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  1. We all know the history. The early episodes were shown rather badly out of order. I've long had a problem with them not starting out with WNMHGB and showing it third when anyone who had latched on to the show from the start would have wondered what was going on with all the rather obvious changes from The Man Trap and Charlie X. I know why it was done. Someone obviously thought that the new space show would start with a bang with a SF murder mystery and a really creepy monster. They thought that would be more attention-grabbing than a man turning into a God. But I've long disagreed with that. I've always found the show's second pilot to be far more entertaining than watching Nancy Crater changing her looks and finally turning into the salt sucker. The Man Trap really isn't a bad story. And the monster is actually one of Trek's best if not the creepiest. Charlie X however, I've never had much liking for and I'd probably put it in the bottom 10% of TOS stories for likeability. Not the best choice to throw out second. So if you could magically go back and decide Trek's first month or so, how would you do it?
  2. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    Spoiler ban lifted, however; I will still give you warning; Spoilers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I felt like this was a little of a let down after the awesome part 1, but it was still good. It just felt like we didn't get to deal more with the Espers as it felt like it was set up in part 1. Even though it wasn't, it still felt a tad quick. The whole thing with Lt. Smith just felt wrong to me. Kind of like, gee, isn't that convenient. And I feared since this series started that this would happen to McKenna, but it was nice to work in that what happened with her would be what set Spock on his quest to undergo Kolinahr pre-TMP. Sad to see the series end. If I were a rich man, I'd build a TMP Enterprise set and have them do a post TMP series.
  3. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    This is from an early 2000 special w/McCoy hosting; This one the walls open for other rooms, and the console no longer has switches and knobs (think TNG consoles). A similar take;
  4. Doctor Who - General Discussion

    I like the current one much better than the others. Why would he have controls all made from stuff you'd find in a storage bin? That was never explained. I know back in the late 90's some had used early photoshop to update the old series look and it looked quite impressive.
  5. STAR TREK CONTINUES - The Final Episode Online

    Indeed, though I do have a number of nits I'll get to when the spoiler request is over.
  6. The Way to Eden

    We connect.
  7. The Orville

    Yes. This was a case of TNGs principles getting in it's own way. It goes against what Picard said to the Borg before his assimilation when he said he/we would rather die than succumb to them, so by what they eventually did with Hugh was to say we'd rather die as a people than destroy an evil who are not really people themselves. Anyone killed by the Borg after this is on Picard's hands because the one person in the Federation who knew better than anyone what could be coming wouldn't stop it once and for all because he felt sorry for one drone.
  8. The Orville

    I thought it was really bad of her trying to save Hugh.
  9. The Orville

    That was my thinking too, but the way it's always presented (like on TOS) it's made to sound like the crew is calling in. I was watching the Immunity Syndrome last week and right after the ship hits the outer boundary that makes everyone on the bridge a little dizzy, it's like 10 seconds later we see everyone lined up at Sickbay for stimulant injections. I just thought that was rather quick. How would McCoy even be able to diagnose that in that short of time?
  10. The Orville

    Yes, good episode. Apparently the Orville is like the Enterprise-D where you can bring your kids and husbands/wives along. And yes, the humor being toned down was nice, I even got a chuckle at the damage report of someone spilling soy sauce on themselves. Speaking of damage reports, how is it on these shows they get damage reports from every deck like 5 seconds after whatever would cause the damage?
  11. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    Count me in as well. If I had the money, I'd see if I could talk Vic into doing a post-TMP series and build a TMP bridge replica. Lots of untapped material there.
  12. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    Yes, I didn't know she was the daughter either. She has very few acting credits, but her main profession is a stuntwoman.
  13. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    Okay; Have to admit it was brilliant to suspect that someone like Section 31 would look at what happened to Mitchell and Dehner and think of the possibilities. But even taking the most calm and pacifist minds, giving them that much power it would eventually eat at them at how much good, in their minds, they could do by forcing others to do things their way. It's a shame that Section 31 wasn't thought of in TNG's time, this would have made a great two part story for them. Spock going behind Kirk's back to contact the Romulan commander (who now has a name) just seemed a little out of character for whomever it is playing the role. Loved that they even gave a little "wink" to Kirk's tombstone having the wrong middle initial. Lt. Smith is actually Yeoman Smith from Where no Man...? Was that ever established or speculated about before? Interesting that the Preservers not only seeded life in the galaxy but also put the barrier there. As I mentioned before, Nicola Bryant continues (LOL) the tradition of outstanding guest stars and when her deceit is discovered her change in tone is quite chilling.
  14. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    From what I've read, the series will wrap up showing where everyone ends up at the end of the mission (Kirk promoted, Spock back to Vulcan, McCoy retiring). So I figure the main storyline will wrap up a bit early so they can get to that stuff. And still wondering what will become of McKenna.
  15. STAR TREK CONTINUES - “To Boldly Go: Part 1”

