation ship, or union ship, did not really impact the planet's culture and change their minds with a speech. When Picard used to do that, it used to strike me as pretentious. Who's to say the aliens would even listen to him? They'd just do what they do. It was actually shocking and not a humor ending. It was kind of messed up. But the Orville crew couldn't do anything about it. They could not change the planet's society for one person, which oddly enough, is like saying 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few'. It was handled way better than The Outcast, which is borrows from. Although one squeamish aspect of it, is the planet is basically all male gendered and presented as wrong, for making everyone born a male. It sounds from the description of the story like it would be homophobic (gender phobic, female phobic?).. It does beg the medically odd question of their species, do they actually transform them functionally? That would be some amazing technology. Is it a gene thing or a surgery? It's described as a procedure or surgery. Sexual reassignment doesn't literally make a person a new gender. Cosmetically they are, but functionally, they cannot transplant the working parts yet. So wouldn't the mate who was revealed to have been a girl be sterile and infertile? They likely didn't dig too deep into that. So on the planet they have fully the ability to gender swap completely, functionally?
  12. I only got to see the pilot first episode "The Vulcan Hello", and it was a decent scifi episode of something, but it is not Star Trek. It has elements of Star Trek, but might as well be a fan film, based on the material. The not-Axanar but maybe plotline does explain the lawsuit with them in 2015, 2016, that and they made money off of a copyrighted property at Axanar studio. The pros: The space effects and vistas are fantastic, movie quality, and look like even an update of the Abrams films. The ship is neat, small, and compact, an Akira/NX hybrid, but with TNG era nacelles, consoles, etc. It might as well be set in 2394. The cons: 2256, really, a prequel again? Now we know it takes place in the NX timeline, not the prime timeline. In the NX timeline, started when First Contact was changed slightly, (and presumably TNG from 2373 on, when they get back), the TNG light feel is evident. The Klingons. What were these new 'old scary crypt keeper Klingons? Not interested enough to tune in to find out. Commander Burnham was a little too anxious to disobey orders and stage an attack? How does that subspace comm work? It would have to be hyper light speed travel, even faster than trans warp, in order for a real time talk with Sarek. The only way that works is if he is on the fleet approaching, and is not that far off. Cliffhanger and not aired in all two parts on network TV in the US (where I am), and this gave me no reason to buy up a subscription for one show on the clunky mess that is All Access. (I have friends who have it, and it has a library missing a third of its shows, and it crashes frequently, but am still not going to watch this at their house). Not going to do it. Going to wait until the bluray comes out. They ended part one like The Best of Both Worlds/Redemption. Why? It's not that I was sticking up for the silly Axanar thing, (as they did breach copyright), but that they just wouldn't come our and admit it at CBS that indeed theirs was set in a similar time period. Now we know. It was. Do not support piracy. Watch it legally. I will not watch it until the bluray. I suspect it will be cancelled in one season, as people will not flock to All Access. But they can save it. If the chips fall down, then they have to do a marathon for the sweeps in November, release it all on CBS on TV, and show it all, and then everyone gets to see it. The characters were fine. It is odd though that they seemed to have forgotten Ben Sisko was the first black Star Trek commander. That is odd. Burnham is the second black female commander. The first was in Star Trek IV. Saratoga captain 'Alexander' does bear a resemblance to Bunrham, in 2286. Could be her daughter.
  13. The Orville

    The third episode was really good! It was like Measure of a Man, a good episode, meets the Outcast, a not so good episode, only it was good. Hopefully it will continue and the ratings will not tank. The ratings did go down.
  14. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    If they're trying not to rehash old ideas, why are they so excited to bring in Harry Mudd for an episode?
  15. What do you NOT want to see in Discovery?

    Ha. I suppose I do too much on bringing Q back, aye? Ha. No, they're not doing that. Don't worry. They had him in the comics. I just hope that Stammets does not lay an egg, not that the joke hasn't been done better, on Mork and Mindy, in the 1980s. Off topic, but the late Jonathan Winters was pretty great as Mork and Mindy's 'grandfather er son'. It was a funny gag on the whole 80s sitcom dynamic, but no, Discovery, don't do that.