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  1. Episode 1.10 “Despite Yourself” Discussion Thread

    Given what the Discovery now knows about 1) the future fate of the USS Defiant and 2)The existence of the Mirror Universe, not to mention the numerous elements that make Discovery stick out like a sore thumb (Spock's adoptive sister, the spore-drive, etc.), it feels like Discovery's journey will lead them away from their original timeline and/or universe...
  2. Episode 1.10 “Despite Yourself” Discussion Thread

    I bet the episode revolves around Riker dealing with The Pegasus situation on a Holodeck, by reliving key moments of previous Sterfleet crews so that he can tell Picard the truth, despite not actually doing so in the original episode. That or it'll be all about goatee Riker. Oh wait, they did that... Well, let's do that episode again: Trek's sloppy seconds would be refreshing, right? Right?
  3. Getting closer to First Contact, very slowly.

    And with a World War in the way, let's hope we don't adhere to canon to closely. :D

    Happy New Year!

  4. If this were another time, another website, and the exact same drunken me, I would say some stupid stuff right now. :P

    1. Robin Bland

      Robin Bland

      You never say stooopid stuff. Say some! Your stupid is others’ clever. Happy 2018! 

    2. Tupperfan


      I'll hold off for now. ;)

      Happy New Year!

  5. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Enjoyable, even on your own...
  6. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    I guess this needs to be posted here, now.
  7. J.J. Abram's knowledge of space is so weak that he must think Earth is flat...
    1. Robin Bland

      Robin Bland

      :laugh: Couldn’t agree more! 

  8. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Groan-related GIF Like this:
  9. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Room related GIF.
  10. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Dude, you need to get your definition straight! It's not a documentary, or a mockumentary (à la This is Spinal Tap or The Office), where the fourth wall is broken or the camera is acknowledged, but a fictional depiction, using actors, and based on true events. And how can it be a parody of a biopic (although I don't totally agree with the biopic label, I'd label it as a biographical comedy-drama ) when it actually chronicles an over-the-top but actually true story ? This is not Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, which was an actual parody. Also, a biopic is not autobiographic, as you seem to imply. But in the end, you're tilting at windmills regarding semantics, the same way you're doing so arguing where this thread should be placed: The Room was an independent movie, but the Disaster Artist, which is supposed to be the subject of your thread, is not, being produced by New Line Cinema, among others. So yeah to Hollywood movie, and no to documentary. Back to actually discussing the Disaster Artist, now? Short story: Go see it. And watch The Room first, if you can stomach it.
  11. The Disaster Artist actually makes bad films look good

    Yup, and a great one at that, for anybody fascinated with The Room (prior knowledge of the source material is definitely a must, or at the very least a strong asset). It's not as detailed as the book, of course, but James Franco's performance and the pain-staking recreation of The Room sets and scenes are pure candy.
  12. Trek: Modern Trailers

    Indeed! The TMP one actually kind of oversells the movie (except for the Enterprise re-introduction, of course)!
  13. Tarantino's idea. What is it?

    Can't wait for Harlan Ellison to start raging!
  14. Bryan Fuller Exits "American Gods."

    He's pretty good at exiting. Maybe he needs to be constantly stimulated. Maybe he loves the early stages of creation. Maybe he needs new challenges. But it seems difficult to keep creative control of licensed projects with so many interested parties involved...
  15. Isaacs Blocked by Shatner on Twitter

    Mild yay, at best. More like, 'kay.