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  1. In Equinox, this trans dimensional alien stuff used to make antimatter is technobabble. Matter is the opposite of antimatter. If a creature created it, he would bee destroyed the moment he created it. If the creature is acting like the fantasy stuff, Trek's dilithium, then why is the power better or more efficient? It would likely be worse, as they're from a completely other dimension, where physical reality is different enough to make it work, but close enough that their existence in our universe would not obliterate them. Sponsored by Exxon, Shell and BP? If we see a lot of oil commercials with it, maybe. It's like back in the 1960s when shows plugged cigarettes. Now if it was like the mistake in Where No Man, 'Lithium cracking station', then he would merely cause the crew of relax and go to sleep, as it is an antidepressant. Maybe that is what the Equinox captain was talking. Gamma ray bursts and some other explosions can created tiny bits of antimatter, but in contact with matter, such as space dust, they are destroyed.
  2. I was just thinking upon another viewing of that strange Discovery Netflix trailer, that maybe the Discovery is powered by plant mold (hence need for a mold specialist) and carbon matter, fossil fuels. They seem to think this is new tech in the story, showing the amazed commander seeing the plant arboretum and meeting the plant guy. I hope it isn't so. I hope that it will not be brought to us by Exxon Mobile or BP. In an enlightened space future, they would not be going backward to use fossil fuels. That is what it would be. They would get the matter from plants. That would be intensely backward tech wise. Hydrogen is much more abundant and useful for making deuterium, hydrogen 3, helium 3, and other materials, for impulse. Thew warp core should be a matter/antimatter intermix chamber through crystals, of fantasy dilithium. Your thoughts on the plant matter? Also this would not be productive enough. Your thoughts on that? They would be behind common everyday jets and cars, boats and trains. Not sure the future would do that If so, is it a spoof? "Power up the gasoline internal combustion engine, Mr. Stammets." "Yes, Captain. Engaging carbonic transfer." "Wow, we will now be traveling at a whole 300 miles an hour!" "We'll be in London in 14 hours, sir."
  3. The rumors assume Nick Meyer would only work on a TWOK or Khan story, based on earlier posts and tweets. Months ago, it was a story set during TUC, and then Dsc trailers came out, and it was a prequel, and this was before Fuller, 'and the rumored third of the team with him', dropped out. Now we have a lot of wild speculation from dedicated fans guessing that Dsc is going to fail, hoping it will, so they can say 'see my idea was better', but they never were allowed to submit their idea, so there is that. Mr. Meyer did other things besides Khan. He directed other fantasy, thrillers, and regular films. Doing that tired idea again would torpedo the chances of this working. Only the die hard TWOK fans might approve, hardly the demo they are looking for. They know full well how Cumber-Khan was received. Doing another would be unwise, as a recent comment on TrekMovie about this rumor said a week back. I suspect Mr. Meyer has already been let go from Discovery and will not be involved in any future Star Trek stories, not even the new movies. Paramount controls the movies. CBS controls the shows. If he were going to help on Star Trek 14, or 4, then that is Paramount. This would be conflated on the net though with his work on the first Star Trek 4, TVH from 1986, and a lot of searches would link to that. Even if it appears in imdb, fans can occasionally edit those. I would have to see it in a reputable news magazine, from him, claiming there is something, This appears to have originated from before the Discovery teaser trailer, back when Fuller was still there, and Meyer involved also, and when it was an anthology. Meyer was going to write the 'movie era' part in season two. He was going to do a story that felt like TUC. not TWOK, in tone. That also got mixed in with the old Captain Sulu rumors, and went from there. That was older, before Beyond. Beyond (Paramount) under performed, so it is unlikely the same people will be working on another, or hiring on a man from the classic days to revitalize it (in films). (Paramount and CBS can talk to each other). Seeing as how they like new and upcoming directions, they aren't going back to the well. If Discovery fails, they (at CBS) would not go with anthology again. It seems more a sequel to Enterprise than a prequel to Kirk. Not sure why they would choose such a niche that nobody would even know, and not simply go with, it's 30 years after TNG and things changed. Making sense and logic though don't seem to be things the suits do at CBS. If it was not even hinted at in Vegas last week, it is not happening. Rumors at the cons would be all abuzz.
