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  1. For me the most fun part was when Bill began referring to The Doctor as her Grandfather. I think given the retrospective tone of this season it was a nice touch. I think it takes their relationship to a different, sentimental level than recent past companions. Curious to see if this is a one time thing or if Bill will start to ask The Doctor about more of his past.
  2. Watched the second episode this weekend. Don't know if I was feeling nostalgic or getting forgetful. But it seems like some of the incidental music was more akin to the classic Who episodes. Between that, some of the classic Who references like the pictures of Susan on his desk, and from the trailers for upcoming episodes what looks like either a return to Mondas (could this be that rumored David Bradley as the first Doctor story?) or a return of the classic Mondas cybermen it feels like Moff is trying to be sentimental in his last year. I like it. Wonder if we will get to see that bucket list wish of seeing Carole Ann Ford make an appearance. Also, other than knowing that the Doctor promised someone he's watch a vault, did I miss anything about why he's at the university?
  3. Assuming the upcoming Christmas special counts as part of series 10 I saw this over on Blastr. Sounds interesting if it's true Possible spoilers
  4. ***** Potential Minor Spoilers. Trying to not spoil but just in case. ***** Glad to see others liked season 2. I saw some mixed reviews online but I binged the whole season in one weekend and I was stoked. On one hand it felt like maybe it was done given the way they seemed to wrap up some threads. But I just saw that season 3 has been ordered. I thought the prolonged use of the Trade Ministers visit to "our" reality was done well. In the book it was just a brief, one shot visit that just introduced him to the possibility of other realities. But the way they wrote his whole "other" family and that plot was great and I really felt for him giving it all up to go back to the show's universe and set in motion the sequence of events that he did. Also, the visit to "our" universe resonated with the message from the Man in the High Castle himself that Juliana was central to a lot things. Seeing her in "our" universe was nicely done. I can't help but think that in season 3 he may feel some what paternal towards her. But while these season played a number of thread out extremely well, it certainly has plenty of material for season 3: What will happen to Joe and his father John Smith seems poised for bigger things having come so close to losing it all What will really happen to Smith's son Juliana's sister Frank and the resistance Ed and Childan in the "reproduction" business In addition to the stories, I'm impressed with the attention to detail that's gone into depicting the alternate timeline. It all comes together to make the show a top notch production IMHO.
  5. I've been following the show from the beginning. It's certainly had its ups and downs. As much as I like the show I wasn't sure I wanted to continue after the loss of our dear Leftenant Abbie. There was such chemistry between the two of them and to try to reset that and start over seemed very daunting at this point. Never the less I kept it on the DVR schedule and have been giving it a go. This season is for all intents a near total reboot. The only other regular character to return was the lovely, yet tough as nails Miss Jenny. I was glad to see her return. First, I think as a character she's as strong as say Kira Nerys. Second, Crane needs someone he can count on and lean on. Third, to not have her around and experience Abbie's loss along with Crane would be kind of dismissive of that whole relationship. So, what do I think of the current season? When we first meet DHS agent Diana Thomas I thought maybe she was the new Witness and that we'd go through a long drawn out "This can't be" thread. But instead, we learn that her young daughter is the Witness and has been seeing some of Abbie's memories as "visions". By episode 3 they broke the news to Diana who obviously didn't take it well and we did get the typical "stay away from my kid" response so we'll have to see how that plays out. This season we picked up a couple of new additions to the Sccoby gang. The Archives in the town of Sleepy Hollow has been replaced by The Vault which comes completes with Jake who's into the secret history texts and such and Alex who's into mystical relics and gadgets. The group is coming together quiet well. This season does feel like a return to the first season. More of the mythology like we saw in the first season and such. The new bad is a entrepreneur type who's into mystical artifacts. For now I'm still enjoying the show. Though I fully acknowledge with its bumpy road and the move to Friday night this could be the last season.
  6. Just FYI, for those folks that wanted to see the color version of this (which was previously only available on-line or through the BBC America app) this Sunday morning BBC America will air the color versions of the episodes in case you're interested. I've enjoyed the show. Though, at six episodes, it may have had some low spots. I think four episodes is a nice sweet spot for classic Who. Anyway, just a heads up in case you wanted to set your DVRs.
  7. I see the stretched text thing too. Glad it wasn't just me. The "what if" stuff interests me too. I'll be on the lookout for this and went on my suppliers web site and decide to pick up some of the other Deviations one-shots.
  8. Can't wait. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Really glad to hear this news and that she'll be able to continue on TWD. Can't wait.
  10. Just wanted to see what folks thought of the first episode. While I appreciate the "authentic" nature of airing them one at a time as was originally done, the 21st century part of me was ready to binge watch the whole story from start to finish. Oh well, I've got my copy of the DVD on it's way. Anyway, I thought the first episode was interesting. It introduced some concepts of regeneration that have carried through out the series such as confusion and memory loss and the way Patrick Troughton would refer to himself as "The Doctor" rather than "I" or "me". Adds to the confusion from Polly's and Ben's perspective. Is this person The Doctor or isn't he? For myself, I'm pleased with the quality of the first episode. Just excited to see this story brought back to life. Agree that it would be nice if they could do one or two a year to bring back these lost stories.
  11. ***** Potential Spoilers ***** I've been watching this and am enjoying it. Very intrigued by the whole Rittenhouse angle. This week's episode gave us a few more bread crumbs about them from the 70's. Wonder if we'll see Doc later in the season. After the reveals this week: * Rufus spying for Rittenhouse * Flynn dropping the bombshell to Rufus and Wyatt that he's following future Lucy's journal (or so he says. Still uncorroborated). There are some serious trust issues all around. I'm anxious to see how things unfold as the season progresses.
  12. Totally agree. Carol is my favorite too. I liked the episode and the scene where Morgan introduces Carol to Ezekiel was classic. "I don't know what the hell is going on in the most wonderful way!" While Carol still is in isolation mode, I think it'll turn around when she finds out what happened.
  13. I'm with Sehalt but I do understand doing everything they can to drive sales. I think the B&W release will "hopefully" be closer to the original. I've already ordered my copy of the DVD (won't get it until late November but still can't wait). Anyone who sees this at a Fantom Events showing, would love to read a review.
  14. I can't wait either. The only thing that threw me about The Tenth Planet was that I didn't see the part about the animated reconstruction. I knew parts of it were lost and thought maybe some footage had been found. So when it flipped from live action to animated my initial reaction was WTF. But after watching it I kept thinking about the quality and how well done the production was and I was excited that I had seen a previously "no longer available" episode in its entirety. I'd like to see more of these. Today's technology is able to deliver high quality animation. So many early Who stories were lost in archive purges. Back in the 80s you could only relive them in the books (which were cool because you could imagine the story unfolding) but now that we have the technology to bring them back to life on the screen maybe if this is well received we can get more.
  15. I remembered seeing over on Blastr that BBC America was putting together an animated "restoration" of Patrick Troughton's premiere Doctor Who story, Power Of The Daleks. I had all but forgot about it until I saw it advertised recently. In addition to the BBC America showing they've partnered with Fathom Events to show in certain movie theaters (sadly I'm not in a major market so I'll have to wait until it airs on BBC America) I saw something similar to this on the Tenth Planet DVD when they filled in for the missing footage with black and white animation. It was a little off putting at first, but it grew on me. Also, between being able to see the story brought back to life visually or not, it's a good alternative IMHO.