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  1. What Class of Ship Would You Want?

    Oh no...would have to be Intrepid class...then Soverign then Defiant then Nova...
  2. Why did they kill Tasha?

    Yeh i think she was a really good charachter as well
  3. ST freakin encounters

    A bit like ST Legacy then
  4. ST freakin encounters

    so is encounters any good and should i buy it
  5. Name a TV Show

    Star Trek Deep space 9
  6. Name a TV Show

    Star Trek
  7. Tom Cruise Cameo In Trek XI!?

    Tom Cruise in ST XI-my mum would definately watch it. ps my mum loves ST-thats how come i like it.
  8. Name a TV Show

    Eastenders coronation street jeramie kyle show the bill trisha If there one
  9. Own Episode Idea

    My new trek series on my web site will tell you my trek story, just visit www.freewebs.com/danuberunabout
  10. Choose from 270,000+ Star Trek eCards!

    That sounds really cool.....like christmas cards.
  11. Trek Comics

    All i have is a 1972 Star Trek comic album
  12. My Starships...

    how do you creat these ships
  13. What does your desktop look like?

    How do you take a snapshot of your desctop, i know a way but it only takes small pictures. And is the a way to video you desctop
  14. Worst Voyager episode

    what season is alice in
  15. Worst Voyager episode

    Hi just wondering what was you worst voyager episode, I havn't really got a worst but i havn't seen all of the Voyager episodes........but if i had to choose it would be Repentance