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  1. Mirror Janeway and the Avenger comes to visit Starfleet while retired Picard, now well over 86, and his crew, reunite on the Enterprise F under Wesley Crusher, to stop the mirror invasion. They have only one chance, Mirror Tiberius, who has chased Janeway through the porthole, but he too is over 140, and incapable of doing anything interesting. Captain Demora Sulu of the Enterprise B appears to help also. The close of the temporal war begins. We get all of the surviving old cast in juicy cameos, and even though some are literally geriatric, some are not. Even Sulu himself appears. Well that is one way to do it, because there Janeway is the evil Janeway and Kirk is the evil Kirk. It might make a good fan fic idea. I would like to see the old crew again on film, perhaps in a TV movie, and a proper 40th or 41st TOS, 30th TNG anniversary. I'm not as opposed to Janeway or Shatner. You just have to make them not be the center of the story. Riker and the former crew of the Titan could also appear. 2394...the generations return, for one last roundup.
  2. El was in Africa all along. Ha.
  3. Can Tom Cruise save the Mummy (wergo starting the Dark Universe franchise)? No. The non US returns might be good, but this 'series' is just not going to work. Not a huge nit. Nah. It seemed like it was a badly paced fan fiction of a Mummy movie, (not that some fan fiction isn't worth it). and that it was sloppy. As one of y'all said, 'Mummies just aren't scary'. Mission Impossible: The Mummy was just confused and didn't know what it wants to be, or if it does, doesn't know how to get there.
  4. Yes they spelled it out. No it does not make any sense. Why not just let Set (Seth) take over without the need to use the dagger, or the need to use Nick? She was plenty powerful without his even being there. Like Apocalypse though, she desired to have more power through a special human, and that was her undoing. Also like the witch in Suicide Squad, who is set free through inept uncontrolled reasons, if the Nick character didn't find the tomb, the movie would have never taken place. No Orci. It was Keopp. Yeah, different guy. Kurtsman also helped on Transformers 2. The curse and her reasoning was still intensely sloppy writing. It's almost Battlefield Earth style logic. (In that film, the Psychlos train the man animals to fight, and in doing so, destroy themselves). The bad guy literally makes the hero powerful enough to defeat him, or her, and so he does. X Men Apocalypse has a similar idea, the demigod bringing in the most powerful mutant telepath (Xavier) to forward his immortality, but in doing so, destroys his chances of actually doing it. Sure it is just a movie, but it is a weak movie. It is more interesting not to tell the viewer every six minutes 'this is a curse!" and "this dagger has immortality!" every eight minutes. Why not show this instead? It would be like if Khan in TWOK kept saying to the audience 'I am evil, justified in my actions, and want revenge' literally every other scene, instead of just a few times. Like in Into Darkness when that version of Khan has to remind the viewer every scene that 'I am evil and I am Khan" because this new crew never met him. Marvel does their villains sometimes a bit weak, but at least like in GotG2 the villain's reasoning makes some sense. He is literally ego, and he wants everything to be an extension of him.
  5. Uma...Oprah,? From that embarrassing Oscars night where David Letterman hosted? He was so unfunny that when he said that, it was more like confusing than funny. Glad he is no longer hosting the late night. Colbert is funny. Also the link to my review was pulled for a content ID bot that thought I used too much CBS footage, which I did not. What little of it was fair use for review. I posted with it all cut out. It's a reboot. Call it a reboot. It's going to cost money, Not sure CBSAA is worth it. Will likely wait for the BluRay. No bootlegs. No. You're right. The suits don't know what they are doing.
