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  1. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I know I'm in the minority here, and I'll repeat myself but... anybody has found a GIF of Ash Tyler double fist-punching a Klingon? I just feel like it needs to happen.
  2. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    I don't know who shot the Solo puns first, but don't get cocky!
  3. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I still don't know how I feel about this show, but I like it, even if, like Sim, I don't quite get the familiar Star Trek feeling yet, which, I'm sure makes me less receptive than if it were a brand new sci-fi show (that being said, I tend toward harder Sci-fi than Trek, usually, even if Trek really introduced me to that world). One thing that annoys me slightly is the constant minor continuity references being opposed to the re-imagined look. I have no problem with re-imagination at all, but the weird paradox of keeping some elements of continuity and discarding others (don't get me wrong, it happened before: No Female Captains, anyone?) is a little off-setting. The style example of the week being the D-7 reference. That said, the Klingon interiors were much more familiar this time. All the honoured Captains being familiar was a little unimaginative in my opinion. It looks like Starfleet had 20 ships over a century... But the real reason for me posting is that I really, really wanted to mention that Ash Tyler does a few very fine classic double-fist punches while Lorca and him are fighting their way out of the cell! Any GIF of that yet?
  4. Blade Runner Sequel

    Have you heard him talk? I don't think it's an option for him. He sounds like Denis Lemieux, or worst, Drouin, from Slap Shot.
  5. Blade Runner Sequel

    Good point. Everytime I watched a new one, I got a little confused. I don't believe it's the perfect or best movie, and my use of perfect was inspired by what was said previously in this thread, but when quoting(and translating) Villeneuve, it was close to what he actually said. By the way, it's pretty hilarious to see some of you write Villeneuve...
  6. Blade Runner Sequel

    So, I read a bunch of older posts (but not all) in this thread questioning the validity (or like Sisko would say while wearing Klingon teeth: valittthhhee) of making a sequel (and I did question it too), I just wanted to point out that Denis Villeneuve himself admitted that the original movie was indeed perfect and he only accepted to make the sequel so that nobody else would ruin it, acknowledging in the process that he might have been a tad pretentious doing so. I've been following him since his early directing days back when he made movies in Quebec and I have to admit that he made quite the efficient transition to the Hollywood system and I'm excited if he'll pull it off. And then, if he'll pull off Dune... and then if he'd pull off Angelina Jolie's Cleopatra. We'll see! Edit: And yay for Edward James Olmos!
  7. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    I'm fully aware of the economical implications. And I'm even more aware of the aftershow's worth, that was my actual point: Little content and cost for decent returns. And I know it's always been the case. Trek has seen doubtful tie-in products since the early 70's. That being said, there's a line where more profit doesn't guarantee any survival, especially if all the profits are made from a limited amount of passionate people with a finite revenue. Furthermore, we both know that they are not generating more revenue without raising the prices all the time. What they actually did is to raise the prices substantially again before they even presented us with the new product, and then attempting to generate more revenue. It feels a little like abuse, especially after so long without any trek. And we've seen what it does when they milk the cow dry...
  8. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    I see your point, but I still believe another option could have been offered. Oh and while we're at it, did we need such additional "content" as After Trek? I know it's a trend with the Talking Dead and such, but this goes exactly in the "squeezing as many pennies as possible out of this" direction CBS and Paramount used before when it comes to Trek (before you mention you already paid for it with your all-access subscription, please bear in mind that it's sold to Space in Canada, which sells ads for it. I'm sure this happens elsewhere too. I'm sure some of the content, behind the scenes or interviews, will also find their ways on bluray releases).
  9. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    Yeah, but it's not like I'll subscribe only to CBS all-access so that I can watch the one non-crappy show, rewatched non-remastered old Trek or movies I've seen before. So, I'll subscribe to HBO for a few, to Netflix for a few more and so on. I originally subscribed to Netflix because I wanted a one-stop (or as much as possible) destination and didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars to watch a few shows (and try to not lose my faith in humanity while stumbling on a million more) whenever I wanted, but it's getting out of hand, and of course, like banking fees once everybody moved to ATMs and online banking, commercials are back. Not to mention that you're not supposed to get cable to get CBS (even here in Montreal) and therefore shouldn't have to pay for cable, but they decided to make Trek fans pay for everything else they'd like to produce/sell on an online platform. I totally agree with this point, and indeed, crews are not overpaid. But TPTB, who decided to push this new mode of distribution, are. And I assure you these are the guys who will keep trying to milk Trek fans out of every penny, like they always did, either by charging a fortune for a single episode on VHS back in the days, or now with imposing a monthly fee for a mostly useless service, to watch three or four episodes until November, hoping it fills the coffers and maybe, just maybe, helps creating new content. It's not the end of the world, but it is frustrating. I haven't watched it yet, but my legal options up here are actually even worse (subscribe to a hefty cable package), so I'll keep considering what I'll do.
  10. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    Wait, you mean the basic, paying service has commercials?!? Wow. Edit: Just learned from the article that Hulu does the same. Boy am I glad these services are not available up here!
  11. What's You're Favorite Data Moment?