    Just watched it a bit ago. Without giving anything away... 1. If you're familiar with Nicola Bryant from her Doctor Who days and thought her acting was as wooden as your front door, you'll be in shock at how wonderful she is in this. 2. Two baddie TOS characters return. 3. There is a huge (to me anyway) revelation about Lt. Smith, the kind that will make you smack your forehead for not realizing it. 4. We see Kirk's predecessor as the Chief of Starfleet Ops.
  16. Going along with the TOS themed category, What episode of Enterprise just didn't work for you? I'll have to think about it.
  17. The Orville

    I enjoyed it but sometimes the humor seemed out of place. I'll keep watching. Plus, I've been a fan of Adrianne Palecki since she was cast as Wonder Woman.
  18. How would you fix Troi?

    Thinking back to 7 years and four films (and 3-4 Voyager and Enterprise appearances), I have to admit Troi is a confusing character to define and her role as Counselor is as well (to me anyway). I recall in the early days of TNG fans would complain (in print of course LOL) about her position on the bridge and how often times what she'd say ("he's hiding something") seemed so redundant and quite obvious, and I have to agree with that. I think I understand the idea Gene had creating the position, but I just never believed that the writers really got it right a majority of the time. I also think they overplayed the character having her being a constant presence when it wasn't always needed. In later years she became less of a Counselor and more of an officer, and I think this was in part due to her being somewhat pigeonholed and they didn't have much choice in what to do to keep her interesting. In the four TNG films, aside from maybe two scenes, she doesn't really do anything Counselor related. To a smaller degree, Ezri Dax is the same way. While she does her job (helping Garak and Nog for example) and finding that Vulcan officer that was on the killing spree (which was a neat way to use her Counselor role), Ezri was more an officer filling positions. Not to mention the fact that she needed more counseling herself than she needed to give to others. To be honest, the best representation of a Counselor in Trek is...
  19. Good News of the Day : Terry Farrell and Adam Nimoy

    Jealous. Let's see, Jeri and Jolene are married, isn't Chase still available?
  20. Sigourney Weaver and THE DEFENDERS

    Watched it all yesterday. Well done. Weaver is delightful playing a rather sympathetic baddie (one of those "I know she's the bad guy but can't help understanding and feeling for her"). My only knowledge of the group is Jessica and a bit of Luke Cage and even though I haven't seen any of Daredevil I know enough of the character story (helped by the Affleck movie). Only one I have no clue about is Iron Fist but since this story features him a bit more the blanks got filled in well enough.
  21. The Paradise Syndrome

    Well, Trek hasn't always understood warp speeds it seems. TMP: Earth to Vulcan in 4 days (presumably at warp 7). JJ Trek: Earth to Vulcan in roughly 4 minutes (at maybe Warp 9). TOS also never stipulated there was a limit to warp speeds either (warp 11?). Remember in Broken Bow, Trip says Earth to Neptune and back in 6 minutes (presumably at warp 5)? Maybe 6 seconds... Something else about this episode; Scotty says no way to repair the engines on their own. So how did they get to a Starbase I wonder?
  22. The Paradise Syndrome

    Isn't the science of warp speed off a little bit? Ship is zooming to meet the asteroid at Warp 9, but then it takes 2-3 months to get back to the planet at impulse? Doesn't add up any way you look at it. Another thing that always bugs me; why do they show the ship (both original and the updated fx version) going in reverse the whole way back to the planet? Great episode despite these nitpicks.
  23. I just discovered Three's Company did like 3 pilots before it got right. There are also some shows that reshoot certain scenes in their pilots when they replace certain actors, such as Charmed did replacing the original actress for Phoebe with Alyssa Milano. The Big Bang Theory also had two pilots as it had a different actress playing the new neighbor (and not even named Penny).
  24. Moonraker: the roller coaster ride

    Grace Jones and the usually good Christopher Walken weren't a heck of a lot better either (this was also early in Walken's career before he got to be more known as he was starting in the 90's). As said, this film just didn't have the "feel" of a Bond film.
  25. Moonraker: the roller coaster ride

    I remember there was a rumor that in a View to a Kill he had a stand-in for shots of him walking away from camera because it was deemed "taxing" for him or something. If that's true I'm shocked he could have done the Eiffel Tower chase/shootout. About the neatest thing about that film (aside from the awesome title song by Duran Duran) was it had Patrick MacNee in it. Too bad it couldn't have been as Steed. That would have been something.