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  1. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Room related GIF.
  2. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Dude, you need to get your definition straight! It's not a documentary, or a mockumentary (à la This is Spinal Tap or The Office), where the fourth wall is broken or the camera is acknowledged, but a fictional depiction, using actors, and based on true events. And how can it be a parody of a biopic (although I don't totally agree with the biopic label, I'd label it as a biographical comedy-drama ) when it actually chronicles an over-the-top but actually true story ? This is not Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, which was an actual parody. Also, a biopic is not autobiographic, as you seem to imply. But in the end, you're tilting at windmills regarding semantics, the same way you're doing so arguing where this thread should be placed: The Room was an independent movie, but the Disaster Artist, which is supposed to be the subject of your thread, is not, being produced by New Line Cinema, among others. So yeah to Hollywood movie, and no to documentary. Back to actually discussing the Disaster Artist, now? Short story: Go see it. And watch The Room first, if you can stomach it.
  3. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Yup, and a great one at that, for anybody fascinated with The Room (prior knowledge of the source material is definitely a must, or at the very least a strong asset). It's not as detailed as the book, of course, but James Franco's performance and the pain-staking recreation of The Room sets and scenes are pure candy.
  4. Trek: Modern Trailers

    Indeed! The TMP one actually kind of oversells the movie (except for the Enterprise re-introduction, of course)!
  5. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Can't wait for Harlan Ellison to start raging!
  6. Bryan Fuller Exits "American Gods."

    He's pretty good at exiting. Maybe he needs to be constantly stimulated. Maybe he loves the early stages of creation. Maybe he needs new challenges. But it seems difficult to keep creative control of licensed projects with so many interested parties involved...
  7. Isaacs Blocked by Shatner on Twitter

    Mild yay, at best. More like, 'kay.

    That's a lot of characters! I hope the movie will handle the infinity of cameos decently.
  9. Isaacs Blocked by Shatner on Twitter

    Shatner's aura is collapsing like a neutron star. He sounds more and more like another bitter old man who is a little too infatuated with himself... And it doesn't mean they'll execute it right either. Maybe we didn't get it all because maybe, just maybe, it's a half-baked idea.
  10. Duck Trek - Discovery!

    This Lorca duck just reminded me (honestly, this was buried quite deep!) that I used to play Max Barry's NationsStates online and was part of a group called Ducks of War. We really took that stuff seriously. Too bad the image hosting service I used back then disappeared, there was a few cool designs. I feel like Lorca Duck would have been quite a welcome addition...
  11. Episode 1.8: “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” Discussion Thread

    I mostly agree with you, except maybe for the fact that I didn't enjoy the latest episode at all. It contained too much of what Trek did to death, and it was indeed confusing, at times. Like you, I stay here and keep watching because I love Star Trek, I haven't been hooked up in any way yet. I'm watching for what it could be, but if I were new to Trek, or if it was a totally original show, I'm not sure I'd keep watching much longer. And this last episode was the worst, I found myself really looking forward to the end credits. Mid-season finale next week. Let's see where it'll lead, I guess...
  12. Classic BSG Meets Nu-BSG in upcoming comic

