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  1. Going along with the TOS themed category, What episode of Enterprise just didn't work for you? I'll have to think about it.
  2. The Orville

    I enjoyed it but sometimes the humor seemed out of place. I'll keep watching. Plus, I've been a fan of Adrianne Palecki since she was cast as Wonder Woman.
  3. How would you fix Troi?

    Thinking back to 7 years and four films (and 3-4 Voyager and Enterprise appearances), I have to admit Troi is a confusing character to define and her role as Counselor is as well (to me anyway). I recall in the early days of TNG fans would complain (in print of course LOL) about her position on the bridge and how often times what she'd say ("he's hiding something") seemed so redundant and quite obvious, and I have to agree with that. I think I understand the idea Gene had creating the position, but I just never believed that the writers really got it right a majority of the time. I also think they overplayed the character having her being a constant presence when it wasn't always needed. In later years she became less of a Counselor and more of an officer, and I think this was in part due to her being somewhat pigeonholed and they didn't have much choice in what to do to keep her interesting. In the four TNG films, aside from maybe two scenes, she doesn't really do anything Counselor related. To a smaller degree, Ezri Dax is the same way. While she does her job (helping Garak and Nog for example) and finding that Vulcan officer that was on the killing spree (which was a neat way to use her Counselor role), Ezri was more an officer filling positions. Not to mention the fact that she needed more counseling herself than she needed to give to others. To be honest, the best representation of a Counselor in Trek is...
  4. Good News of the Day : Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy

    Jealous. Let's see, Jeri and Jolene are married, isn't Chase still available?
  5. Sigourney Weaver and THE DEFENDERS

    Watched it all yesterday. Well done. Weaver is delightful playing a rather sympathetic baddie (one of those "I know she's the bad guy but can't help understanding and feeling for her"). My only knowledge of the group is Jessica and a bit of Luke Cage and even though I haven't seen any of Daredevil I know enough of the character story (helped by the Affleck movie). Only one I have no clue about is Iron Fist but since this story features him a bit more the blanks got filled in well enough.
  6. The Paradise Syndrome

    Well, Trek hasn't always understood warp speeds it seems. TMP: Earth to Vulcan in 4 days (presumably at warp 7). JJ Trek: Earth to Vulcan in roughly 4 minutes (at maybe Warp 9). TOS also never stipulated there was a limit to warp speeds either (warp 11?). Remember in Broken Bow, Trip says Earth to Neptune and back in 6 minutes (presumably at warp 5)? Maybe 6 seconds... Something else about this episode; Scotty says no way to repair the engines on their own. So how did they get to a Starbase I wonder?
  7. The Paradise Syndrome

    Isn't the science of warp speed off a little bit? Ship is zooming to meet the asteroid at Warp 9, but then it takes 2-3 months to get back to the planet at impulse? Doesn't add up any way you look at it. Another thing that always bugs me; why do they show the ship (both original and the updated fx version) going in reverse the whole way back to the planet? Great episode despite these nitpicks.
  8. We all know the history. The early episodes were shown rather badly out of order. I've long had a problem with them not starting out with WNMHGB and showing it third when anyone who had latched on to the show from the start would have wondered what was going on with all the rather obvious changes from The Man Trap and Charlie X. I know why it was done. Someone obviously thought that the new space show would start with a bang with a SF murder mystery and a really creepy monster. They thought that would be more attention-grabbing than a man turning into a God. But I've long disagreed with that. I've always found the show's second pilot to be far more entertaining than watching Nancy Crater changing her looks and finally turning into the salt sucker. The Man Trap really isn't a bad story. And the monster is actually one of Trek's best if not the creepiest. Charlie X however, I've never had much liking for and I'd probably put it in the bottom 10% of TOS stories for likeability. Not the best choice to throw out second. So if you could magically go back and decide Trek's first month or so, how would you do it?
  9. I just discovered Three's Company did like 3 pilots before it got right. There are also some shows that reshoot certain scenes in their pilots when they replace certain actors, such as Charmed did replacing the original actress for Phoebe with Alyssa Milano. The Big Bang Theory also had two pilots as it had a different actress playing the new neighbor (and not even named Penny).
  10. Moonraker: the roller coaster ride

    Grace Jones and the usually good Christopher Walken weren't a heck of a lot better either (this was also early in Walken's career before he got to be more known as he was starting in the 90's). As said, this film just didn't have the "feel" of a Bond film.
  11. Moonraker: the roller coaster ride

    I remember there was a rumor that in a View to a Kill he had a stand-in for shots of him walking away from camera because it was deemed "taxing" for him or something. If that's true I'm shocked he could have done the Eiffel Tower chase/shootout. About the neatest thing about that film (aside from the awesome title song by Duran Duran) was it had Patrick MacNee in it. Too bad it couldn't have been as Steed. That would have been something.
  12. Moonraker: the roller coaster ride

