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  1. Anyone Else Eclectic w/Music?

    I guess I'm pretty ecletric. No rap or country for me, please. Even some of that R&B gives me a headache. Rockish metal's my true favorite though, specifically the band Scarling. (Not so much Evanescance any more.)
  2. Another error in 'Human Error?'

    Nothing new there!
  3. Er, okay, I bet saying this is gonna make me look like a huge Voyager nerd. Here goes. When I was watching 'Human Error' a few days ago, I noticed that one Seven's and Chakotay's second date, Chakotay brought over roasted chicken for dinner. Erm, I thought Chakotay was vegetarian, or does replicated food not count?
  4. Favorite Person on DS9

    I prefer Kira and Dax. They had a kind of radiance that lept of the screen.
  5. Favorite Voyager Character

    Janeway. There's just so many ways that she opens a can of whoop... butt. I doubt nobody else could've portrayed Janeway like Mulgrew did.
  6. I've seen a fair amount of DS9, and during that time, I found that the relationships in this series seems to be a little more sophysticated. So, right now, I was curious as to if there were any other shippers out there on this forum that prefer a specific pairing? I.E. I like Odo/Kira and Jadzia Dax/Bashir.
  7. A Simple Question

    Hm, I did send it to webmaster@trekcore.com . I shall resend it. Edit: All right, I got a response from Adam. This thread can be closed now.
  8. Favorite Star Trek Series/Movie poll

    Now having seen a lot of DS9, I would say probably Voyager, but with DS9 very close behind! As for my favorite movie, that'd most definitely be First Contact. (The Borg and the Queen are an excellent villan!)
  9. A Simple Question

    Question to the administrators, I sent an email a few days ago about helping out. I was wondering whether you guys got it or not. Thank you.