    That sounds felgercarbby.
  13. Alright, half-assed attempt number 2, don't expect it to be the unprecedented piece of genius writing that was my first iteration, but consider it a tribute. The Americano-centrism of Trek has been something that has annoyed me since my early days on Trekweb, and I've been vocal about it before, but I'm more or less from the showcased culture myself, so I get it. I get that Kirk's Enterprise celebrates American Thanksgiving, that Federation Standard is English, that Tom Paris' fondness for the 20th century is actually a fondness for some (white) perception of America. I get it, but I don't get why, in a day and age where American high-budget entertainment products rely more and more on international revenue, that a world-uniting (literally) show - one that, ironically, doesn't fare that well in many foreign markets, especially when compared to other franchises - that is available everywhere right off the bat, and highlights its diversity even more than before (and don't misread me, it's great) by starting off with a Malay captain and a Chinese-named starship, heads back to the familiar trope of a 21st century American federation. Unless of course it's the whole plan: Burnham, a high-ranking (First Officer) foreigner (Near-Vulcan) now joining a new society (Discovery) as an outcast in near-servitude who will then slowly blend-in and contribute through her talent and hard-work. The Federation dream! So I do get that it's an American show whose true goal is to reflect its society through the prism of Science-Fiction, and I'm averagely okay with it. But I would like to see more actual diversity, acknowledging where we are heading as a globalized (to a degree or another, like it or not) civilization - something that even TOS actually did better - not to mention seeing more diversity at the interstellar level within the confines of the fictional Federation (even if it could be established that there are Starfleet ships crewed by majority species other than humans, akin to the Vulcan-crewed Intrepid in TOS). So yeah, I get it, but it annoys me, which is what things I love do to me, sometimes. I have no issue, at all, with Discovery being more Trekish. But with about a dozen episodes a season, I was hoping the plan was not to re-hash the time-honoured Trek time gimmick (Time crystals? This has to be close to the mushroom-drive for bogus science. But this is Star Trek after all, so as others have mentioned: who keeps count by now) because all it did was to remove any sense of jeopardy, no doubt an impressive feat itself, as modern TV fully embraces the "no one is safe" model. So, as you mildly wonder how the crew will get out of this pickle - thank goodness that Stamets' mushroom trip side-effects include Guinan Nexus-ish Timeline Awareness (which was thankfully nicely setup through a mirror in an earlier episode) - you realize that it actually feels Trekish because it's been done, to death, in Trek, before. I also have no issues with bottle episodes, which Discovery does very well (already the second time), especially as it allows us to delve into the characters a little more - something that Burnham desperately needs - but relying on a De Integro Machina that is not only too frequent in Trek, but that I was also hoping we'd at least avoid for a time (no pun intended. Actually, yes, pun intended, but it's bad. Heads up...in the past), doesn't get many in the crowd to go anywhere but mild. As for Mudd, he was entertaining (and props to Rainn Wilson), but he is, like his TOS future-self counterpart, quickly getting old (and by quickly, I mean half an episode ago). Furthermore, the dude is actually quite the danger, getting away with murder, treason and jaywalking, for which he gets a space ticket and is dumped on his in-laws, never to be seen again. Cause, you know, the guy was clearly running on tricks fumes. So, I'll keep watching, because I love Trek, I want to know where this goes and how much they'll end up meeting up with diverging from TOS. Because that's the thing: After over a decade without any new Trek on TV (something that has been a weekly happening since my early teenage years), I desperately want to like it, but for now, it's been a lukewarm trip. And yet:
  14. Yeah. I just barely have the time to visit and skim over the threads, much less write a long post, but this was too much. I might try re-writing it later, because there was a point or two worth writing about, but I'm not sure they are worth reading, haha!
  15. Damn it, lost my long response to your post and a review of the episode. I was quite proud of it too. I though we were beyond such shit things in this day and age, but the auto-editor basically saved your quote and about a line of my carefully-crafted reply. Still as heart-breaking as back in 1999...
  16. The actual issue with that party scene is that, for a show that really wanted to showcase diversity, it's just displays that the 23rd century Federation is still an American-centric civilization that didn't really culturally evolve beyond the early 21st century. Hey, I have no problem with blowing off some steam, especially given the war going on. After all, we saw some sloppy drunkenness in shows like BSG, and it always felt appropriate. But yes, the 24th century "parties" we saw were indeed mostly quite stuffy (except maybe for Jadzia's bachelorette bash), so I'm all in for anything a little wilder. But in this case, unless it's some kind of late 20th/early 21st century-themed retro party, all the cultural elements feel truly out of place and anachronistic, and it honestly takes me out of the universe (which seems to be a progressively intentional thing by TPTB at ST:Discovery). Is Beer Pong truly that much of a staple that its legacy will last for over two centuries?!? Come on! It's not even the most fun drinking game at any given self-respecting party, and these games get old seconds after you realize you can enjoy drinking and social settings without getting hammered once you hit something like 22 or, in my case, 35. And don't get me wrong, I love Wyclef Jean, but will he be one of the few artists of our time to transcend the centuries? I mean, they already quoted the Beatles and these boys have a slightly better chance. And even then, I'm not sure. So yeah, I'll wait before I judge, as usual, but Discovery seems to have enough annoying bits, tidbits really - mostly - that it sometimes feels like the writers/producers put them in just to see how some old-timers will react, just for shit and giggles while they inundate us with lens flares, because we also love that. I mean, how many times have they been teasing us with familiar nods while also pushing the boundaries of what should realistically be expected from the time this show is set in? I'll keep watching, because there are elements I really like, but like many here (and elsewhere), I'm starting to put Discovery aside, canon-wise. I just hope it won't fall in the parody-well where the first two Kelvin-verse Treks are.
  17. Is Lorca part of Section 31?????