    I believe Moonraker was my first experience with Bond. I still remember the scene where he and the girl are put under the shuttle launch pad to get rid of them. I haven't seen it for a spell, but I don't have much problem with it. Moore is still my favorite Bond. I know Connery had wit but Moore's humor was just the right touch. I think part of the backlash against Dalton was that they went from a Bond with a quirky sense of humor to someone with very little. As to why Dalton's films didn't do all that well I think started with Moore's last, A View to a Kill. They aren't bad Bond films, but they somehow lost the feel that the first 20 years worth had. In all honesty it might have been better had they rested the series after Moore's last. I rewatched Dalton's two films a few years ago and found them more enjoyable than I first did, but as I said they don't have the same feel as Connery/Lazenby/early Moore had. I have to confess when I watched Goldeneye, even being surprised by Brosnan's take I kept thinking of how Dalton would have done in it and might have been able to redeem himself.
  13. Thanks. Couldn't remember for sure if it was 2 or 3 episodes. And I agree, Mudd's Women wouldn't have been a good first-out-of-the-gate episode. Should have just went in production order I still say. I did rewatch The Man Trap the other day since I brought this thread up. Better than what most give it credit for, but still doesn't feel right for a first episode shown. It's a shame that TOS didn't have an actual beginning episode like with what the other series did, then they would have had to start it with the first episode.
  14. The stories of Hunter's wife have always made me think the rumors that she pushed him down the stairs to cause the brain aneurism that did him in, more plausible than rumor That's always been my point. Also of note is Uhura wearing gold for 2-3 stories before staying in red. Of course, most people at that time still had black and white, so some of that stuff maybe they didn't think anyone would notice.
  15. Most disappointing Enterprise episode

    It was kind of worth it in the end to see him wearing their makeup and clothing sawing off the offended branch LOL. But you are right, it was a bad character moment for him.
  16. Most disappointing Enterprise episode

    These are the Voyages is a definite. I know it was kinda short notice to wrap things up but that was an insult to everyone. I don't mind A Night in Sickbay because as an animal person it's hard not to feel bad for Porthos and Archer. I realize most of the criticism gets aimed at the Archer/T'Pol hint of romance.
  17. Kir'Shara

    So how did the Vulcan's keep the secret that the Romulans had visited them at this point?
  18. Affliction

    Yeah, I wonder what those tubes on the bridge are for exactly. I seem to recall the future Enterprise in E3 had them too. Great story arc and while controversial I do like they finally addressed the Klingon look issue.
  19. Daedalus

    Have always liked this one. It's interesting to hear a bit of talk of the early transporter days, including the part about is it the same person who is rematerialized? One thing I wish they had told is what happened to Emory's back?
  20. Dead Stop

    Watched this one again the other day. Very good. The station starting to put itself back together at the end is creepy. Those of you saying they liked the computer voice do realize that was Roxanne Dawson (who also directed).
  21. The New Doctor is ... ***** SPOILERS *****

    I never understood the hodgepodge/thrown together look of the Eccleston/Tennant/early Smith console. Much prefer the current one, but agree a throwback to the old style would be great. Back in the early internet days, someone did a fantastic update of it where it still retained the look but was expanded.
  22. The New Doctor is ... ***** SPOILERS *****

    Even if he didn't cast her, I feel like this is a Moffat inspired idea because of what he did with Missy. I haven't watched Broadchurch (synopsis really doesn't grab me) so she (like the others) is an unknown to me. It will be interesting to see what transpires at the end of the Christmas special to enable the Doctor to change sex. I honestly thought it was going to be a man again because I didn't think they would announce it this early if it wasn't. I think it would have been better shock value if they had kept it a secret til the episode airs in December. I hope she sticks around (if she's any good of course) for more than 3 years. The whole three years thing is getting really old (I know Tennant technically stayed 4). I really thought Capaldi would stay longer considering how much of a fanboy he is.
  23. First I have heard of it was today, but looks like it's was done two years ago;
  24. Anyone know about this Captain Pike fan film ?

    It looks as though they did complete it (or most of it). Pretty impressive casting. Does make me wonder if it got taken off the shelf ala Axanar. Was just surprised there wasn't much more buzz about it.
  25. Just watched Logan on dvd (great film by the way) and it got me thinking about the X films timeline. And I find myself a little confused. Days of Futures Past was supposed to make X-3 not happen, but going by the ending of the film, it also deletes X-2. If the earlier future scenes of DOFP indicate that X-3 hasn't been wiped yet, then how is Xavier there? Logan apparently takes place 20-25 years after the future time shift of DOFP, but he and Xavier are the only true mutants left, do does that mean the battle to wipe out mutants at the start of DOFP still happens? I just wonder if the effort to appease fans over X-3 if the studio didn't make things more confusing.