    This will sound slightly mean (which sometimes feel like the ultimate sin on this Ned Flanders of a Trek site), and I apologize to the OP as this is more of a general feeling than anything, but oh am I excited to have a new series so we can stop having such nostalgic, punch/past-drunk moments about anything Trek that passes our way! But to answer the question, my (current) favourite Data moment is him passing the torch to the "Next Generation" when he acknowledged being too old to play an (supposedly) immortal android...
  12. No reviews of Discovery until first episodes air?

    From a guy who usually gets spoiled quite a lot (either on purpose like I did for Nemesis, Enterprise and the first JJ movie) or not (GoT, among others: I've read the books, but am not up to date by many seasons on the show as I'd like to wait as long as possible to finish that alternate universe version, but the internet, even when not searching for them, has been quite ruthless in its spoiling ways), I have to say I appreciate how little of Discovery has gotten out, and if the review hold allows for a better, unspoiled experience, I'm not against it. I'm quite happy to hear people liked it, but I really don't want to hear much more anymore.
  13. The Klingon Redesign?

    But maybe the marketing people - or the creative ones - actually wanted us to scratch our heads, dissect and discuss the shit out of it until Discovery gets out...
  14. I converted my GF to Trek these last two years, but she'll be away at a convention (a work one) in Toronto until Tuesday, and I promised to wait for her to watch it. I have remained mostly unspoiled, but I wonder how easy it will be from Sunday on...
  15. OUT NOW: 'ENT - Patterns of Interference'

    Not the most gracious cover, but the story seems interesting, especially the bits that seem to reflect current political events.
  16. And this guy's not there? No thank you. But seriously: No.
  17. Origin of the Terran Empire

    Mirror Phlox does state that, aside from Shakespeare, who is equally grim in both universes, many other authors' works are usually way more "weak and compassionate" in the Prime Universe, which tends to confirm that both have always been parallel, or at least diverged quite a while ago...
  18. DISCOVERY Delayed Again ? No Release Date ?

    I'm sure it was exciting back then, but man, does it pinpoint the awkward acting (except for Levar, and to a lesser degree, Stewart) of the pilot. Not to mention how TNG has aged... Troi: "I'm detecting...*frowns...extreme awkwardness". But yes, I'm excited for any kind of promo for Discovery!
  19. Broken links in News Items

    I keep getting 404 errors from links posted by TrekCoreNews. Am I the only one? Two exemples from recent threads below:
  20. Broken links in News Items

  21. Just wanted to put it out there: Doing a front-flip in Zero-G and then waving the Enterprise goodbye is the coolest thing someone could do in the 2270's, aside from saving Earth, maybe.

    1. Sehlat Vie

      Sehlat Vie

      I'm still trying to figure out how he kept from floating away after he kicked off from the spacedock itself (?).  Maybe action-reaction principle works differently in the 23rd century...:giggle:

  22. The Pakleds, clearly (but slowly).
  23. Ten minutes in, Star Trek V could still have been the best Trek movie ever. (Shut up, Gustavo! :p)

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    2. Tupperfan


      Generations is a guilty pleasure. The music is of course awesome, but it was also the first Trek movie I experienced in a theatre. By then, I wasn't too familiar with the Next Gen crew, but it was still a fascinating jump 75 years in the future from the TOS-movies period I knew best.

      Of course, it makes little sense, starts the bad Next Gen movie trend of writing most characters slightly off and a bridge kills (spoiler alert) Kirk (I'm not at all opposed to killing off Kirk, but it wasn't...elegant, if deaths ever are).

      So yeah, I like it, despite knowing better.

    3. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      Generations was my first Theatre experience too. Saw it 3 times. But I was very familiar with TNG. I was shocked to see (Spoilers) the Enterprise D destroyed. I was 8 at the time.

    4. GustavoLeao


      I think GENERATIONS has wonderful performances from everyone kudos to director David Carson. Shatner deliver one of his best KIrk performances and Stewart and Malcolm McDowell are great in it too.

      STAR TREK V is the same thing - great acting all around. Watch the "I need my pain !" scene and the "Not in front of the Klingons" scene, great acting from Shatner, Nimoy and De Kelley. Even the campfire scene works. And Lawrence Luckinbill was just wonderful too as Sybok. He gave the movie some depth and gravitas. STAR TREK V,, as I said various times here before, is very an underrated adventure.