  6. The Mummy remake was made for nobody, except maybe the market beyond the States. It was such an obvious bad idea the studio went with it. I'd say it was worse than Transformers 2, but better than Fantastic 4. 17 percent or 1 and one half star is generous. The Mummy herself is a rip off of the powers from X Men Apocalypse, including the reason she has for choosing Cruise, to for some reason make him and her immortal or something, and Ghostbusters, (bad guy can become like mist, cross realms, etc). and Suicide Squad, (grey blue witch wants to 'destroy everything' for some reason),and American Werewolf in London, (Cruise's Nick has an undead friend only he can see), and a number of zombie movies. Crowe was not convincing as Jekyll, but as Hyde kind of was. He can play angry. He would have been a better choice to play the Nick character. Cruise would have been better as Jekyll. The Mummy powers didn't make sense, nor did the Aslan (the Jesus Lion from the Lion Witch and the Wardrobe) like sacrifice scene (spoiler kinda). This is the fifth movie in over a year where a gray blue baddie attempts to use zombies, whirlwinds (sand from Egypt, what). and fog against the heroes. It is the third in which said baddie is a female. It is not scary. Not even slightly. "This isn't a tomb. It's a prison!" And if it is a prison, why does Nick even mess with it? Eh, that;s a line from a lot of movies. It's also similar to "That's not a moon. It's a space station." Templars and Crusaders are not the same people. Mercury does not 'ward off evil spirits'. It does however poison the mind. So the whole movie is hinging on the stupid actions of a few guys in the opening scene, ala Suicide Squad. and ala Fantastic Four. Nick;s resurrection following the plane crash (in the trailer too) doesn't make one lick of sense and is never explained. If he was already immortal, apparently, he already had powers before the Mummy entered his mind. That is just sloppy writing. Oh, Kurtzman and Orci. Got it. Gee, they did such a bang up job with Into Darkness, why not let the helm the Dark Universe? Dark Universe monster movies will not make them into Marvel, because that's a weak idea. Comic book heroes are much more long lived, and have much more to choose from. Does Dracula Untold count? Well, it wasn't boring, just inane. 1 and 12 stars.
  7. I have discussed the trailer and seen other vlogs on the trailer, breaking it down. I have come to the conclusion it is in fact a re imagining, or soft reboot. The show could still address things Star Trek, hope and fear, morals, diversity, etc, as evident in a cast of characters that includes gender, race, and alien race issues, but so far the teaser does not show to what extent. One in the know person said 'It is really for the new fans, the ones that have seen the Abrams movies.', because if it was made like the 1960s or even 1990s it would be kind of hard to watch. Another said, 'well why not make it set in the present, that is 2393 our time, or during the time of STO, in 2417?' Well it is possible they are doing something like that after all. Like us all guessing the Khan thing, we've likely guessed that the future looking ship Shinzou could be from the future. Not saying they are, but it is possible, in later iterations, that it could be. Should we be so obsessed with each canon thing matching the original? Well those fans will likely not accept it, because it would not theirs. The are not in the demographic. This new series is made for new fans, JJ fans, and people who are not nostalgic. That said, I will give it a try, because I even liked a lot of Voyager and third of Enterprise. I liked the JJ reboot too, even though I posted on occasion, 'it really is not the Star Trek of my parents or grandparents', it's the Star Trek of my young nieces or nephews. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." We need more Star Trek, but we can only go back to the old days through fan films..The studios aren;t going to do that. The general consensus about the new show drawbacks though is why only All Acess, why not make it in the future, and why not let it go syndicated months later, to appear on TV so everyone can watch it and not pay full price? We have cable as it is. We'd have to pay extra for this. A lot of people will just not do it. The marketing Juggernaut of Disney Marvel is an efficient operation, but will Discovery have toys towels and blankets?
  8. Moonraker was a guilty pleasure. How could you not like spies in space and be a scifi fan? I will have to go watch some clips of Roger Moore, including his Cannonball Run scenes, as a parody of himself. A View to a Kill was shot in San Francisco, so I had to like it. Ha. No, it was another fun film, even if it was at times cheesy.
  9. Fuller's comment about 'go back to film school' and his other 'raised on Fangoria magazines' is deep, man. I recall that mag, and Starlog and GoreZone were 1980sstaples of teen pop culture. Although the initial astonishment of seeing the pretty reboot of Prometheus with some extra Friday the 13th tossed in at first seemed over 60 percent of a possible 100, that 40 percent of failure is on the nose. The movie has some obvious deep flaws that a competent science advisor or even editing advisor would have been like, no, you can't do that. It;s derivative. The problem may lie in trying to imitate Alien and Aliens, and ignoring the Engineers entirely (spoiler really) and just having them say, yeah the robot took them out off camera. It's like are you kidding? After all that buildup, youre basically saying, you know, the last writers were dumb for including the creator aliens, so they're just not in this. It is similar in tone to Alien 3 basically killing off Ripley just like Terminator T2 killed of the T800. Or it is like a slasher film where Jason was surely decapitated and dead, Halloween H20, only for the next movie to retcon the scene entirely, in a different setting, and claim it was a bait and switch. They also did this in this movie. Who didn't see that Walter swapped with David coming from a mile off, even a light year off? Due to bad editing you cannot see him fall, not clever pacing. I'm thinking Ridley did not actually direct, but told his AD to do it for him. He is nearly 80. Actually they should have let Blumkamp have a shot. Sim's comment about the boyfriend and girlfriend is telling, as it is more fun to see even a bad movie with someone. I recall seeing Prometheus like that, (best friend though, not a girlfriend), and us laughing at how terrible they were, like a riff trax. I'd like to see this movie again with my firend so we can at it. The critics are being nice to AC for some reason, when it has the same mistakes as last year's Ghostbusters and Promethus years earlier, and has not learned from them. How would a Scott directed Friday the 13th look? Maybe they should give him a shot.
