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  1. Titan Comics To Reimagine The Prisoner

    It's actually because of that Third Doctor series that I'm optimistic. They could have gone the easy path of putting together a story that had the big three concepts (the Doctor, Unit, and the Master) and gone from there by just writing any story with those constructs. But that story felt like someone at Titan did their research and watched more than a few of the Pertwee era stories. I say this because it was absolutely fantastic to see Roger Delgado's Master again. And Titan really captured his essence. The way his dialog (as well as the other characters for that matter) was written and they incorporated his "master of disguises" quality were brilliant. It's that attention to detail that gives me optimism that they'll do the same for The Prisoner. I rarely associate any specific actor to the success or failure of a show, but for me McGoohan made The Prisoner what it was. There are less than a hand full of actors from that era who I think could have done as good a job. Here's hoping they capture his essence as well.
  2. Titan Comics To Reimagine The Prisoner

    I agree that the AMC offering was crap. I'm hoping that Titan will be as respectful with The Prisoner as they've been with Doctor Who.
  3. Titan Comics To Reimagine The Prisoner

    I'm willing to give this a go and see what it looks like. I liked the original.
  4. Seems like the BBC has been trying for a long time to properly tell the strike-aborted story of Shada. First we had the novelization then we had a DVD with Tom Baker telling part of the story to fill in the blanks which was certainly better than nothing but lacked the flow of a traditional story. Now, the entire story will be told thanks to the wonders of animation This is very much like what they did with The Tenth Planet where they used the original live footage that was available and then inserted animation for the lost footage. Personally I'm stoked.
  5. The Maybe-Im-Willing-to-Give-Enterprise-a-Second-Look Thread

    I agree with Robin. Overall it's a good show. My personal favorite is season 4. I watched some of my favorite "best ofs" from seasons 1 and 2 and I could watch season 4 from start to finish without skipping any of them. When I was watching some season 4 I found myself wishing that IDW would do for Enterprise what they did for Jericho and do a continuation of the show (OK, so the Jericho continuation has been on ice so long its frozen but still ...).
  6. Saw here that a 10 episode series called Stargate Origins is being prepared. It'll focus on the daughter of the guy who discovered the first Stargate in the 1920s. The series web site is (note that its .co, not .com). I'm going to hold judgement until I see more. I'm curious, but not intrigued enough to say I'd shell out money for this show. That could change is more details come out. Thoughts???
  7. The New Doctor is ... ***** SPOILERS *****

    I was thinking about what changes the TARDIS might get with a new Doctor. Regardless of the whole male/female thing, my wish is, since we're going to see the first Doctor in the Christmas special, hopefully we'll see his TARDIS as well. So, the fan boy in me is hoping that we might see a return of some of the classic console room elements. I'm a fan of the current console. Not so much a fan of things like steam coming through the floor. I'm thinking go with the brighter console room and the more traditional roundels in conjunction with the a modern style console that fits that type of a console room. Keep the wheezing sound as the time rotor rises and falls while the TARDIS is in transit.
  8. The New Doctor is ... ***** SPOILERS *****

    I was rather ambivalent on the whole gender/race topic. I just wanted it to be someone who I hoped would do well in the role. I was a bit afraid it might be Matt Smith V2 since that was put out there as a possibility in the grand scheme of things. As someone else said earlier in the thread he was my least favorite of the nuWho Doctors, at least until Clara came along. As for the new Doctor, I hope that with a new show runner and a "new in many ways" Doctor we'll have an awesome season 11.
  9. Saw over here that the new Doctor is Jodie Whittaker. Saw her on Broadchurch. Excellent choice. Can't wait to see her at the console.
  10. Doctor Who Comic Specials for 2017

    Yeah.. Lost Dimension is looking to be my fav as well.
  11. Doctor Who Comic Specials for 2017

    Thought I'd share some info on a couple of DW specials Titan is doing. First, and already out (I think it's also about to conclude), is a follow on to the last Christmas Special called The 12th Doctor Ghost Stories I haven't had time to read this since I was tied up with selling my house and moving. Now that I'm settle into the new place I'm going to catch up on my reading. The next offering is s muti-Doctor event call The Lost Dimension that will be 8 chapters starting in released over 3 months.
  12. Doctor Who Series 10 Discussion (with Spoilers)

    For me the most fun part was when Bill began referring to The Doctor as her Grandfather. I think given the retrospective tone of this season it was a nice touch. I think it takes their relationship to a different, sentimental level than recent past companions. Curious to see if this is a one time thing or if Bill will start to ask The Doctor about more of his past.
  13. Doctor Who Series 10 Discussion (with Spoilers)

    Watched the second episode this weekend. Don't know if I was feeling nostalgic or getting forgetful. But it seems like some of the incidental music was more akin to the classic Who episodes. Between that, some of the classic Who references like the pictures of Susan on his desk, and from the trailers for upcoming episodes what looks like either a return to Mondas (could this be that rumored David Bradley as the first Doctor story?) or a return of the classic Mondas cybermen it feels like Moff is trying to be sentimental in his last year. I like it. Wonder if we will get to see that bucket list wish of seeing Carole Ann Ford make an appearance. Also, other than knowing that the Doctor promised someone he's watch a vault, did I miss anything about why he's at the university?
  14. Doctor Who Series 10 Discussion (with Spoilers)

    Assuming the upcoming Christmas special counts as part of series 10 I saw this over on Blastr. Sounds interesting if it's true Possible spoilers
  15. The Man in the High Castle, season 2

    ***** Potential Minor Spoilers. Trying to not spoil but just in case. ***** Glad to see others liked season 2. I saw some mixed reviews online but I binged the whole season in one weekend and I was stoked. On one hand it felt like maybe it was done given the way they seemed to wrap up some threads. But I just saw that season 3 has been ordered. I thought the prolonged use of the Trade Ministers visit to "our" reality was done well. In the book it was just a brief, one shot visit that just introduced him to the possibility of other realities. But the way they wrote his whole "other" family and that plot was great and I really felt for him giving it all up to go back to the show's universe and set in motion the sequence of events that he did. Also, the visit to "our" universe resonated with the message from the Man in the High Castle himself that Juliana was central to a lot things. Seeing her in "our" universe was nicely done. I can't help but think that in season 3 he may feel some what paternal towards her. But while these season played a number of thread out extremely well, it certainly has plenty of material for season 3: What will happen to Joe and his father John Smith seems poised for bigger things having come so close to losing it all What will really happen to Smith's son Juliana's sister Frank and the resistance Ed and Childan in the "reproduction" business In addition to the stories, I'm impressed with the attention to detail that's gone into depicting the alternate timeline. It all comes together to make the show a top notch production IMHO.