  4. Seven million in week two is not very good for a movie trying to make many times that.
  5. Long rant quote not directed at any one in particular. Sorry if I offended or triggered y'all. Sophisticated as in convoluted, okay, it probably is more so than on DS9. Some of my closet relatives are TWD fans and do not regard Star Trek as anything beyond a silly show with aliens, but somehow zombies are better. I have only some knowledge of TWD and cannot comment on how "sophisticated" it later became, having only seen the 'redneck episodes' of season one or so. I do not think of it as a pejorative, as some of my kin are probably considered such. Well, suburban types, not reallty backwoods. More like the 'red scarves' type than the red because of sunburn type, although out here is is pretty hot a lot, so I happen to have some sunburn on my neck right now. Ha. I was not at all implying anything, just the stereotype of the shows that TWD borrows from, about country folks and survivalists. In my opinion, give DS9 a chance, if you haven't seen it, as even though the first couple of seasons are kind of clunky 'and convoluted' they get better with age. Apparently TWD got worse with age in some ways. Sophisticated can also mean convoluted or highly technical. I suppose maybe it got more highly convoluted over time, and eclipses DS9, not for smarts, but for that. Reality TV was already doing that over a decade before TWD. The late George Romero was doing that with his Living Dead movies 30 years before. Someone also commented on B5, also more convoluted, and more interesting at times than DS9. They came out at the same time. Also serial story telling has been around since dime novellas in the Old West, and Penny Dreadfuls, and Romance, and Adventures, and all that, long ago. TV did not invent it. Radio 30 years before did not either. Radio perfected the serial show and coined such things as 'stay tuned next week for the next thrilling conclusion'. Serial movies were the shows of the 1930s with shows like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Lone Ranger, Superman and Batman and the Spirit, among others. Technically, an actual zombie invasion would be over in 40 weeks. Everyone who was going to die would be dead. Everyone walking corpses would be rotting. They would be gone. All of the food would go bad, except in cans. Those who caught diseases from bad food would be dead, and not be zombies. The plague would end because nobody else alive would be infected, as those left over would be immune. Convoluted ending. Edited for clarity.
  6. "DS9 is the only show that comes close to what today's audience might want, but it just paved the way for serialized television, it's by no means as sophisticated as The Walking Dead or other heavily serialized shows." TWD is more sophisticated (ergo smarter and more well thought out) than DS9? If you believe that, well fine. You just ruined your long rant. DS9 was way more thought out than anything in TWD past season one. I will give it's first season some credit. Granted, I stopped watching. But still, DS9 is way smarter than a survival zombie show with rednecks in it. Come on. Ha. Saw all 7 seasons and it was a lot smarter, unless you count the final episode arc, which was comparable to Fear of the Walking Dead's pilot. It's not so much that we want our old TNG back. It's that DSC claims to be another prequel, and it could easily be set farther afield, and should be. Why go backward to somewhere we've been? The departure in costumes, ship design looking very TNG, shoehorning in Sarek and Mudd, and whatnot, is just confusing. It might have been better had they made it the anthology Fuller intended, but recanted. If the Shinzou was from 2390 it would make sense. It's a time ship or something. Great. If they did that, sure. I am not saying reinvent VGR era stuff and go from there, but rather, have them stop calling it a prequel. It's a reboot. Cheers. Ha. I understand you can't go back to cheesy sets, even from 1990, where they would look like someone used black tape on doors, and kit bashed models from other stories, but it was charming then. DS9 was better at hiding the flaws. It also looked 'more sophisticated' than DSC looks now. DS9 did not pave the way for serial shows. Old serials in the 1940s did that. It's been around a very long time. I'd say that by 1993, something called reality TV being serial, like 90210 and Real World and the first season of Survivor, were a bit ahead of DS9 in making serials mainstream. Survivor actually is clean Battle Royale, in a way, and TWD turned it back into a literal survivor type show.
  7. Yes but most die hard fans didn't like it. I wasn't offended or anything, not like some of my close friends, but it was strange to make Khan like that. I think it has just been done too much. Make the next movie or series not about 'dark baddie of the week' and come up with something more like man versus nature, or supernatural, or something. How would Pine Kirk handle Vger? Ha!
  8. I think the transition from 1986 movie Sar Trek to 1987 TNG was not nearly as shocking or jarring as today. Discovery went for blue outfits, more like ENT. TNG had still the classic colors, with some swapped, and still used similar styles, ideas and people. The new one seems too advanced, but not too far from JJ Trek. Nowif only they had just said, this is JJ Trek TNG set some years after them, sure, it would work. It is too soon to tell.