  10. Vie's blog is very good. It made most of the key points. My reaction can be found on YouTube at WeirdKitty07 the Kal Kat reviews channel. I also seen no reason why this needs to be shoehorned into being 10 years before Kirk and Spock, as the tech looks post Nemesis, possibly 2393. It would have been so much easier to just say, this is prime timeline, and set in the present, that is some 15 years post Nemesis. Has it been that long? 2002 to 2017...yep. Is the bridge upside down? The sloping seems to fo in the opposite direction. It also would be close to the photons, and be a target. Maybe the ship transforms and the bridge can flip over, or it is some kind of aux bridge or yacht we're seeing. So that one line from Star Trek IV about a Klingon Mummification Glyph could be somehow part of this? By TNG they did not do such things. Perhaps after Praxis exploded they could not for some reason. The opening got a Star Wars vibe and a Dune vibe too. Well we know the ship is the Shenzou. NCC 1223, Are the uniforms for a branch of the fleet we haven't seen? That might be why they don't at all look like TOS. As I suspected in my review, they might be the Kahless monastery aliens. Some of them guard the dead. Maybe even though Fuller said it's not an anthology, it actually is, and there are some sort of temporal crews or something. Abrams Kirk would be at the academy. Prime Kirk would be on the Farragut. Sarak would be older. Spock with be a junior instructor at the academy. This is possibly set in 2254, in the prime timeline, 100 yewars after Archer. From these clues I would deduce this is another timeline, a soft reboot, and looks to be more like new BSG. That may not be such a bad idea, but a prequel, hardly necessary.
  11. I just saw it. I'm sure we'll be pouring over ever frame shortly on the boards. It looks like of like a slicker version of Enterprise. It doesn't really look all that TOS. Not bad, but want to see more.
  12. These are not really goofs to me. The old show was replete with interesting nits to pick.Maybe in the TOS universe they also keep newspapers. Not to mention using those old spool tape computers and sounds from them clicking away in the background. Ha. And McCoy's handheld round scanner is a salt shaker, hence the hilarious blooper from the classic gag reel where Kirk jumps up to rub his eye. He got salt in it. And in Arena when they go to the colony planet, the background of the model set miniature (of the destroyed base) is peeling off and you can see the sky is rumpled and looks like aluminum. Heh. In the remastered version they removed the tinfoil backing and redid the shot. Also in Spectre of the Gun you can kind of see the Malcotian head is a puppet with a human arm in it. In an early shot of the Abrams Trek bridge, circa 2009, there is a clearly evident spool of gray duct tape on the Helm console next to the Apple scanners. It is in the movie! Well even in the future, they are still using duct 'duck tape' tape. It is versatile and useful.
  13. What? Wasn't Abrams Trek 'gritter' enough? again, Gus? Just curious, do you work for them? (JK). So Roger Chen at Breaking News heard third hand from a CBS executive that there might be something more gritty about this new show, while on a podcast?
  14. A fan made trailer did appear on TrekYards, (a fan site and it just shows the ships), but it says it's fan made. Could be this is a false alarm. This web site, also promised something big a week ago. Bait and switch. Got a link to the actual trailer? If it was up, would oit not break the Internet? Seems they confused that released on location photo (as it isn't CGI in the background) but not a trailer. Misleading unless a trailer goes up later. Burt then why wait? Wait for CBS to show the trailer.
  15. The movie was so bad that the creators of Airbender are forbidden to speak of it at comic con, because there was something in the contract about dissing the movie. It was a mess a hot fire nation mess. Several people have done excellent reviews of it explaining how they got it wrong, one of which is on Channel Awesome on Youtube. M. Night basically turned the series into a 2 hour murky and dreary pastiche of events from season one. Any novice fan could have written a better one. Korra is all right, but not as much fun. Hopefully they will not make a movie about that.