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  1. 30 Years in 2017

    Last summer there were a few nods to TNG including a local version of Comic Con for all things TNG and beyond. They even have produced some ships through EagleMoss. They're not big enough, or to scale with the old ones, but they're out there. TNG as comfort food? Maybe it was. It actually encouraged play, role play, and stories for me in high school. TNG and then DS9 did more in college, and the rest of that era inspired scifi writing, stories, ideas and friendships. The conventions we went to inspired dreams, and meeting the actors was priceless. Most of them were good sports, even when we were ay our most annoying, asking questions they clearly had been asked thousands of times. The cons are still where I find like minds. Heh. They are like a universe of people similar to us. Fans. Star Trek and family. Yeah. They're all still into it, and have even embraced Star Wars of recent times. Some of the familiars even hav liked Discovery (but I haven't seen it, but it's not a boycott thing, it's financial. I can't afford CBS all access and also to get copies on bluray later), and also The Orville. Ut us very much 'millennial Trek' for some relatives and their younger friends, another generation. From what little I have seen, it seems a sequel set 30 years after Picard, but is pretending to be set 10 years before TOS for some reason. Confusing! Anyway, TNG is like sitting back to watch an old familiar story, and liking it for the quotable moments.
  2. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    "City on Fire" 1987, right down to the 'Mexican standoff scene'. All of the 'best scenes' from City on Fire are recreated in the film, so yes, parts are shot for shot. It is still an interpretation. DJango for instance, is based on the Italian film, as is InGlorious Basterds, based on another, very closely. It is commonly known its from City on Fire. Jackie Brown is a take on Foxy Brown, from the 1970s. Commonly known among fans. His movies are all homages. It's not just 'no originality in film', they're remakes, and that's fine.
  3. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    How is it not? The audience I saw it with was laughing their butts off. Also, it was clearly not like the book, as they left a lot out. It was a comedic doc, and a biopic. Well, not autobiographic. It's more like a parody of a biopic. Would this fit in Hollywood section? Maybe it doesn't fit at all. But just imagine the horror of Tommy doing a Star Trek. "I did not hit the green lady person, I did not! Oh, Hi Spock."
  4. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    A fly on the wall in the studio meeting when Tarantino was in there. The fly heard them say, 'Star Wars, Quentin, not Star Trek', and he was like, 'Yeah, that's what I meant. The one with the space nazi's. I can do that. That's it. What is Star Trek? Is that the one with the green chick? Oh, not that. I mean, sure it's a green chick, but it's too kid friednly. I want something raw, like Ben Kenobi. He was a total bad a..." Or was that Anakakin? Can we do him? He was like Vader and stuff. Dude. That would be raw." "And have a mechanical spider tank bat thing fight a giant Jedi, because those things are bad a..." QI, I think you mean a Yeti. Oh? Oh yeah. Note, not an actual conversation. But I've seen interviews with this guy, and he is all over the place like that. I can see him doing a Star Wars stand alone.
  5. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    I hope he is not planning on using the story behind Logan. That was clearly not a Star Trek type movie. True it was about a cowboy mutant, but it was in no way a Star Trek story. Logan seemed a nod to the kind of movie Hateful 8 was trying to be, so in a sense, he already did it. It was niche though, not for everyone. I liked Logan, but it's not for the general fan, and it took liberties with "Old Man Wolverine" comics. That's fine. It's hard to translate those to screen. The awe inspiring story without a central villain seems to be something Hollywood wishes to avoid. We aren't going to get a Trek version of Arrival. That too was fine for what it was. It just is not Star Trek. I do not think rater R is Star Trek. Not to be prudish or anything, but it just isn't. It does smack of desperation, from someone who thought QT would be a good catch. Yeah, he can do something else. Star Trek is both wagon train and space opera, not soap opera, and it is sweeping and ultimately uplifting. The heroes win under incredible odds. I could seem someone like James Gunn doing something with Star Trek, once he's done doing Marvel. He seems to have the right amount of whimsy and also some darker, but still fun, elements. Crowd pleasing seems to be the key to big money movies. I think ultimately if I were to pick an idea, do an exploration story on a strange new world, with Kirk and crew discovering something hlpful to the Federation, and you still get the wonder and the excitement of being there, hanging out with those people. Heck, I would even given Jason Lin another shot. Some of Beyond was spot on, like watching a classic episode. A lot of the 2009 film was also like that. Bits of the 2013 one had this also. They just need someone who understands not just making a great movie, but making a great 'Star Trek' movie. It is after all the journey, not merely the destination. The Marvel movies seem to work because it's the journey, even though a villain does show up. It's still about the fantasy opera and our heroes getting there and winning. I can't see QT really going with that. I can see the Arrival (current movie) director doing Rendezvous with Rama someday maybe. Maybe not Star Trek. Besides, Star Trek and X Men the team up was a book and a comic series in the 1990s.