  9. It's not quite as bad to me as one star. I'd say barely two. But as a Dark Tower movie, it is not worth it, or even right. Never got through the book series, but know the movie takes place somewhere in the middle. Why did they do that? The series was like 7 or 8 books, so make it eight seasons of a Netflix series, not a movie. It has too much going on. Reminded me of 1980s Hollywood movies where the source was fantasy, like He Man and Beast Master, and they ran out of money, so they filmed it in LA instead. Yes they probably got the idea from TDT series going to NY, but it's still lazy. I will not give away plot points. It just seemed odd even how they went where they were going in the film, like it wanted to be more scifi than horror fantasy. The technobabble was not necessary. Does the doorway to the other world need a control panel with actual terran numbers? Ha. Does the evil magician need a mind sifter device? One plot point. A bigger nit is in the trailer too. The scene where the boy and the Gunsligher are shooting targets, one handed, with 44 caliber bullets, like in the movies. Those things are heavy and have a kickback. You won't be able to aim with one hand on both the stock and on the trigger only. Maybe since the gunslinger of El Arthur is magical, okay he can, but the boy never shot anything before. The writer is one of the guys on Discovery. Oh no. Three other writers worked on it. Three directors tried to make it work. It was less Harry Potter and more Pearcy Jackson. Little Maze Runner in there too. It just isn't Dark Tower. It's a fan fic from someone who only read Dark Tower 6 and 7. Edited. Actually the bigger man could fire a six gun one handed, but the inexperienced boy could not.
  10. The Amazon idea in Wonder Woman is from the canon, even if Crisis changed it. In later comics they had throwbacks to the island and all that.
  11. In Star Trek, they seem to take a tact of a casual observer in regards to faith. It seems some of the crews merely practice it as a kind of hobby, and are not overt. Perhaps in their century, they are less driven by culture and various needs or habits, and are more reasonable, scientific, and not as troubled by everyday semantics. Today we seem poloarized on one side or another, but Trek at least in the early versions, was sort of off to the side. DS9 gave us the first true exploration of a rise of a Federation member planet, although it never decided Bajor was now a member, unless you count the books. The endgame should have gone there. Sometimes it dropped into space war of the week with that Dominion thing, so it too skirted away from exploring the Bajoran idea of faith after a while. When it came back, it was oddly cult like with Prophets and messengers, and questing. Then it would be time for more space wars. In the end, the faith of that series was reduced to just, one station commander becomes an angel, goes into a temple thing, and might eventually return "Yesterday." Evidently they didn't know what to do with the orbs and stuff. Voyager didn't go there at all. When they encountered a moral issue, it was not really a religious one. You ca have morality without religion. You can simply be a good person. It actually at times was more humanist than TNG. What was Janeway? Was she some kind of mid western Earth agnostic? They never really said. Chakotay was some sort of central American colony person who had spirit quests, but they stopped doing that after that one story. The Borg seemed to revere certain items, such as Omega particles, being a collective, a Unimatrix holodeck like realm, but not actually any moral component. Enterprise never really addressed faith. It was likely Archer was somewhat an American from NY, and sometimes would say God, usually in surprise. Tpol was kind of zen religious, and did not eat meat. Nobody else really seemed to be anything. In the Star Trek reboot there really is no overtly addressed faith. New Kirk doesn't really claim to be anything. McCoy could be Baptist, but it is not said. Spock appears to be somewhat Buddhist like, but not obviously. Sulu and the others are so vague on that nobody can tell. It probably doesn't mean anything to the characters when they gasp, "My God" in any of the new iterations, as it has merely become like an expliotive without a whole meaning. Humanism. Yep.
