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  1. I just had a thought of when they come to the end of the run in 3 episodes what will become of Dr. McKenna considering she obviously isn't in the films. Really hope they don't kill her off.
  2. There's also talk of Ganymede and even Titan being possibilities for life. I even heard the other day they now think there is liquid water on Neptune. We really do need to send a probe to Uranus and Neptune as there is so much more we can do now than what Voyager 2 did when it went by them.
  3. I hadn't seen this film since it came out on video in the 80's and with all the talk of a sequel and how revered the original is I decided to give it another go. I barely remember anything about it from the first time so I thought being older I could get a new take on it. Sadly, I couldn't finish it. first 30 minutes or so wasn't bad, but I just couldn't get enough into it. I've gotten better liking dystopian style films over the years like Hunger Games and Divergent but I just found I couldn't get into Blade Runner enough to really care. Much like 2001: A Space Odyssey, I understand why they are so well regarded (in other words, I get the message), but for me I find both a snooze. Oh, this version is the director's final cut by the way.
  4. I think McKenna works as Counselor because; 1. Vic and Co. I believe as fans themselves saw what was wrong with Troi and so they took that and pretty much said here's what not to do with the character. 2. She doesn't come off as overly invasive as I think Troi and even Ezri sometimes did. If Troi had been in The White Iris, she would have been hounding the hell out of Kirk and probably on the bridge telling everyone that Colin Baker's character was getting impatient and very worried (again, stating the obvious). But McKenna waits for Kirk to realize that he needs a little guidance from her. I like the suggestions of how Troi could have just been more of a recurring character that would have also had more more specialized in diplomatic stuff. Maybe a cross of what she was and add in a bit of RJ Blaise from the DC TOS comics. I also don't fault Marina for the character's failures.
  5. Thinking back to 7 years and four films (and 3-4 Voyager and Enterprise appearances), I have to admit Troi is a confusing character to define and her role as Counselor is as well (to me anyway). I recall in the early days of TNG fans would complain (in print of course LOL) about her position on the bridge and how often times what she'd say ("he's hiding something") seemed so redundant and quite obvious, and I have to agree with that. I think I understand the idea Gene had creating the position, but I just never believed that the writers really got it right a majority of the time. I also think they overplayed the character having her being a constant presence when it wasn't always needed. In later years she became less of a Counselor and more of an officer, and I think this was in part due to her being somewhat pigeonholed and they didn't have much choice in what to do to keep her interesting. In the four TNG films, aside from maybe two scenes, she doesn't really do anything Counselor related. To a smaller degree, Ezri Dax is the same way. While she does her job (helping Garak and Nog for example) and finding that Vulcan officer that was on the killing spree (which was a neat way to use her Counselor role), Ezri was more an officer filling positions. Not to mention the fact that she needed more counseling herself than she needed to give to others. To be honest, the best representation of a Counselor in Trek is...
  6. For the last 10 or so years I've been wondering how they could bring back these Cybermen and not have them look like they were some costume your parents threw together, now I know. Kinda sad they don't have the bigger headlight on their heads, but oh well. Will be interesting to see how they are involved and all (my early guess would be someone found them after the 86 invasion and just kept them around til they could figure how to bring them back to life).
  7. According to NV/Phase 2's Twitter feed (someone posted a while back), they're officially shut down. Their studios in NY are now a touring museum for fans. They were having a lot of internal strife (which very much showed in their final, confused episode, "The Holiest Thing"). They were at this game a lot longer than STC (12 years) but they never quite matched STC's polish or professionalism, IMO. EDIT: I found a somewhat older source for the NV info, but it doesn't include the recent green lighting in STC's recent announcement, but yeah; apparently STNV/P2 is no longer producing episodes, and their sets were licensed by CBS for the tours: I'm personally not on Twitter, so I couldn't personally verify that info; sorry. I thought someone here (?) had posted it but I could be wrong. According to their FaceBook page, they're continuing NV/P2 stories (such as "11th Hour") as eBooks. As for STC? I'm guessing they got some kind of special dispensation from CBS, given their adamnantly non-profit status and full transparency; not to mention their official endorsement from the Roddenberry estate. At any rate, I'm just glad they're back in production. I don't care too much about what happened to the Hood; they've only got four more episodes to wrap things up, so I'd rather they not waste too much time backtracking. Maybe a line of dialogue can explain it away, who knows... Well, the end of the last episode did seem to leave it open as to some big terror that might be coming, so I don't know if a resolution will be as simple as a throwaway line. As to NV, that last episode is in the can (or so it seems) so to me it would be nice to see it, and with Hatch's passing I would think it would make it even more poignant. If they are shut down in terms of not doing anymore, what's the harm in just throwing it out there? Plus, I'd like to see what happens when Yolanda reaches it's destination. It's sad that NV ended but to be honest all that with that last episode, from the 2 year delay to the way they tried to convince us all that this is now an alternate timeline where Kirk and Carol Marcus just meet for the first time years later than we know they did was just awful and wrong. I actually thought the idea that the ship was being changed part way to it's TMP look was a cool thing, and the hope for a CGI Arex looked good too. Just sad especially after how good Kitumba was.