  6. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    "Not to be confused with "room" from a few years ago." "A 2003 film" "A documentary comedy" as it is not a documentary drama. It was clearly meant as a mock documentary comedy. This just came out in 2017. Room, 2015, is a different film. Yes. Much different. This does belong in the Hollywood section. It is also though an independent undertaking, but by a studio, so it's self reflexive and meta. Thought it would appeal to fans of quirky stuff.
  7. Yesterday I saw the documentary film 'The Disaster Artist' based on the book of the making of 'The Room' from 2003, the infamous independent film from Tommy Wiseau. He's not Trek related, but he's kind of like a man from space. In the story, he plays an apartment dwelling social misfit who has girl troubles. The documentary comedy film goes into his this fan of film, who was apparently well to do, was able to finance and produce a film. It would have 14 year to break even, but he tried. Have any of you seen 'The Room'? The Disaster Artist ironically could get an Oscar. It's that good. The Room is wort of like if Andy Worhol, Ed Wood and David Bowie made a space clone and put him on Earth. Not to be confused the 'Room' from only a few years back.
  8. Rated R Star Trek is a dumb idea.

    Oh, we can do something about it. Fan backlash from Orci's other outings in film got to the studio, and he was fired from doing Star Trek Beyond before production started. We did make a difference. Granted it was his ratings and profits from his previous films, but also fan backlash. The studio found he was not really as impressive as he seemed. Also, isn't this like the Tarantino's idea thread too? It's basically the same subject. Yeah, we're not going to get TNG the Reunion, not in Paramount's schedule anytime soon, but there is a little fan film I've been working on for several years that will go there, even though recent events pushed up completion to later in 2018. It is not being funded and was entirely volunteer work, This is why it has taken us years. It will be a love letter to the fans, and totally free. It' going online, for free, but could be TV 14 for suggestive humor in parts. I am not against a gritty, darker space opera sometimes. I'm just tired of the darker genre for certain things. For instance, Batman is dark, but it wasn't always, and it works as it being dark. Star Trek seems to be leaning toward tossing out the hopeful rhetoric, when it should be embracing some of that. I do not like to be reminded of the here and now in a fantasy movie. I would rather be entertained. Discovery, I can't comment. I've seen two episodes. Tell you when I get the box set when it comes out. The Orville is kind of a love letter to Trek fans already. Campy might not work though for a modern Trek outing. Tarantino would be perfect for a remake of Valley of the Dolls, or Forbidden Planet, or even a live action Cowboy Beebop, (although that should probably be done in Japan), but for Star Trek, I am not so sure. Wait and see. Let's face it, Tarantino's movies do not scream 'brazen optimistic hope for the future of our species' but rather, 'bad guys sometimes win and everyone gets killed'. Not exactly what fantasy of the type should muster. It could. But should it? I dunno.
  9. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    I stand corrected on Reservoir Dogs. It was actually a shot by shot remake of a classic Hong Kong gangster movie. In fact, none of Tarantino's movies have much originality. They all tend to copy and pay homage to other works. Heard Patrick Stewart will be in anything, apparently, but no, just because he likes it doesn't mean it's going to happen. A fan created nod to shipping/slash pairings and the fans that love them could be fun, but again, not for everyone. It is a genre ripe for bawdy humor and some suggestive material, but not mainstream. Playing those stories straight, as in seriously, is not going to work. They need to have some wry humor. A strapping young hotshot captain saves the ship, and beds even the mightiest of engendered species along the way, could be a fun online idea. Star Trek Odyssey was a little too series sometimes, and not meant to be a parody,. I prefer more of the tongue in cheek. I prefer parody where it is self effacing and relfective, but still light hearted. A Trek story where they just run off at the mouth swearing at each other, blowing the heads off of guys, and scampering about lecturing on existence, random trivia, and on old mob movies, would not be Trek at all. It's not just that some fans want it the old way. It's that some of the repeats become stale with age. If they wish to find new blood though, and ignore a hopeful future, that's not as much fun, I think. It is still at 20 percent possible as a rumor. Vie and some of you are right. The studio will likely not do that.
  10. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    According to an avid Tarantino fan, this story has 20 percent possibility of coming true. No, they will not do an R rated Trek, but a space movie nod would be fun.