    Anybody has a screen cap of that? But I must admit I'd rather not see too much of section 31. They became Trek's easy answer for any remotely malicious or aggressive Human.
  18. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I know I'm in the minority here, and I'll repeat myself but... anybody has found a GIF of Ash Tyler double fist-punching a Klingon? I just feel like it needs to happen.
  19. Star Wars: Han Solo Movie

    I don't know who shot the Solo puns first, but don't get cocky!
  20. Episode 1.5 "Choose Your Pain" Discussion Thread

    I still don't know how I feel about this show, but I like it, even if, like Sim, I don't quite get the familiar Star Trek feeling yet, which, I'm sure makes me less receptive than if it were a brand new sci-fi show (that being said, I tend toward harder Sci-fi than Trek, usually, even if Trek really introduced me to that world). One thing that annoys me slightly is the constant minor continuity references being opposed to the re-imagined look. I have no problem with re-imagination at all, but the weird paradox of keeping some elements of continuity and discarding others (don't get me wrong, it happened before: No Female Captains, anyone?) is a little off-setting. The style example of the week being the D-7 reference. That said, the Klingon interiors were much more familiar this time. All the honoured Captains being familiar was a little unimaginative in my opinion. It looks like Starfleet had 20 ships over a century... But the real reason for me posting is that I really, really wanted to mention that Ash Tyler does a few very fine classic double-fist punches while Lorca and him are fighting their way out of the cell! Any GIF of that yet?
  21. Blade Runner Sequel

    Have you heard him talk? I don't think it's an option for him. He sounds like Denis Lemieux, or worst, Drouin, from Slap Shot.
  22. Blade Runner Sequel

    Good point. Everytime I watched a new one, I got a little confused. I don't believe it's the perfect or best movie, and my use of perfect was inspired by what was said previously in this thread, but when quoting(and translating) Villeneuve, it was close to what he actually said. By the way, it's pretty hilarious to see some of you write Villeneuve...
  23. Blade Runner Sequel

    So, I read a bunch of older posts (but not all) in this thread questioning the validity (or like Sisko would say while wearing Klingon teeth: valittthhhee) of making a sequel (and I did question it too), I just wanted to point out that Denis Villeneuve himself admitted that the original movie was indeed perfect and he only accepted to make the sequel so that nobody else would ruin it, acknowledging in the process that he might have been a tad pretentious doing so. I've been following him since his early directing days back when he made movies in Quebec and I have to admit that he made quite the efficient transition to the Hollywood system and I'm excited if he'll pull it off. And then, if he'll pull off Dune... and then if he'd pull off Angelina Jolie's Cleopatra. We'll see! Edit: And yay for Edward James Olmos!
  24. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    I'm fully aware of the economical implications. And I'm even more aware of the aftershow's worth, that was my actual point: Little content and cost for decent returns. And I know it's always been the case. Trek has seen doubtful tie-in products since the early 70's. That being said, there's a line where more profit doesn't guarantee any survival, especially if all the profits are made from a limited amount of passionate people with a finite revenue. Furthermore, we both know that they are not generating more revenue without raising the prices all the time. What they actually did is to raise the prices substantially again before they even presented us with the new product, and then attempting to generate more revenue. It feels a little like abuse, especially after so long without any trek. And we've seen what it does when they milk the cow dry...
  25. Bootleged DISCOVERY ???

    I see your point, but I still believe another option could have been offered. Oh and while we're at it, did we need such additional "content" as After Trek? I know it's a trend with the Talking Dead and such, but this goes exactly in the "squeezing as many pennies as possible out of this" direction CBS and Paramount used before when it comes to Trek (before you mention you already paid for it with your all-access subscription, please bear in mind that it's sold to Space in Canada, which sells ads for it. I'm sure this happens elsewhere too. I'm sure some of the content, behind the scenes or interviews, will also find their ways on bluray releases).