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  1. Ten minutes in, Star Trek V could still have been the best Trek movie ever. (Shut up, Gustavo! :p)

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    2. Tupperfan


      Generations is a guilty pleasure. The music is of course awesome, but it was also the first Trek movie I experienced in a theatre. By then, I wasn't too familiar with the Next Gen crew, but it was still a fascinating jump 75 years in the future from the TOS-movies period I knew best.

      Of course, it makes little sense, starts the bad Next Gen movie trend of writing most characters slightly off and a bridge kills (spoiler alert) Kirk (I'm not at all opposed to killing off Kirk, but it wasn't...elegant, if deaths ever are).

      So yeah, I like it, despite knowing better.

    3. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      Generations was my first Theatre experience too. Saw it 3 times. But I was very familiar with TNG. I was shocked to see (Spoilers) the Enterprise D destroyed. I was 8 at the time.

    4. GustavoLeao


      I think GENERATIONS has wonderful performances from everyone kudos to director David Carson. Shatner deliver one of his best KIrk performances and Stewart and Malcolm McDowell are great in it too.

      STAR TREK V is the same thing - great acting all around. Watch the "I need my pain !" scene and the "Not in front of the Klingons" scene, great acting from Shatner, Nimoy and De Kelley. Even the campfire scene works. And Lawrence Luckinbill was just wonderful too as Sybok. He gave the movie some depth and gravitas. STAR TREK V,, as I said various times here before, is very an underrated adventure.