  12. Why is Khan supposed to be the game changing breakout villain of all time? They keep going back to that tired well. The books are awesome though. It is probably just a rumor anyway. Why not use any number of other villains? They've been trying to remake a TWOK film since TWOK. Star Trek V, charismatic leader takes the ship. Star Trek VI, charismatic Klingons try to start a war and one of them is quoting from the classics. Star Trek Generations, charismatic and mad scientist wants to destroy planets, lets Klingons destroy Enterprise D. Star Trek First Contact, charismatic Borg enemy seeks to rewrite history, and Picard quotes Moby Dick. Star Trek Insurrection, oddly boring but driven planet of eternal youth has evil stock villain, but he's trying to be like a baddie. Star Trek Nemesis, a Khan rip off, but the twist, from a mile off, is the Khan character is a clone of Picard, and wants to destroy Earth instead of just rule a freaking empire planet. But, Shinzon, you have the power of the Romulan fleet and could rule it, and with your warship subjugate hundreds of worlds. No, I must go use my powerful warship to stop Picard! Ugh. Star Trek 09, another riff of Khan, but the villian uses time travel, kind of by accident, and then once back in time, kills Vulcan and tries to do the same to Earth. Ent gets pretty shot up. This Nero guy just devastated billions on the planet, the fleet is wrecked by super black hole making minin warship thing, ship, and there seems little else anyone can do. No, we have to destroy Kirk. What? But Kirk is insignificant. We should just lethim onto our ship to stop us. What? Insert snark and obvious face palm from his second. But Spock is there and takes him out. Star Trek Into Darkness, a Khan rip off with Khan in it, only he is bad ass Fight Club banker Khan. You also feel no back story, because to these characters, young pre Space Seed Kirk and Spock, they haven't known of him for 16 years like in TWOK. Ent gets pretty shot up again. Khan and Marcus have a powerful warship that can take on anyone, and they choose the Enterprise? A fistfight on a garbage scow moving at speed? How are they staying on that surface? It looked cool, but it was ridiculous. And the base jumping again. The Vengeance? Really? Isn't that a wee bit obvious? Star Trek Beyond, even there, stock villain alien with a secret agenda wants to destroy a space station. Kirk must stop him, but his ship is brought down on a planet, finally destroyed, and he has to find another one. Granted it is a better film than ID with better characters. As someone said back on old TW, Khan is not the Joker to Kirk's Batman. He just happened to get a movie sequel to his episode. I hope Meyer is not really considering this. This isn't one of Orci's and Kurtzman's ideas, is it? We know how well STID went over with die hard fans. The films though had to tell a story with a good guy and a bad guy. I give them that. They get 2 hours to tell a quick and fantastic upscale story, not just a generic episode. A movie has to be way better than an episode. Gen in Insurrection were like just good episodes. They weren't big enough. Even Beyond was a very good episode, but not quite epic. Sure, it had the pretty space station, and a cool destroy the ship (again) scene, but the rest was just a charming episode on a planet. Star Trek doesn't have to have a Joker. It kind of does in TNG with Q being like Picard's foil and villain. It's what they should have done for a final roundup, not his clone.
  13. The definition of atheism is they do not believe in any God, and It was not meant as a KM, so relating it to Trek.. In Trek, this might be the Cardassians. Some people on the Enterprise were Christian, Kirk, McCoy, maybe Sulu. Klingons appear to be a mixture of Orthodox and Buddhist. Vulcans are a mix of Judeism and Buddhist, including the famous Vulcan salute, a Jewish faith prayer symbol in one form, and the meditation. The Bajorans believe in many gods, as Prophets. They learn that these are false gods, (according to the Federation, which should have been heresy) but continue to accept them, and surprisingly do not kick the Federation discoverers out for finding out theirs was a false belief (to the Federation). Instead, they convert Sisko to their cause (and in a backhanded way, he is supposedly their 'messenger' destined from birth). They have some zen Buddhist ways, but also other sects. It is odd because Bajor is really a people over 300,000 years older than humans, because Picard said so about them being capable 'artisans and voyagers' before humans stood erect. They should by then be on the level of their type 2 wormhole alien demigods. Maybe then that is why they worship them, as their ancestors, literally, who were ahead of them by hundreds of thousands of years. This does beg a question ever addressed in DS9. If they were so powerful, why not just prevent Cardassia and the Dominion from ever attacking their homeland?
  14. Classic online catty celeb critique on the part of KD's out of context PR quotes. Like she is saying, "I haven't seen the movie, but it stinks because it wasn't about me." Nice. TH didn't need to reply because "she didn't even watch it". I would not have replied. My opinion on the film doesn't matter, as I am not a celebrity. KD could have been in it, as 'hot' Aunt May. But they did not cast her. Maybe that's why she is put off. Her opinion doesn't matter, because she is not involved in it. Non story Ha. When was Kirsten's last hit film? Hidden Figures? She had a sort of villain role in that.
  15. I say is stands of Walker, Texas Ranger, and there is a Chuck Norris, and if that ship is out there, it just flies in and the other ships turn tail. Hee yaw.