  8. So apparently the new guidelines aren't affecting them overall? I hope they follow up on what happened to the Hood. I wonder if New Voyages will release the final story it did with the now gone Richard Hatch guesting in the sequel to For the World is Hollow...
  9. Or do like was done on Voyager (to the Borg) and beam an ounce of anti-matter over, and BOOM!
  10. I've jut re-watched this episode and I think I've become a bit disillusioned with it. It is fun enough, but you're right about there not being enough crew interaction. I also think it odd how the show seems to be promoting one night stands as if it is something every human does. Not everyone goes on holiday hoping to/getting laid. I'm also surprised that Archer didn't want to follow up on that woman. I have thought he would have started an investigation and tried to find her. Like I said though, I did enjoy some of the scenes, so I'll readjust my score to a 6. I was just rewatching this as well as Detained and it left me wondering if someone wasn't thinking we might see another Quantum Leap reunion. Seems like they were nudging things in that direction.
  11. Certainly true (and same could be said about the Romulans). But unlike the Federation, Klingons and Romulans are conquerors. Why you never see aliens on their ships is because no other species can compare or be trusted enough to hold a position like that. I wish they had delved into the story of that guy who defected to Romulus in Face of the Enemy, he clearly held some kind of position in the Empire, but he (and maybe Sela) are the only examples I can think of that go towards what Sehlat is saying. How K'eyhler and B'lanna can exist is because they were born after the Klingons and Federation made peace. No way would a Klingon have that kind of a relationship with an enemy. Hard to say about the Romulans (hence Sela).
  12. I disagree about the whole "they should have ignored the Klingon look thing". Imagine if you're O'Brian, Bashir, or Odo in Trials and Tribbulations and you see the Klingons in that story, wouldn't you be going "huuuuhhhhh?" One could nitpick that they should have known enough about Klingon history to know why they look more human, but maybe starfleet didn't think it was worth teaching at that point. To me, the Kitumba episode of Phase 2 gave the perfect look at the issue in that the unaffected Klingons keep close to home (hence the unaffected ones shown in Into Darkness) and are the ones with power (Richard Hatch's character in the Axanar trailer). And at some point in the 4 years between TOS and TMP a cure was finally found. And even though the augment Klingons far outnumber the unaffected ones, there is still enough of a racial stigma that no Klingon would dare not take the cure. Simple as that.
  13. Yep, these look terrible (if they really are Klingons).
  14. That was funny (the video). Poor Hannah ("who are you? Oooohhh"). And of course, Chase makes anything better. I really do hope Brooks can be involved, even if he is still a little wacky. Can't believe he wouldn't be able to stay on point talking facts.
  15. Very sad to hear. As many have said he was a true champion for the fans. I think that even with the success of the BSG reboot there are still many of us long time fans who wish that we could have seen his revival idea completed anyway. I really wish that his trailer for the idea could be officially released (all you can see of it is a video someone took of it off the screen at a convention in the 90's that isn't the best). It was so great that they gave him the Tom Zarek role later on and turned him into an intriguing character. Along with Axanar (and who knows if anymore was done with him after the trailer), Hatch does have another Trek connection of sorts as he plays a guest star of the week type role in what is the last episode of New Voyages in what is a sequel to For the World is Hollow..., but aside from a trailer tacked on at the end of the last episode, I have never heard anything about when and if it will be released (it's obviously completed) as it was made clear (even before the Axanar lawsuit) that NV would be no more. One of my all time favorite moments of BSG is the final 15 minutes of the original's War of the Gods. I think it's quite applicable now with Hatch leaving us.I invite you to find it and watch.