  11. question about aeroshuttle

    TrekYards discussed the aeroshuttle with the art designer some months ago, January 2017 and in July 2017. I think it's likely the Delta Flyer tech was cobbled from the aeroshuttle and used to make the Flyer. They didn't want to lose hull integrity of they lost the shuttle, so they used it for parts, and sealed up the holes. That is my guess.
  12. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Oooh, it can be. I'm still thinking this is an out of control rumor. It seems counter to everything Star Trek to make an actual R rated outing, like a hard edge new BSG and add cussing. Seems like whomever is leaking these stories just wants to do like Deadpool and bring in sassy angry men, but Deadpool was not Tarantino's story. It was just an example. Let us hope Paramount is not foolish enough to think that it's a good idea to make it an R rated story. It worked in Deadpool because the comic was already bawdy. In Most of QT's movies, it's already campy and has a cast of evil bandits and desperate men. Let him do another western then. Or a space movie with that. Star Trek should not be R rated. As one of you said, it would alienate the audience, not bring more people in. I think it must still be a rumor. If QT wants to do a space opera that actually is raunchy, maybe he should tackle a remake of one of those old Venusian women classic films from the 1950s and 1960s. That actually might be fun, with laser beams, and martial arts expert ladies kicking butt. A remake of 2069 perhaps, or Amazons, or something.
  13. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    I think Reservoir Dogs, a nod to mob movie heist pictures, and Jackie Brown, a nod to exploitation films, were his two best really. Yes, I've seen most of his films. They're unique. Django was originally an old Italian western before QT turned it into something his own. InGorous Basterds was also an Italian drama western set in WW2, but his version changed it a lot. The yellow suit fight scene in Kill Bill is taken from one of the greatest Bruce Lee movies of all time,Game of Death. Hateful 8 was a nod to a number of old westerns, and a backward riff on Magnificent Seven, Seven Samurai. Pulp Fiction, if put into order, is a riff of all the 1970s exploitation films he grew up on. His addition to Clerks 2 was taken from an homage to the reality TV genre. Death Proof was a love letter to Bronson films, and others. (Rodriquez also was at the helm). Grindhouse was his, and Rodriquez's love letter to the grindhouse films, or cheap horror films done for shock value, of the 1970s and early 1980s. The patterns in his films are clearly 'I love nostalgia for older movies and will do repeats of their scenes to make them my own'. Not sure how this would work in Trek. It would be like Kirk suddenly referencing for long stretches having seen Five Easy Pieces and liking it. Not to mention, Trek has done some of this in the past, even in Beyond, referring to rock music, Insurrection, referring to a musical, and in some TNG efforts with plays and dramas, usually in the background. Also the holodeck is used to refer to older films, which to them would be classics. But it's not the whole story. QT can't just make a snarky swear laden nod to westerns out of the space western that is Trek, but merely could reference them. Also was not sure on Jason Lin at first, but seeing as how the movie didn't make as much money as they hoped at Paramount, they likely will not ask him back. Someone like Dennis Villenuvue, (Arrival), could be interesting. Not sure how I would like them dropping f bombs on Discovery. It was handled well in Star Trek TVH, 'In this culture they swear every other word!' Ha. Not sure how well that might fly. So if QT likes nostalgia, fine, but don't overdo it. No lectures for a whole scene on the greatness of grindhouse pictures. It's enough to just reference it. Maybe have Kirk comment offhandedly on something. 'Hey Bones, aren't you a McCoy?', 'Well so long as there aren't any Hatfields aboard.' Or like Troi being Durango in that one episode on the holodeck. Or like Worf, 'I protest. I am NOT a merry man!' So it has been done, but yeah, the studio should reign him in, if true, but I have yet to confirm any of this as true. Now Rodruiez might be an interesting choice, his co director, who did also do Spy Kids, in addition to the other stuff.
  14. Yeah, and interesting FanBoyz like idea and like Trekkies, and it could be worth a watch.
  15. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    True that. Does any of this rumor have legs? Is he just going to be nostalgic? Yeah, I probably agree with most fans, something origina and something that isn't going to just copy something that we've seen before but with better SFX. Heck, The Changeling/The Motion Picture, Space Seed/The Wrath of Khan, were done. Now I suppose if they wanted to be messed up, Vger in the JJ verse arrives at 2370 Earth. Instead of Spock implying Vger is a child, and McCoy claimning it needs to be spanked, Kirk then adds to that by a long winded speech ending in a screaming 'mutha..." ending in his firing phasers and stuff to blow it up, Michael Bay style. Ops better not give them ideas.